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  1. tim h

    Bimini 2020 - June 21-28th

    I did get a confirmation e-mail today.(2 days) But nothing on the rate that i'll be charged... 🤔 EDIT just got rates... $2.75 per ft per night which is subject to 12% tax 30*2.75 = 82.50 +12.5% = 92.81 PER NIGHT !! Anyone working with them on a discount ? #bimini2020 @Bruce ??
  2. Julian

    Just bought our first boat - the 2020 AR 210! Any Advice/Lessons Learned?

    Congrats and welcome! My advice: For your first time out, see if you can find a friend who has boated and trailered a lot to go with you. Take a week day off so you go when it isnt crowded. Take it nice and slow...(thus the suggestion for weekday outing). Buy only the essentials first. Once...
  3. Julian

    Towing with Tesla Model X

    Actually all the old folks homes are in town closer to all the "look at me" #$%@^......much nicer in the woods with the owls, deer, foxes etc.
  4. Jet Boat Tom

    Looking for an Inlet Grate for 2014 Scarab 195

    looks to me like the part number is 0462115. www.epc.brp.com - Select Rotax JPS in the drop down menu. Select Engine Model #. Then H.P
  5. Mike P

    Tips for test drive?

    Dean, These are incredible tips. Thank you so much. I had to look up WOT :D. Shows how new I am. I especially like tips #3, 5, and 8. I definitely never would have thought of those. I assume I have no wiggle room on price since it's a brand new model but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm...
  6. d_coyne1984

    Thoughts and demo rides of wake / towsports boats: Moomba Max, Axis A22, MB Sports

    Next time you have a chance, shoot a photo of the underside for me please. I am curious how they attached it. I am thinking I could mill some aluminum mounting brackets that could be screwed into the platform and also glassed in as well. I am envisioning making something like this (x2) to make...
  7. Julian

    2020 Bimini Trip July 12-18th

    As I posted in the 2020 Bimini Early Interest Thread, I have booked my trip for this year from Sunday July 12th to Saturday July 18th. At this point, the following people look to be crossing this week: @Julian @BBottoms @Wytiger @BigT51 I chose this week as I didn't want to be over there...
  8. Z

    Have you had a 1.8 timing chain failure, was it in warranty and how has Yamaha handled it?

    Man sorry to hear that. When I first bought my 2014 212x about a yr ago I contacted Yamaha directly and brought it to their attention and have it all documented. Told them that it's a problem with these boats with certain years. They were aware of some, but not as many as there has been. But I...
  9. haknslash

    Thoughts and demo rides of wake / towsports boats: Moomba Max, Axis A22, MB Sports

    BTW @MattFX4 I'm jealous of your awesome built-in trash can. #itsthelittlethingsinlife
  10. BigAbe75

    2020 Gut Busters - Weight Loss Challenge

    (sorry, this went long - I the actual point in bold below) I’m really amazed at the difference some diet changes can make. We all “know” which foods are better than others, but geez... I guess I don’t remember seeing this drastic of a difference. On the Whole30 program that I linked above...
  11. swatski

    Towing with Tesla Model X

    #metoo Lol —
  12. Julian

    Anybody in Tampa willing to take a look at a used SX230HO with me?

    If you can find someone with the #YDS software and cable you could read the actual hours off the engine vs the aftermarket meter that could have been installed at any time. Is that standing water in the engine compartment? Not a big deal, and is perhaps there as he doesn't pull the plug often...
  13. d_coyne1984

    Thoughts and demo rides of wake / towsports boats: Moomba Max, Axis A22, MB Sports

    Noice! It's a great problem to have though! I am praying I can get out early and get things all dialed in and figured out before the water temps warm up to wetsuit temps. If we have a late ice out like we did this past season I might start setting tire fires to get this global warming thing...
  14. Julian

    Help me choose a radio and antenna for a gift

    I have, and am happy with my Standard Horizon GX 1600, and I think it was around $200. Photos in the 242x link in my signature.
  15. Scottintexas

    First Time Pulling the Pump

    I don't have an answer for any of your questions, That would bother me also that the diameter of the hole in the plastic is the same as the shaft. Previous years haven't had any adapter/hard plastic seal that fits against the white shaft mounting hole in picture #4, of course if it was...
  16. jcyamahariders wife

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE . . All Ballast & Wake Wedges

    Black Friday Sale 15% off Wake Wedges and all ballast products ! Won't last long hurry to order use promo code BLACKFRIDAY Sale starts Nov 26th and will end on Dec 2nd. #gantlinproducts #wakewedge
  17. Dixie Highway

    Tesla Truck? No thanks....

    It literally looks like Elon found an old notebook from 1st grade where he doodled cars and trucks, found this sketch, and built it. #nailedit
  18. A

    2006 Yamaha AR230 Steering Replacement parts

    fun times, Steering cable seized and snapped the steering shaft inside the steering assembly. So now I am replacing both cables and the assembly. Question. What parts do I buy? Yamaha ($$$$) or another brand ($$)? I've read about Teleflex, but its hard to get a good cross reference back to...
  19. Trevor Shipman

    Towing with Tesla Model X