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  1. M

    Help with choosing a battery

    ...and how you use the boat. Do you ride the boat 10 min then just sit all day then 10 min back? If so then you would probably be better off with 24’s i guess but thats a problem for any battery. If you actually use the boat then you would have no issues with 27’s. To give you an idea i have an...
  2. M

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    Here are my #’s. Its the same polyester film as the chrome so you kind of get a similar look but its a brushed metal finish instead. You dont get that reflectiveness of the chrome.
  3. M

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    Yep same here. I can only think of maybe twice in 25 years where i have seen some #’s down in the lazarette. I am all through the boats too and never seen any. Must be something that owners dont or captains dont even care about or the coast guard doesn't care about or chk.
  4. M

    Polished Stainless Boat Registration Numbers - Coast Guard ok with them?

    Actually they are. Well the name is not regulated but the hailing port is because the name and hailing port replaces the #’s. On a boat with a hailing port you dont jave registration #’s on the hull. Hailing port is supposed to be 4” in height. In a nutshell Your name and port are registered and...
  5. M

    Help My Buddy!

    If in fact the comp is a little low it could simply just a speck of rust developed on the valve seat from sitting over the winter. If he runs the boat it will eventually wear away and the #’s will come back up. Nothing to worry about.
  6. M

    Help with choosing a battery

    ...in marine you will see group 24 which are the tiny ones then geoup 27 then 31. 27 and 31 are somewhat close in power ratings. 27 just under the 31. Dimensions are different though. For those 3 yes higher # is bigger but there are many others in there with all different #’s and different sizes
  7. M

    Looking to order a 2022 AR195 Have some questions on dealer fees. East Coast NJ

    I am here in nj. Those #’s arent excessive and prob about average for a 195. I didnt end up paying any of that on my boat but the profit margin is also way higher so the dealer could easily absorb that and not feel it on the 27. All the smaller boats people are pretty much paying the freight and...
  8. M

    Not jetboat related.....but, new Mercury V12 Outboard....600 HP

    We just put 4 of these on our 46 center console. I say our like i own it lol. Meaning the boat company i am a contractor for. The 46 was just released and the 600’s went on hull #2 so im not sure what the performance #’s are on it yet. When i find out ill post it up
  9. itsdgm

    Weird starting issues, SX210

    Sounds like you have a handle on it. Let me know if you need any tools. I also have a spare engine sitting in a crate in my garage if you need to look at or test it To compare #’s.
  10. V

    Stainless Drain Plugs

    ...https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0794WY2V2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Looking at the part diagrams, it appears the part #’s have changed slightly, but the center portion of the ID is the same... 2019 SX190 DRAIN PLUG ASSY. F2J-U2280-00-00 2012 SX210 DRAIN PLUG ASSY...
  11. M

    Let's talk batteries....

    Yes for sure on the batteries for the generator, are your sure on those #’s? A 5kw gen set is fairly small. Being gas and not deisel they will surely suck more but that is over the top. If its sucking that much gas i would rip it out and get another set. My 14kw at full load is 1gph. I also...
  12. Dixie Highway

    Boat Registration - where to place it on 2019 Blue 242X-E?

    Personally mine is below the rail, above is too intrusive. On my boat, it’s white above the rail and blue below so the silver lettering went on the blue. Doesn’t look terrible as far as registration #’s go.
  13. Stevenpigsooie


    Thank you for posting this. It’s pointless to discuss insurance costs without the entire policy info to compare, and then it still won’t matter unless you live close to one another.
  14. Benoit

    Yds info

    I swapped ecus last night. Will hook up yds to see if the injector #’s went with them tonight