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  1. W

    How can we prevent, diagnose, and eliminate overheating problems?

    @Scottintexas Thanks for replying. Answer to question #1: Without removing the engine, I could only remove the back cover on the oil cooler. However, the oil cooler picture in Post #1 has the white alage on it also. That picture was taken when I removed the engine in April of 2020. At that...
  2. E

    Reliability of new voting machines questioned-Associated Press

    1) You cannot compare any past election to this one..... this has been a cluster...period. there is confirmed info that people voted when dead (harder to pull off with walk-in, not so hard when ballots were sent off to EVERY Voter on the roll, and have you never heard of the rolls not being up...
  3. 14SX190

    going to key Largo this weekend, tell me about sea conditions....

    #Sidarousmg where was picture taken? Where ocean side, off MM, GPS, Landmarks(lighthouse/reef) Looks like a nice sand bar
  4. ourlee

    One picture of your last outing.

    I enjoy punk rock shows and long walks in the rain. :) #gettingtoknowouronlinefriends
  5. W

    How can we prevent, diagnose, and eliminate overheating problems?

    Eliminating Overheating due to white algae buildup. Recently, I had a problem with my home air conditioning. The condensate line got clogged, started to back up, and was leaking in the garage. The service company told me that the condensate line can get clogged from algae growth and has to be...
  6. 14SX190

    The official "What did you do to your jet boat today" thread.

    dropped off to install new cylinder head after months of waiting. Fingers crossed I eliminate milky oil like #swatski went through. Engine only had 148 hrs when I bought it
  7. captras

    SOLD Sold!

    Did the original owner live in Michigan? It has a Michigan registration #?
  8. B_Mutter

    Serial and Sterndrive #'s

    You will not find sterndrive #s since it is a jet drive boat.. the jets do not have serial numbers just the engines...
  9. Bilmon

    Mirage 2006 Steering Cable / Fuel Pumps

    Your 200 DFI looks to have 3 fuel pumps, a lift pump which has a filter in front of it is part 880001a1. then a low pressure pump part 8558432 and inside the vapor separator the high pressure pump 855427a1. Google the numbers and you can find the all over with prices also all over. From Merc...
  10. V

    2021 FSH 210 shipped from factory

    I'm new to owning a jetboat too and posted a similar experience a few weeks ago. For #1 & 2 it's most likely something that was sucked up in your jet as I experienced the same type of thing. For me it ended up being the circular part of a soda pop bottle, yes - something that small that would...
  11. M

    Gelcoat Repair Kit Supplies?

    A twisted wool pad is for compounding and black foam is very soft and for polishing. Wool you spin a little faster than foam. What a beginner wants to stay away from is yellow cutting foam. This would take the place of the wool pad. These generate more heat and will burn easily. Wool and...
  12. Liftr

    Show us your tow rigs!

    You’re right. I measured the drop at the hitch. It squatted down 4.5 inches. I have not put the boat on the scale. I estimated the trailer weight at #1,200 pounds. I’m rigged for storage now, but It may weigh more than I think...
  13. Liftr

    Show us your tow rigs!

    I just bought a new Jeep Gladiator. I’ll share it with my teenagers, and get away from using the Dually as a daily driver. It is rated to tow #6,000 pounds. There is a Max Tow Package rated for #7,650. Of course I had to test that out! My 242X weighs about #5,500 on the trailer. It did “fine” on...
  14. jdkaeser

    Docking recommendation: fixed dock + massive wake boarders wakes = nervous wreck!

    I agree you definitely want dock #4! The next thing I’d invest in is big fenders. I prefer Taylor made with the optional covers to prevent rubbing. Look at the ones you think are the right size then get the next size up. Second thing is get some fender mounts. The Yamaha’s cleats are about the...
  15. Dixie Highway

    2020 FSH 210 and Tongue Weight Question

    Step #1-weigh the trailer (as you’d launch it) and set tongue weight to 5-7% as per Shoreland’r. For me, this involved moving the trailer axles up about 5” or so. This is not for a novice, I recommend if you go this route to measure, measure, measure. Usually measure diagonally and front to back...
  16. Liftr

    Truck Shopping - Update: now with build, bikes, and colorado

    I just bought a Gladiator Sport S. 8 speed automatic. 3 piece convertible hard top, LED lights, rear safety package, tow package, stereo upgrade, bedliner, and it cost $39K. It will tow over 6 thousand pounds. You need the “Max Tow Package” to get up to #7,650 pounds. That gives you a rear end...
  17. Jgonzalez114

    Group Buy LECTROTAB – Yamaha Group Buy - Now Through Oct 2020!

    Wow I was just thinking about getting these amd saw the group buy in a FB post. I’m calling tomorrow. #winning
  18. drewkaree

    240/242 Head is it really usable for other than the kids?????

    You said Butt #2! Sorry, it's the 5-year-old in me that couldn't resist lol
  19. Elliott

    2020 FSH 210 and Tongue Weight Question

    From your photo #2, it looks like your ball is at an angle, and that would cause the problem you are experiencing. You need to buy a new tongue (not a new receiver) that will hold the ball perpendicular to the ground. Based on the markings, your tongue is strong enough so unless you did some...