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  1. A

    2006 Yamaha AR230 Steering Replacement parts

    fun times, Steering cable seized and snapped the steering shaft inside the steering assembly. So now I am replacing both cables and the assembly. Question. What parts do I buy? Yamaha ($$$$) or another brand ($$)? I've read about Teleflex, but its hard to get a good cross reference back to...
  2. Trevor Shipman

    Towing with Tesla Model X

  3. Dennis P

    Chevy and GMC pickups and SUV’s

    I received this notice for my 2017 Yukon, not the same problem. GM Recall #:[/B] N192217410 Transport Canada Recall #:[/B] 19989 Date Issued: Jun 27, 2019 Recall Title: Reduction in Vacuum Brake Assist – Canada Only Recall Description: General Motors has...
  4. J-RAD

    What's Trending...(online)

    Sure is. It's @robert843 FYI @robert843 the top "glove box" is marketed as a beverage center. Hence why the door folds down to 90° to act as a serving tray. We sure don't use it for that purpose though... who does? We pop the top on our cans or stab a Capri Sun and use all 13 of those cup...
  5. drewkaree

    Post up your funny MEMES (Nothing Political Please)

    Soooo.... anyone need a "Halloween costume" for their spouse? #yikes
  6. dietz

    Winterizing / Season Over

    Lucky to have big garage & a jetboat... Unsnapped seadeck, left each storage propped a couple inches open, 1 bucket damprid, unhooked ballest pumps 1 side, batteries on trickle, cover. 15min-Done ...clean her up & oil change in spring Dont over complicate it. #benefitsOfTheJet 3 seasons, looks...
  7. BigN8

    Florida houses with metal roofs

    Rule #1, warranties protect the manufacturer....not the building owner. Lot's of fine print and hoops to jump through to get warranty coverage. Statistically most roofs are replaced by storm damage, aka "acts of God", before the warranty ever kicks in.
  8. AboveTheBest

    First jet boat! 2020 195s

    Congrats on the new boat! The absolute first thing you buy should be a Stoltz bow roller (search this site for the correct part #). It will prevent your beautiful new boat from getting scuffed up (badly) by the stock hard plastic roller. Besides that everything else is whatever you prefer...
  9. Cambo

    Ribbon delete 2019 Limited SE

    @ks9mm What was the part number on the throttle body ring that you ordered ? I have the Aquasport YH-16002 ready to go in I looked at the parts fiche for the 2016 ar sx and 2017 242xe and they all look like the same ribbon part #6D3-144B-00-0
  10. 4x15mph

    Taking a leak in public...

    Some ideas from what I have noticed with my boat so far: Anchor drain fix.. known problem and everyone should check this. Drain plug - clean it up and remove any debris. Get a new O ring, grease, and set it tight for each outing The design - the bilge is set up to drain the engine...
  11. AlphaKap

    Scarab 285!!

    From Leonard at New Orleans Power Sports... The all new 2020 Scarab sure stole the Show at the Scarab Dealer meeting in Cadillac Michigan! It’s 28’ leg th, 30’ with optional extended Swim platform was the main focus, but the design, features and wow factor was off the chart! The ride across a...
  12. W

    Vacation to Destin, FL

    Ditto #2, especially near crab island.
  13. S1LV3R4D0

    New 195S

    Thats awesome man congrats. (2019 AR195 Here) First thing you will want to do is replaced that bow roller with a #ULT-4 Stoltz. The stock roller is too hard and will dmg the boat (i did mine before i drove off from the dealer). Second, replace the rear trailer lights and lightbar with LED based...
  14. S1LV3R4D0

    Boat Trailer bow roller scratches

    You will want the STOLTZ Ultimate Bow Stop Roller Assembly #ULT-4. I made the mistake of getting the 435 the first time. Had to pay for shipping back and restocking fee(kinda BS) since it never even got mounted. $20 mistake
  15. Sweinberger

    Shoreland'r Serious Safety Issue - Check your fenders!

    Interesting. I have not evaluated the actual tires to any great extent. How would I determine the type of tires. Model #s? Or Series Names? Or will it say bias or radial? Simply haven’t looked.
  16. PJ73

    Home air conditioner.

    Thanks for all the input. This is what I'm talking about. Some say "X" company, others say "Y", it's like searching online. I would go to one site that says "Lennox is the best" and lists Trane at #9, while another says "Trane is the best" and lists Diakin right behind it... It's insane. It's...
  17. Shuck Water

    Let's talk WETSOUNDS

    Question I have is where do you want the sound? If it's all about blasting out the back, then go with set up #1, but you'll be lacking sound in the bow. I never did a sound bar and just replaced my cabin speakers with the wetsounds 650's and added an additional pair in the main cabin bringing...
  18. F.M.

    What is the name of this valve?

    @JDFester I dropped it in the mail this afternoon. I'll PM you the tracking #.
  19. Renod

    One picture of your last outing.

    You get a "Winner" for #1) getting your kids wake surfing/boarding BEFORE the age of 10 and #2) having a stand-up jetski!
  20. J-RAD

    Why aren't you boating? (A place to brag or vent)

    Would have been beautiful out there today, however wife seems to have developed some form of hypertension and blood pressure was a little alarming earlier in the week. So no boating until she can calm her anxiety about things down a bit. She runs a little high strung most the time anyway...