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  1. tabbibus


    Rule #1, always check with wife first!
  2. BigN8

    Florida houses with metal roofs

    Rule #1, warranties protect the manufacturer....not the building owner. Lot's of fine print and hoops to jump through to get warranty coverage. Statistically most roofs are replaced by storm damage, aka "acts of God", before the warranty ever kicks in.
  3. Shuck Water

    Let's talk WETSOUNDS

    Question I have is where do you want the sound? If it's all about blasting out the back, then go with set up #1, but you'll be lacking sound in the bow. I never did a sound bar and just replaced my cabin speakers with the wetsounds 650's and added an additional pair in the main cabin bringing...
  4. W

    Really weird issue need help. Engines overheating randomly Yamaha/Dealer says it’s not happening

    On both of my engines, the worst place for the buildup has been in the cylinder block water jackets. The closer it is to cylinder #1, the worse it is. The cooling water intake for the water jackets is located on the opposite end at the bottom of cylinder #4. Regarding flushing: both motors...
  5. E

    Possible new tow truck ( Tesla )

    ...are completely dead but it’s not going to get you very far. I think the delay with the Tesla truck has to do with a couple of things. #1, they can’t make enough batteries to fill global demand of their current lineup. #2 range while towing and a lack of options in the rural areas where...
  6. Beachbummer

    Clean out port rubber tubes

    ...myself. How lucky do you feel? So, my humble opinion...you need to put them in as soon as reasonably possible. preferably yesterday. (My mod #1, after mod#0 EZ Locks, is a bilge float, alarm and extra bilge pump. Different topic, but not so distant. It can turn a mistake or small issue into...
  7. 4x15mph

    Carb Pop Off Pressure

    For the rack i did i used the service manual Low speed: 1 plus/minus 1/4 High : 3/4 plus/minus 1/4 for cyl #1, 3. 1 plus/minus 1/4 for cyl 2
  8. swatski

    2015+ AR240 Wakeboard / Surfboard Tower Rack (A Beautiful Pair)

    I can’t tell. My invoice is posted in post #1, it says 1.5” and it is the exact fit for the rear leg of my tower. When I was shopping I could find less expensive alternatives but not in the exact size I needed, and only one source had the exact fit - that they would guarantee, if I remember...
  9. mwalker4

    Couple Questions on 2017 AR190......

    ...but since it was so new I wasn't going to touch the engine and let them blame me for anything. Diagnoses came back "Found Intermittent miss on cylinder #1, Checked coil and found wire harness not properly locked into place". I thought it was pretty sloppy for either the factory or the dealer.
  10. A

    Job Dilemma

    This is more along my current line of thinking. I am only 29, so I have a ton of career growth still. Also I may end up loving #1, as it is something I really enjoyed doing during school. I would also like to add that I do have a second job currently in the industry that has been my passion...