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  1. W

    How can we prevent, diagnose, and eliminate overheating problems?

    @Scottintexas Thanks for replying. Answer to question #1: Without removing the engine, I could only remove the back cover on the oil cooler. However, the oil cooler picture in Post #1 has the white alage on it also. That picture was taken when I removed the engine in April of 2020. At that...
  2. biffdotorg

    Cleanout Repair kits

    ...8 Phillips head screws to remove, and it comes apart easily. It is very obvious what components you are replacing and where they go. PRO TIP #1: Feel free to use your powered screwdriver to remove the screws and start them back in. DO NOT use it to torque those screws down. Put the final...
  3. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    Yes I had the Cobra Jet Steering Vipers and this how I would install the lucky 13 without removing the CJS Viper. Step #1: Remove the bolt connecting the articulating keel Step #2: Remove the two bolts that connect the reverse bucked to the cable Step #3: Remove the bolt and nut for the steering...