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  1. captras

    SOLD Sold!

    Did the original owner live in Michigan? It has a Michigan registration #?
  2. F

    2006 sugar sand tango xtreme 240efi

    Mercury Jet Boat Seadoo 210 240 hp EFI M2 CDM Ignition Coil 827509T7 Oem That was coil I ordered not same part #? Hope I didn’t screw up?
  3. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    Mike I am not seeing Solas part VR001 anywhere. Are you sure that is the right part #? I am seeing WR011, WR012, but not the part # you said.
  4. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    ...get shipped to me. I'd like to order the impeller asap without having to wait for the remover tool. Can you offer any assistance with the part #? I found this post in a thread where you participated. Also here is one on eBay that I think is my impeller. Not sure tho. I am not sure if...
  5. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    Huge groves in the wear ring. Needs replacement. I need the kit w impeller, wear ring, bearing t grease, seal, impeller remover tool, everything. Anyone have item links? What's my original impeller part #? Is SOLAS a good brand?
  6. Tommy Lee

    2014 Scarab 195, fresh off the water w cavitation, 10 mph @ 7000 rpm

    ...my thought that the impeller was probably damaged by something hard, like a rock. So my questions are: 1. Do I need an impeller remover tool? If so, where can I get it? Part #? 2. I've seen the Rotax JetSki video of the dude on YouTube fixing an impeller blade, straightening it out...
  7. BigN8

    10,000 members

    Where do I find my join #? Remember on the old site it would say you were 350 of whatever that joined? Or does this site not do that? I'm thinking I was within the first 3 or 400 members?
  8. adamsrotors

    stainless vent & gas cap options?

    ^ perfect...here's the direct link: https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-F2J-U783E-20-00-Filler-Assembly-F2JU783E2000/dp/B009463GQ6 now, anyone know the horn cover part #?