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  1. G

    Oil change question

    ...is forced through it will catch on the sharp edge and be hard to get back out. Pic below of oil tank inside .... If the tube doesn't pass through the louver (Pic #1) ,might be safer to do this anyway, use the round hole area in pic (Pic #2) above the oil tank filter screen to suck oil from ....
  2. J

    Home automation dabblers

    ...serve as her home office). My computer will be upstairs in the bonus room. Thinking about setting up the router in my wife's office (bedroom #2). The unfinished storage (above the garage) is an interesting space. Depending on the cost, we are thinking about running HVAC to this area as...
  3. AmesJainchill

    Lake St. Clair Meetup

    ...Hwy-2Sni->Baltimore Hwy through the flats from Brown's is a smooth path to Naked Bay just north of North Island and Baltimore Hwy (NE of your #2). Note, Fisher Bay in average water level years can be too shallow (less than a foot) but the water level this year is still appx 18-20" higher...
  4. vesder21

    210 FSH Aft Sun Shade Kit?

    ...up cancelling my order for the Yamaha Aft Shade since it's been MIA for a few months and instead I just received the OS Bimini Extension Kit. I purchased the wider version (6.8' #2) so we'll see how much overlap there will be over/under the t-top and if I can use for both the bow and aft areas.
  5. Scottintexas

    1.8L exhaust manifold dumping water.

    doing a little more research, here is the cooling water flow, this is for a 192 with a intercooler (I believe is #2) but other than that it should be the same for yours, I'm confused because you can see the water input at the bottom of the exhaust sleeve and it appears to take some water a...
  6. msavold

    Screwed up and found the sand bar.

    ...depth. It's done that before. Shutting the power off and resetting it always gets it to wake up. I'll do that when we stop for dinner. (Mistake #2). I give my wife my iPad with the local chart on it but she has her distance contacts in and can12t read it. Oh, well, there are boats upstream...
  7. WildCatFan54

    2019 242 Limited SE - Bimini Cover Question

    ...@BigAbe75) the ratchet is on the outside of passenger compartment ?? By bringing the rear port side strap in just above electrical connector (pic #2) it will allow for wraping the ratchet in its pouch and tucking inside the big flap. I know it all sounds confusing but will be obvious when you...
  8. Renod

    One picture of your last outing.

    You get a "Winner" for #1) getting your kids wake surfing/boarding BEFORE the age of 10 and #2) having a stand-up jetski!
  9. captainhook

    07 to 09 230 Series Shift Cable Replacement

    ...for various reasons (see below). Some more tips: 1. Where the cable goes through the hull on the outside, there is a rubber grommet (labeled #2) shown in the image below I stole from @bronze_10 that goes into the through-hull fitting (labeled #1) seals the hull a bit and keeps the cable...
  10. JetBoatPenguin

    What would you do to this Hull?

    ...- so I am thinking its been there for a while. Clearly demonstrating that just as we all know . . . #1) the Yamaha boats are great for beaching. #2) Keel Guard would have been helpful (other please use this picture as evidence you need to buy some things for the boat). The damage doesn't...
  11. I

    Show us your tow rigs!

    ...= 153+153+180 = 486lb Distances from the receiver: Board #1=17.4" Board #2=28.4" Ball= 38.8" Sum of the moments = M1(Board #1) + M2(Board #2) + M3(Ball) =(17.4"x153lb) + (28.420x153lb) + (38.821x180lb) =13,991 in-lb No hitch extension and loaded to maximum rating of the receiver. I just...