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  1. props2you

    Left engine only going to 2000 rpm. Any ideas?

    @HELP Any updates or resolution with this? This has happened to me twice thus far this year. Both scenarios have been identical: At launch, both engines start & run fine, no issues. idle, stop, start etc. After running (stopping & starting without issue), will go to the beach, anchored in...
  2. 14SX190

    My first PWC

    I loved my first ski. Pulled from google. Problem is engine is worth the ski itself. Find a good seadoo XP. You will have a blast #suke
  3. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    Mike I am not seeing Solas part VR001 anywhere. Are you sure that is the right part #? I am seeing WR011, WR012, but not the part # you said.
  4. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    Mike I'm having a real hard time finding the right impeller for my boat. I have the 200 hp 2014 Scarab 195. I want to order everything this morning together, including the impeller remover tool. I wish I had the remover tool so I can see the part # when I take it off, but it well take time for...
  5. 14SX190

    Group Buy 2019 JetBoaters.Net SeaDek Group Buy Sponsored By JetBoatPilot <30% MAX Discount Hit!>

    Hi, I'm looking to order the Cockpit/Rear/Optional SG over BLK set but I wanted to know for the top front rails there are no mats like the FSH. Could I buy some pieces to fit length between mat #1 and #2? If I could but sheet I could do it myself but I don't see that option or you may have...
  6. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    Huge groves in the wear ring. Needs replacement. I need the kit w impeller, wear ring, bearing t grease, seal, impeller remover tool, everything. Anyone have item links? What's my original impeller part #? Is SOLAS a good brand?
  7. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    So it was a bit of a rough Memorial Day eve today. Went close to shore but apparently the area we went to is a bit rocky and we didn't know. I heard a loud noise and all of a sudden the boat wouldn't accelerate, and increased throttle caused a loud vibration in the whole boat. I knew it was...
  8. C

    Help Diagnosing engine issue

    The boat had both engines replaced before I purchased it. Records show it was about two years ago. So for me, its always existed. However, I kept finding issue with that engine that could have been the culprit (dirty exhaust with the three holes plugged up, oil line pinched to #3, and lastly the...
  9. 2kwik4u

    Truck shopping...

    I can't comment on #2, or #3, however here's where I'm at on #1. A word up front. I think we can all agree that we don't NEED a truck. We just WANT trucks to support our hobbies and interests. I'm going to be using NEED in this response in place of WANT, because, well......we all get it...
  10. gthh

    Trailer parking fail!

    He’s getting a new trailer tomorrow! You haven’t lived until you do donuts in the parking lot with your old MFI #@$&$# trailer the day before you pick your new baby!
  11. A

    Considering adding a 2nd battery to my SX-230 HO

    Thank you for the detailed reply. I understand everything you have said. My boat is in my truck garage a few miles away so I don't have ready reference ~ but, there is a red switch on the aft firewall of the battery compartment. I never payed much attention but my assumption was that the...
  12. S

    Boat Texas 2013 Yamaha AR190 Price drop to 18k

    Boat sale on hold until registration can be switched to Texas. #Covid19issue
  13. the MfM

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    Here is the IPL diagrams for a 93 sportjet https://www.vansoutboardparts.com/mercury-outboard-motor-parts/sportjet/90-powerhead-non-oil-injection-1993/0e023150-thru-0e033710/c1-5699?trail=17,13,1382 There are three different ignition versions (based on serial #) some of which have 2 different...
  14. Jetboat Jeff

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    I believe that to be great news. So to reiterate, yopu believe the red stater should work with flywheel #859241T10 vs 859241T18 which is out of production?
  15. Jetboat Jeff

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    Below are the Flywheel comparisons. My old ones & the version as supplied from Mercury with my Serial #. Thoughts???
  16. gthh

    Running Surface at Plane

    @d_coyne1984 practically in our recreational boating case, I concur. This has been batted around the forum for years with no real substantive conclusions. I personally would not scuff up a perfectly good gel coat for a debatable performance increase but would use the theoretical...
  17. Jetboat Jeff

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    You were spot on!!! I called Mercury Marine directly. Told her my flywheel is not longer in production. She asked for engine serial #. Then said, "your part is still in production it's part # is 859241T10!" Thank you for getting me on track & allowing me to find this part. Without a little...
  18. Sbrown

    Fine Metal Shavings on Dipstick After 10 Hour Break-In Service

    I agree with both, if just to be on the safe side. With that being said, there are a few things I noticed about your pictures. Firstly, there's not much in an engine that will fail and leave chips that look like the ones in your pictures in my experience. More on that later.... Secondly...
  19. BigN8

    10,000 members

    I wasn't saying I was #3, I meant 300-400. Mine says bign8.263 so I guess I'm 263?