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  1. Beachbummer

    Clean out port rubber tubes

    ...myself. How lucky do you feel? So, my humble opinion...you need to put them in as soon as reasonably possible. preferably yesterday. (My mod #1, after mod#0 EZ Locks, is a bilge float, alarm and extra bilge pump. Different topic, but not so distant. It can turn a mistake or small issue into...
  2. 4x15mph

    Carb Pop Off Pressure

    For the rack i did i used the service manual Low speed: 1 plus/minus 1/4 High : 3/4 plus/minus 1/4 for cyl #1, 3. 1 plus/minus 1/4 for cyl 2
  3. swatski

    2015+ AR240 Wakeboard / Surfboard Tower Rack (A Beautiful Pair)

    I can’t tell. My invoice is posted in post #1, it says 1.5” and it is the exact fit for the rear leg of my tower. When I was shopping I could find less expensive alternatives but not in the exact size I needed, and only one source had the exact fit - that they would guarantee, if I remember...
  4. mwalker4

    Couple Questions on 2017 AR190......

    ...but since it was so new I wasn't going to touch the engine and let them blame me for anything. Diagnoses came back "Found Intermittent miss on cylinder #1, Checked coil and found wire harness not properly locked into place". I thought it was pretty sloppy for either the factory or the dealer.
  5. A

    Job Dilemma

    This is more along my current line of thinking. I am only 29, so I have a ton of career growth still. Also I may end up loving #1, as it is something I really enjoyed doing during school. I would also like to add that I do have a second job currently in the industry that has been my passion...