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  1. F

    NEEDED - COUPLER SHAFT YAMAHA 6ap-45813-00-00

    S.O.S.!!!! I need a Yamaha Coupler Shaft to get my SX 190 back in the water. Part #: 6ap-45813-00-00 Will pay a premium as well as all shipping costs. David Flannery
  2. Riveramx

    Had an engine code 65 Alarm.

    ...few minutes and I had to constantly silence it until we got back. After researching, I found that it referred to the thermosensor assembly part #: AA-85790-00-00. (#26 on the diagram). Cheapest place I found it was at Amazon. I check the sensor. Had some dirt on it cleaned the sensor on both...
  3. Julian

    2015+ Boats Scupper Replacement

    Definitely want to do this on the newer model boats: https://jetboaters.net/threads/almost-sunk-my-boat.29054/ I used the Attwood 66553-3 (as seen in the video in the next post)
  4. M

    242 Limited S Fuel Pump Part #s

    ...having a hard time figuring out what exact part numbers work with my specific model and year. Several sites indicate different things. Model: 2014 Yamaha 242 Limited S (SXT1800HN) OEM Part #: 6AP-13907-04-00 Superseded Part: 6AP-13907-00-00 Question I have is will this part # work...
  5. W

    2005 sr230 oil filter

    This is the Yamaha #: 5GH-13440-71-00; YAMAHA 5GH-13440-00-00 Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart Fram PH6017A Fram PH6607