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  1. 14SX190

    Part 4 Engine Reassembly To End Milky Oil

    update Plugs look good for 1Hr. @ #Werks, I tried performing leak down and readings on #1 and #2 @ their corresponding cam marks were green. When I tested TDC #1 it was green. Tested #4 it was Red When I tested TDC #2 it was green. Tested #3 it was Red. I don't know how to interpret that? I...
  2. 14SX190

    Almost sank, water possibly in engine. HELP!

    OP Check out #39.They are notorious for cause of sinking boat. Misalignment of shaft would be a cause even through it went in ant out. I would check there.
  3. 14SX190

    Part 4 Engine Reassembly To End Milky Oil

    update. Head is coming off. JA mechanic didn't tighten valve cover. One bolt was completely threaded itself out. Also, didn't theradond gasket half moon back. I am questioning his torquing HG at this point. Took him twice to do TC b/c he flipped cams. #Werks can I still try leak down with...
  4. Markk

    Out of state boat purchase

    I’d recommend you download the TPWD forms before going to their office. Pretty sure you must have HIN(hull ID #) and VIN for both motors on that form.
  5. ourlee

    Lake St. Clair This Weekend 8/8/2020

    Have fun! #nokids
  6. W

    2021 Yamaha 195s PICS!

    Finally got the call today, my 2021 195s has arrived!!!! picking it up this Saturday!!!!! ... better yet sold my 07 Seadoo challenger for $13,250 today as well. #FEELSGOODMAN
  7. Nexus

    Scarab 195 ho 2016 help finding key switch and buttons

    Actually, looking at the Scarab parts list, it looks like the key is #MP39802. Again, a quick google search found a couple of places that sell it.
  8. Danielmailin

    Recommendations for Florida Keys vacation?

    Due to COVID-19 #s going up, they closed all public boat ramps until August 10th to avoid from all the people from Miami to go lobstering. But after August 10, it sho6be back to normal unless any other restrictions are put in place.
  9. 14SX190

    Part 4 Engine Reassembly To End Milky Oil

    I made scribe markings on PTO and reference on block to find TBC #1/#4 and on #2/#3. Fingers crossed tomorrow.
  10. D

    2020 210 FSH Gelcoat colors

    Ok, so had a little accident with letting my son dock the boat and was in search of the correct gelcoat colors for my year model. I wasn't able to find the exact codes for the 2020 on I boats or spectrums website, so I contacted yamaha customer service. I thought I would pass this information...
  11. V

    ar240 stereo upgrade

    You wouldnt happen to have the exact radio part #
  12. RampRage

    2020 Shelbyville Friends and Family Gathering, July 29-Aug 2

    We are not together but share a pic of what you are doing this weekend miss ya all. #shelbyville2021
  13. J

    Boat Fully Loaded 2020 Scarab 165 ID For Sale!!

    The most sought-after 16f jet boat in the world is for sale in Tampa bay for only $30,500!!! Very fast, reliable, 2020 jet Rotax engine, easy to store in all garages (high dry marina or public storage savings), perfect for small family size ( 5 people or under). Kids love the gray mat swim...
  14. props2you

    242/275 toilets: these are just portapotties right?

    Yes and no. I use the 5 gallon Dometic that I've mounted in the head. Mostly used for early and late season when it's too cold. I do empty mine locally on my compost pile (all liquid) NO #2!!! Those that MUST go #2, must also clean it! It's mostly for the ladies, guys use a jug and dump it...
  15. 14SX190

    Part 4 Engine Reassembly To End Milky Oil

    Thank You #Werks #tdonoughue From picture I posted and SM its clear its timed wrong. Intake cam mark should be closer to sprocket and exhaust towards back. Doohhh....
  16. H

    Throttle / Gate Cable

    Problem is - I don't know what I'm looking for in terms of model #. It's not a Yamaha it's a merucry but it could be a Yamaha cable ?
  17. Julian

    Easy way to clean debris out of your jet pump (without pulling plugs or going in the water)

    #1- yes....you can reverse with just one engine and leave the other off. #2- No need to close the shut off valves.....you won't be backing water up into the exhaust with this maneuver. This is a 30 second reverse, then kill the engine(s). The reverse maneuver is the FIRST step to clearing...
  18. captainhook

    In the market for a ski, new vs. used, SeaDoo vs. Yamaha, etc. etc.

    In 2009 I bought a brand new SeaDoo RXT out of the crate for $8190 (sticker was like $12k!). We had a lot of fun with it for one season and then along came baby #1, it got a little use after that but then it stayed stored in my garage for a couple of years as babies #2 and 3 came along and we...
  19. F

    2006 sugar sand tango xtreme 240efi

    Mercury Jet Boat Seadoo 210 240 hp EFI M2 CDM Ignition Coil 827509T7 Oem That was coil I ordered not same part #? Hope I didn’t screw up?
  20. biffdotorg

    2021 Yamaha boats released today! no 24' yet though

    In a world where Yamaha minimizes options, engines, hull sizes, and production lines, there is no way they will ever offer that many hull sizes. It took 7 years of producing the 19' boat before they changed it. And the 24 was produced what 6-7 years before adding the keel. Hull changes, are...