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Hash tag usage

  1. R

    ECU compatibility question

    I think those are inaccuracies within the Yamaha service manual. For example, the 2005 FXHO waverunner manual states that Pin #32 is a Black/Orange wire, but in reality it was blank on my waverunner's ECU. Page 7-13 of the 2007 service manual you sent me indicates two Black/Yellow wires. There...
  2. Troy JK

    Another lectrotab install.

    Thanks again to mark west, I definitely felt safer knowing I could follow someone’s step by step instructions. I even had the IPad by the boat for reference. 👍 Even tho I suck with computers, There are a cpl ideas I had that may help with this job. One thing is that I found what might be an...
  3. M

    SeaDek install using 3M primer?

    Thats the primer they give you when installing a keel guard. Unfortunately i dont know the 3m #.
  4. msavold

    The Vaccine

    You know, this is a tough one... (but it really shouldn't be) I've read the whole thread - and it took quite some time., but it's been eye opening. Now I feel that even though this is going to be lengthy, there's so much I need to get off my chest! The OP's original question was about...
  5. D

    Things That Cause Cavitation and How to Avoid Them

    I know this is a discussed subject here but I have a different question/thought about it. I have a 2012 210SX that I bought in the fall and had it in the water like 3x. I noticed that the port engine RPM's would shoot up if I hit the throttle aggressively and after posting here, I learned it...
  6. haknslash

    Show us what you see!!!

    Anyone want to go In half lol? This is Richard Scrushy’s previous mansion on Lake Martin. Geez See what I found on #Zillow! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1470-Willows-End-Alexander-City-AL-35010/104554613_zpid/
  7. zipper

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    If USCG registered, you have a name and hailing port that is to be applied to the exterior of the hull, usually on the transom. With that name you choose, the USCG also gives you a 6 or 7 digit number, our sailboat has a 6 digit number from when it was registered with them in the 90's. That...
  8. Julian

    The Vaccine

    This is a fascinating article (REALLY LONG) that gets into all sorts of analysis on the pandemic. I urge you all to read as much as you can (its 21 chapters). Some of my takeaways: Really interesting to read how they developed the vaccine so quickly-basically its been in the works for over 10...
  9. M

    Help with choosing a battery

    Not really but that depends on you and how you use the boat. Do you ride the boat 10 min then just sit all day then 10 min back? If so then you would probably be better off with 24’s i guess but thats a problem for any battery. If you actually use the boat then you would have no issues with...
  10. Dean P

    The Vaccine

    Fully agree with #1!!! Absolutely. #2 CDC is still advising against this. Is this something you heard, feel or can back up?
  11. I_squared_r

    Wire Purchase For Electronics Mods

    I see that you have a 4AWG and 2AWG feeding 2 different fuse blocks. That's a ton of capacity for a boat. According to the NEC ampacity chart, assuming 75C rated wire, you have 200amps of capacity. Everything you listed is low current draw. Are you planning to power a washer/dryer in the future...
  12. J

    Coil Pack Connecter Replacement

    After discovering a intermittent misfire on cylinder #4, I was able to find that the coil pack connecter on my 1.8 is faulty. Any ideas what replacement connecter I can use and where to get it? Haven’t had much luck in my search thus far. The connecter in question is attached below.
  13. M

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    Here are my #’s. Its the same polyester film as the chrome so you kind of get a similar look but its a brushed metal finish instead. You dont get that reflectiveness of the chrome.
  14. the MfM

    Box Anchor vs. Fluke Anchor ???

    Page two of an anchor thread with no #mantus mention?!?
  15. B

    2021 Yamaha 275SD engine died - thoughts?

    Got the diagnosis....”rod knock, spun rod bearing in cylinder #3, internals of engine damaged”
  16. M

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    Yep same here. I can only think of maybe twice in 25 years where i have seen some #’s down in the lazarette. I am all through the boats too and never seen any. Must be something that owners dont or captains dont even care about or the coast guard doesn't care about or chk.
  17. Murf'n'surf

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    That's interesting. All of my work yachts/boats (108' down to 33') that were registered through the years have never had this displayed inside. The HIN has always been displayed on the hull somewhere but never the Doc #. Learn something new every day
  18. zipper

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    What does the new CG Aux. member say about that? If you register your boat with the coast guard, not with the state you live in, you will be given a number. That number needs to be painted to the inside of the hull and the boat name and hailing port displayed on the stern/transom. 4" min...
  19. M

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    Actually they are. Well the name is not regulated but the hailing port is because the name and hailing port replaces the #’s. On a boat with a hailing port you dont jave registration #’s on the hull. Hailing port is supposed to be 4” in height. In a nutshell Your name and port are registered and...
  20. drewkaree

    Salmon Fishing

    @Sotally Tober might have some insight for modifying the swim deck for such a use! All the hardware is from an older model Yamaha, '05 AR 230 is what @Scuba_ref has for a setup. Not sure if it's available cheaper, but here's the parts he has in that pic: 2005 Yamaha AR230 High Output...