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  1. King

    Anyone getting 2022 Yamaha orders???

    Got the call a few minutes ago... Our 2022 212S has been canceled! We were presented with a few choices in moving forward. Choice #1: Hop on the 2023 list and expect a price increase that's "anticipated" to be in the range of 10% to 12%. Choice #2: Snag the AR250 that has been confirmed to be...
  2. pres2028

    Multiple catfish in impellers

    ...my 252SD out I've dealt with catfish in the impellers. My slip (Columbia Island Marina in DC / Virginia) must be a catfish magnet. Details: #1: Start the engines without checking the impellers. She starts smoking after 2 minutes. Stop the engine, reach in to check the impeller, and feel...
  3. C

    MR1 Top Speed and RPM limited to low 9k: AR230 and 05 FX HO

    ...them. '07 AR230, 400hrs 15hrs since oil, plugs service - Just had a service by the dealer and everything was said to have checked out. Problem #1: Speed seems to be reduced. When the boat was new to me in 2017 and only had 45hrs on it, the speedometer would show ~50mph (I did not check phone...
  4. A

    255xd subwoofer idea, what ya think?

    This just seems like a bad idea to me. #1: The drain areas under the speaker will prevent a perfect seal, making IB impact much less. Adding to this, it will allow water into the hull. #2. Those speakers will see a ton of water. #3. The sound will be extremely muffled. If you want more bass...
  5. A

    252SE - Need Part Numbers

    Can someone help me find these part numbers? #1: The "Yamaha" chrome lettering on the swim deck (by the tow point) - the "Y" fell off. Can I get just the Y? Maybe I can just get some thin two sided tape? #2: The stick down mat where the cooler goes, in grey.
  6. A

    Just started digging into the 2021 SX250/AR250 audio system

    #1: I don't have a definite answer. I have seen t-taps do weird things. They can cause a change in resistance, which could cause an issue. When you take them off, make sure the wire is still solid and then wrap it up with electrical tape. #2: That harness goes into a bigger harness, so hard to...
  7. W

    How can we prevent, diagnose, and eliminate overheating problems?

    @Scottintexas Thanks for replying. Answer to question #1: Without removing the engine, I could only remove the back cover on the oil cooler. However, the oil cooler picture in Post #1 has the white alage on it also. That picture was taken when I removed the engine in April of 2020. At that...
  8. biffdotorg

    Cleanout Repair kits

    ...8 Phillips head screws to remove, and it comes apart easily. It is very obvious what components you are replacing and where they go. PRO TIP #1: Feel free to use your powered screwdriver to remove the screws and start them back in. DO NOT use it to torque those screws down. Put the final...
  9. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    Yes I had the Cobra Jet Steering Vipers and this how I would install the lucky 13 without removing the CJS Viper. Step #1: Remove the bolt connecting the articulating keel Step #2: Remove the two bolts that connect the reverse bucked to the cable Step #3: Remove the bolt and nut for the steering...