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  1. Renod

    One picture of your last outing.

    You get a "Winner1 for #1) getting your kids wake surfing/boarding BEFORE the age of 10 and #2) having a stand-up jetski!
  2. W

    Maybe the source of a "milky oil.'

    ...block water jackets comes in the two hoses on the exhaust side of the cylinder block between cylinders #3 and #4 (closer to #4 and far from #1) . The flush path out of the cylinder block water jackets is up through the head gasket into the cylinder head and out through the cooling water pipe...
  3. Julian


    ...used your insurance? If so, they might have raised your rates. Weather-do you live in a hurricane zone? If so, you will pay more. (similar to #1) I'm sure some of the insurance sales guys on here can add a few more, but suffice to say, a simple comparison between a Wisconsin older guy...
  4. CrankyGypsy

    Hello! from Treasure Coast Florida

    ...Your pics show the problem of Yamaha's flush system: the amount of water it allows in is inadequate and it doesn't distribute it well (to cylinder 1). I'd argue the issue of build-up (and subsequent overheat) is not caused specifically by "salt," but rather 10salt water11 which contains an...
  5. captainhook

    07 to 09 230 Series Shift Cable Replacement

    ...outside, there is a rubber grommet (labeled #2) shown in the image below I stole from @bronze_10 that goes into the through-hull fitting (labeled #1) seals the hull a bit and keeps the cable centered. On mine those both fell out in the grass when the cables were pulled through and I did not...
  6. J

    What would you do to this Hull?

    ...side). The prior owner had the boat on a lift - so I am thinking its been there for a while. Clearly demonstrating that just as we all know . . . #1) the Yamaha boats are great for beaching. #2) Keel Guard would have been helpful (other please use this picture as evidence you need to buy some...
  7. I

    Show us your tow rigs!

    ...Sum of the forces = 153+153+180 = 486lb Distances from the receiver: Board #1=17.412 Board #2=28.413 Ball= 38.814 Sum of the moments = M1(Board #1) + M2(Board #2) + M3(Ball) =(17.415x153lb) + (28.416x153lb) + (38.817x180lb) =13,991 in-lb No hitch extension and loaded to maximum rating of the...