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  1. 14SX190

    Boat 2015 Yamaha SX192 <VA>

  2. 14SX190

    Bringing home a 2014 AR192 today!

    #luxehomes I have good sx190 FS in Miami. Sorry for shameless plug. Definitely keep an eye out for another 192 if you want a SC. That one would be a pass. Good eye now and not later after sale is 'as is"
  3. J

    Home automation dabblers

    Folks, I would appreciate any thoughts on cat 6 wiring and mesh wi-fi systems for our retirement home that we are building. My wife and I are doing a mechanical walk though with both the electrician and the hvac guys next week. My understanding is that there is cable internet (only a single...
  4. Jeurich

    My ‘new’ 2007 AR230 HO!

    Installed my new SeaDek this weekend from the #JetBoatPilot group! Turned out great! Very straight forward process. Added some new latch hardware too! Too bad boating season is ending in Michigan!
  5. Riveramx

    Had an engine code 65 Alarm.

    While out boating, I got an audible alarm on my starboard engine. Toggling my starboard engine panel, it said it was code 65. I still had full power but the alarm will sound every few minutes and I had to constantly silence it until we got back. After researching, I found that it referred to the...
  6. 14SX190

    Post Covid OEM Part(s) Shortage Finally Solved.

    ^ Agreed. #Ronnie Make the impeller art. I'm sure its shinny. It would go great over mantle in living room :greedy:
  7. 14SX190

    Post Covid OEM Part(s) Shortage Finally Solved.

    #Ronnie I have learned some things are just better stock that messing with millions of dollars of engineering for 1mph. I agree, there are times where it benefits like in high altitude which may affect you, especially in the boat vs your FX. I think you own two. The SVHO would like prop change...
  8. bobholthaus

    More volume from 2020 242SE OEM system

    Ha! Good to hear from you old friend! I hope you are well. #truth on your comments!
  9. 2kwik4u

    Destin Boat Sinking and Rescue Overloaded Boat

    The deck drain is one of the only reasons I even considered taking my 19ft on the gulf this summer. I've taken a wave over the bow on an inland lake, as well as left the drain plug out more times than I care to admit. watching how long it takes to get a boat "re-emptied" after something like...
  10. cyclops

    Help needed - multiple comms issues - Connext went haywire - 2015 242ltd s

    2015 242 Limited S Today at the beach, we were there for about three hours with stereo running. Stereo itself was aftermarket wetsounds upgrade and runs on a different bank than house. Normally can run for 8 hours with no problem. House battery and starting battery are 1.25 years old. I came...
  11. Evil Sports

    The Vaccine

    My unscientific belief is we have passed the curve for this wave. If you factor in all the people with previous infection and consider the stats that so few of those get it again, then add in the number of vaxd I cant see how we could get to the #s of January again.
  12. Scottintexas

    First boat!

    glad to have you on board, check out the "known issues' link in my signature below, be especially mindful of the scupper valve and if you have to remove spark plug #3, .
  13. Bruce

    The Vaccine

    @Evil Sports, @Lurch, please reference #2A. https://jetboaters.net/threads/our-code-of-conduct.30/ Your antagonistic comments are not positive, constructive or courteous. They do not provide benefit to the discussion or membership.
  14. 14SX190

    Paying it Forward

    A new member reached out to me for help and was able to remove his pump and take out a nice piece of plastic jambed in his impeller. After 2 hours and trip to AutoZone we cleaned up the bolts of crud, resealed and regressed DS spline and back together I couldn't leave engine bay dirty so I...
  15. F

    2021 FSH 252 Sport Thread

    Thank you! You answered my questions well. To respond to your question on #4, yes I was to add capacity but, more importantly, I want to isolate my electronics from the house/starter batteries. I want to be able to run audio, fish finder, and a radar without worrying about depleting the starter...
  16. P

    2015 Yamaha SX240 taking on water - SOLVED

    Yes, the resonator is #8. The crushed end was on the FWD (inlet) side where hose #3 attached. At 6,000 rpm I was getting 4 gals/min into the boat based on timing how much the bilge pump ran. Removal required removing all #5s, #1 #4, #3 and both #9s first and also the large hose around the...
  17. I

    Lock handle replacement

    Looks like part #F3H-U5540-10-00. Availability looks like you’ll have to search around.
  18. C

    MR1 Top Speed and RPM limited to low 9k: AR230 and 05 FX HO

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of some performance reductions in both my 07 AR230, and my two 05 FX HO's (All with the MR1 motors). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you. No warning lights on any of them. '07 AR230, 400hrs 15hrs since oil, plugs service - Just had a service by the dealer...
  19. 42superman

    2021 JetBoaters.Net SeaDek Group Buy Sponsored By JetBoatPilot

    Couple questions... 2022 AR250 1 - Does the optional pad #10x come with the (250) on it when ordered with the whole set? 2 - Can we add the (Naked Feet Only Logo) to the swim platform kit #1? May need to adjust logo? A crude remake attached. 3 - Do you have any pictures of a 2021 or 2022 AR250...