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  1. Scottintexas

    Yamaha yds software connector

    If it were a 2007 AR I would, finding YDS connectors between models is like looking for Waldo, I helped an 05 and it was near the ECU like in the picture posted earlier, it should be a greyish plug, definitely not that the plug in pictured in post #4, If you can't find it I would look in the...
  2. J

    What would you do to this Hull?

    So I did a cleaning of the "new to me boat" this past weekend, and what I found was some of the gelcoat and finish rubbed off the keel (mostly starboard side - which makes sense since that is the Captain's side). The prior owner had the boat on a lift - so I am thinking its been there for a...
  3. swatski

    2nd bilge pump

    https://jetboaters.net/threads/2nd-bilge-pump-versus-bilge-alarm.22130/#post-376234 --
  4. captras

    2018 AR240 VS 2018 Scarab 255 G

    I own a 2016 Yamaha 242 Limited SE....but will try to be objective based on my experience and what I have read: 1. What is the warranty with Scarab vs the extended (YES) with Yamaha? 2. Remember that Yamaha basically has no options.....it all comes included. Scarab has many things available...
  5. Julian

    Safety stop switch lanyard....

    I always use Yamahasportsplaza to look up questions like this! 2006 Yamaha SX210 (Blue) (FRT1100AE) Electrical 4 | Yamaha Sports Plaza Lanyard,Stop Switch F1C-6834C-00-00 (discontinued) F2A-6834C-01-00 (New part #)
  6. Julian

    Replacing Steering Cables

    Got a question in private message about how hard this is to do, and figured I'd share my reply here: First of all, I've never done steering cables-I've only done reverse buckets, but it is the same procedure. The primary difference is the steering cables pass through the metal transom plate...
  7. 4x15mph

    Carb Pop Off Pressure

    For the rack i did i used the service manual Low speed: 1 plus/minus 1/4 High : 3/4 plus/minus 1/4 for cyl #1, 3. 1 plus/minus 1/4 for cyl 2
  8. haknslash

    Got my 2019 242x

    Well I mentioned the Moomba because it is a direct comparison to the topic being discussed and how my AR192 came and how my Yamaha dealer treated the overall deal. What does it matter anyways? Didn’t mention to #trigger you lol.... If you would look around on this forum you will see there are...
  9. swatski

    2015+ AR240 Wakeboard / Surfboard Tower Rack (A Beautiful Pair)

    I can’t tell. My invoice is posted in post #1, it says 1.5” and it is the exact fit for the rear leg of my tower. When I was shopping I could find less expensive alternatives but not in the exact size I needed, and only one source had the exact fit - that they would guarantee, if I remember...
  10. swatski

    The official "What did you do to your jet boat today" thread.

    Now you just need the Handtyte! https://jetboaters.net/threads/hangtyte-support-system-install-2016-ar240-getting-rid-of-the-poles.16622/#post-286465 --
  11. JetBoatPilot

    JetBoatPilot's New Surf Tech, Thrust Vector Wake

    See you just made a positive out of this with your #, Think of it as lugging around less weight than you'd have to if you were looking to get the same wave from water ballast. You'd easily be over weight before the first passenger stepped on board.
  12. haknslash

    JetBoatPilot's New Surf Tech, Thrust Vector Wake

    That's A LOT of lead to lug around and/or add to the towing. #Howtogetbuffthissummer
  13. swatski

    The official "What did you do to your jet boat today" thread.

    It's a kit developed by @Mainah, here is some reading on it: https://jetboaters.net/threads/push-button-start-installation.18086/#post-309728 https://jetboaters.net/threads/plug-and-play-push-button-start-stop-kits.16788/page-3#post-299288 --
  14. MidnightRider

    Interior and exterior LED install (Image Heavy!)

    Someone else asked the same on one of my other posts, might find the info you want there - if not feel free to shoot me a DM with any questions. https://jetboaters.net/threads/new-trailer-guides-and-pads.17813
  15. Liveto99

    TR-1 Max RPM's

    Mine are completely out of adjustment just like yours, I said the same thing about #Warranty and that’s why it is at the dealer I’ll report back when I get my boat back. I always use the Connex screen to get the motors synchronized. Of course once you get them about 100 rpm’s apart you get...
  16. Bennie

    Do you carry a firearm aboard your boat?

    I wish we did this for drivers. I'd love that! Where I live... Alabama, we only pay and renew. A driving class every few years would do America good. = increase tax revenue (paying for courses), and greatly decrease insurance premiums (as drivers are forced to drive safely or loose their...
  17. Danielmailin

    In hull transducer location

    This is how I did mine more the 3 years ago and has work without any problems, the only times I loose depth reading is when I come to stop and go in reverse. https://jetboaters.net/threads/installing-a-lowarence-elite-5-on-a-fsh.7785/#post-134827
  18. F.M.

    Brake upgrade 2016 Ram - suggestions?

    Alright..... Update time. I just hooked up and towed one of my work trailers that weighs over 10K lbs around 30 miles or so. Not a long way, but the difference in that short distance is worth noting. That being said, this is my opinion based on my real world experience. (Side note - Opinions...
  19. Scottintexas

    Really weird issue need help. Engines overheating randomly Yamaha/Dealer says it’s not happening

    Are you going to do any of this or are you telling the dealer to? I think the dealer may balk at wasting his time flushing, I think Cranky's closed loop flush would be a great thing to try, now that the manifolds are already off it may be worth considering scrubbing or breaking some of that...
  20. J-RAD

    Why aren't you boating? (A place to brag or vent)

    Ugh! Sounds like work... but it sounds like your putting in the effort to get the reward. I would LOVE a home with lakefront access, unfortunately that doesn't really exist on any of the boating lakes in Utah... The one exception is the Utah half of Bear Lake. #goals My wife says I can't go to...