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  1. M

    Gelcoat Repair Kit Supplies?

    A twisted wool pad is for compounding and black foam is very soft and for polishing. Wool you spin a little faster than foam. What a beginner wants to stay away from is yellow cutting foam. This would take the place of the wool pad. These generate more heat and will burn easily. Wool and...
  2. H

    Throttle / Gate Cable

    Problem is - I don't know what I'm looking for in terms of model #. It's not a Yamaha it's a merucry but it could be a Yamaha cable ?
  3. BarbaraAnn

    Trailer Cover. Where to get?

    PRISM COVER No strapping to the trailer necessary with this cover. He gave me a custom order #. Since mine has the WB tower, there is a hook on Port side near tower and the one ratchet on starboard side. Again, no trailer to cover straps necessary for this cover. Plus a range of odors to...
  4. S

    XR1800 Starter Motor Bracket

    So I finally figured out the root cause of the problem. The picture shown isn't a pin that has a bracket on it, but rather the side of the motor housing blew out presumably from the middle piston crashing into it. This explained why I could not figure out a part #. Over the weekend the engine...
  5. O

    Reverse Module Error iST

    I had this issue last season. Mine had about 190 hours on it. We d a lot of wakeboarding so I used the shifter a LOT. It was a couple relays and a fuse. Was fine until last weekend and same thing, except this time it only wanted to go backwards. Theonly way we got back was wedging a bottle...
  6. FLBulldogger

    Private purchase

    Actually the seller should be doing all the leg work. He should call Yamaha and obtain a 30 day payoff for the boat, some lenders will even fax or email the quote for you to see. He should ask Yamaha how they want to handle the transaction with electronic transfers from your bank to the lender...
  7. Jetboat Jeff

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    Below are the Flywheel comparisons. My old ones & the version as supplied from Mercury with my Serial #. Thoughts???
  8. Jetboat Jeff

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    You were spot on!!! I called Mercury Marine directly. Told her my flywheel is not longer in production. She asked for engine serial #. Then said, "your part is still in production it's part # is 859241T10!" Thank you for getting me on track & allowing me to find this part. Without a little...
  9. djetok

    Covid-19 relief package for small businesses

    You have to apply with your bank now. I did all the online stuff last week. My banker sent the packet to me Monday, and they have to put it in the system. PM me your email address and I will forward the packet that was sent to me. Then you can take it to the bank you do business with. Here...
  10. Jet Boat Tom

    Looking for an Inlet Grate for 2014 Scarab 195

    looks to me like the part number is 0462115. www.epc.brp.com - Select Rotax JPS in the drop down menu. Select Engine Model #. Then H.P
  11. A

    2006 Yamaha AR230 Steering Replacement parts

    fun times, Steering cable seized and snapped the steering shaft inside the steering assembly. So now I am replacing both cables and the assembly. Question. What parts do I buy? Yamaha ($$$$) or another brand ($$)? I've read about Teleflex, but its hard to get a good cross reference back to...
  12. F.M.

    What is the name of this valve?

    @JDFester I dropped it in the mail this afternoon. I'll PM you the tracking #.
  13. pltsman45

    Rotax Shop Manual

    I am having trouble finding a lot of the Service parts in this manual. Most of the parts have P/N's that I can't match or find anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know how/who has most of the parts? Is it a call to BRP? I can find some parts but they do not have the same part #. The Rotax...
  14. Julian

    Please add 212 Limited S to title

    The "Limited S" is already listed. We didnt attempt to list all the variations on the length numbers as there is no rhyme or reason to them except where the model name is only represented by a length #. So a 212 Limited S = Model name "Limited S", boat length= 21. This allows anyone with...
  15. TOGA

    UPDATE: FIXED - Starter or Solenoid or Bad Connection?

    I ordered 2 solenoids from Glenparts hoping the $9 part would be the correct one since it pulled up with the original Yamaha part #. Yamaha Sports Plaza wanted $78 each. I figures it was worth a gamble. The solenoid connections are different as they are male post connections rather than...
  16. NeverAgain3

    212X owners with Red Tower...need seat part #

    Well, the dealer (Melbourne FL) was no help. Never had done one. Also couldn't help with the color code. They search by hull #. Babbits said they also search with the hull #, which wouldn't help me as I'm using a seat from a different model. So, I need either a hull # of a 2018 Red 212X or...
  17. Commander50

    CRIME PAYS has been debadged!

    Commander has debadged CRIME PAYS. Though it took a lot of work and even more Goo Gone, I decided not to assign it a MOD #. I wanted a clean slate to start visualizing a boat wrap along with the graphics and/or images I want on the boat.