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  1. F.M.

    Brake upgrade 2016 Ram - suggestions?

    ...distance with less effort. I haven't actually timed a stop or measured stopping distance, I'm strictly basing this off of experience. (Side note #2, I pull this trailer an average of 400 miles a week, so I'm pretty well tuned in to how my trailer feels with different loads, up and down hills...
  2. W

    2019 Fusion & Error mute ?

    For 2, press the center of the volume knob to cycle through zone 1, zone 2, and both. On the Connext zone 1 is front and zone 2 is back on the fade setting.
  3. seanmclean

    242X / Head/Porta Potty

    The top and bottom separate, just take the bottom into any bathroom and dump down the toilet. It's super easy, but this is strictly for #1 only. If you #2, you get to clean it.