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  1. Jebinok

    Texoma summer 2019 July 27

    Now just wait a damn minute, why should i be #4? Oh Im sure i will have some jerky made. Just for you @DCB-270 and a little piece for @farrelltravis
  2. JTPain

    Texoma summer 2019 July 27

    Dang it #Jebinok... I'm #3. LOL
  3. Gym

    Oil changes just got a little easier

    Brilliant @MrMoose. Now can you get one of those funnels just for step #6? I can just see my wife keeping my funnel filled while she's peeling my grapes.
  4. R

    Can I tow??

    ^^This. Most 1/2 ton diesel models have super low payload #s. Usually even less than gasser 1/2 tons because diesel blocks are heavier. Truck gave up payload to heavier engine. The Ram 1500 ecodiesel has stupid low payload capacity.
  5. drewkaree

    Post up your funny MEMES (Nothing Political Please)

    I will soon be gifted with grandson #5, so in his honor...
  6. S1LV3R4D0

    Installing sirius radio on 2019 AR?

    From everything that i have researched on my 2019 AR195, that clarion radio isn't sirius ready. I had ordered the svx300 kit to connect to it and no go, sent it back. #OutdatedCrap Im not sure if you have the same radio that i do. @Patsfan67 I do that too but in spotty coverage area, the unit...
  7. jcyamahariders wife

    Show Us Your Wake! (surfing mods comparo)

    Jerry has tons of ideas . . . I think Yamaha needs to hire @jcyamaharider as a surfing consultant hint hint ! @Yamaha #Yamaha
  8. CrankyGypsy

    Hello! from Treasure Coast Florida

    Good work! Your pics show the problem of Yamaha's flush system: the amount of water it allows in is inadequate and it doesn't distribute it well (to cylinder 1). I'd argue the issue of build-up (and subsequent overheat) is not caused specifically by "salt," but rather "salt water" which contains...
  9. swatski

    Drain plug Timeout.

    These engines will not produce pee streams at low RPM/idle, and may be exhaling some steam, steaming out of their pee holes. The advice was to ride it harder, at high idle or #2-3 "no wake" there should be a stream coming out of pee holes, albeit may be weak and water will be hot. Midrange...
  10. Arcadyus

    “Gonna be a good day. Just gonna send it”

    If you dont know send it Larry your just #notalocal #kooksonly
  11. Beachbummer

    Clean out port rubber tubes

    I have conflicting thoughts... If the clean out plugs partially dislodge... The tubes won't save you. The pressure is so great the water will overcome the tubes and will fill the boat with an enormous amount of water very quickly. So the tubes won't save you from this. If you are worried that...
  12. S1LV3R4D0

    Installing Lucky 13 Cone, Need assistance

    Sweet deal. Too bad I just bought one and installed it. #FeelsBadMan
  13. Benoit

    Yds info

    I swapped ecus last night. Will hook up yds to see if the injector #’s went with them tonight
  14. Dennis P

    Show us what you see!!!

    All cleaned up and ready for another fun season on Lake Champlain. Going in on Sunday to her wet slip at Treadwell Bay Marina, NY for the third season. Fired up the twins, been sleeping since October, all good. Pulled the spark plugs all good no corrosion on #3, or any other. Acid washed the...
  15. B

    Ignition Key/Switch problem

    Thanks for your help. It seems Yamaha has discontinued this part? #GU1-68307-00-00. I checked dealers and Ebay... nothing available. Any ideas on other suppliers to check??
  16. the MfM

    Engine over heat after tow rope caught

    What about part #9? Another “thermo switch assembly”
  17. Julian

    My 2016 Yamaha 242X thread....(MORE photos added 6/14/19)

    I bought a sheet of King starboard and cut and routed it to that shape, then bolted and screwed it into the boat. Here is the info on how I did it: https://jetboaters.net/threads/chart-plotter-placement-on-newer-boats-with-connext-simrad-go7-installed.12273/post-225140 (linked on page 1 of...
  18. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    I added sealant to the Impeller housing #3, Pump #7 and the Nozzle #27 to ensure a tight seal and that no air can come through resulting in cavitation.
  19. TOGA

    UPDATE: FIXED - Starter or Solenoid or Bad Connection?

    I ordered 2 solenoids from Glenparts hoping the $9 part would be the correct one since it pulled up with the original Yamaha part #. Yamaha Sports Plaza wanted $78 each. I figures it was worth a gamble. The solenoid connections are different as they are male post connections rather than...
  20. captainhook

    07 to 09 230 Series Shift Cable Replacement

    I just completed this yesterday. The inside of the hull on mine had a ton of silicone. On one side I spent probably an hour hacking it all out with a screwdriver (be careful, the hose clamps are super sharp, ask me how I know), but on the other side I just yanked it through after hacking a...