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  1. TimW451

    Home automation dabblers

    If you want to hardwire I would put one coax and one data cable at each point you’ve flagged, except for the computer in bedroom #2, which can connect via Wi-Fi and it would be overly redundant with the TV being opposite. This will give you hardwire at each spot regardless of tech evolution. I‘d...
  2. Babin Farms

    One picture of your last outing.

    On the Mississippi River today. Headed to pit #2, beached it & played on the mat most of the day. Even seen a LEO out which is pretty rare
  3. V

    2021 212SE Intake Hose Identification

    In picture #2, the line below the red tubing, in the black wire loom, that is most likely your cooling water intake. If it is, it would route to your transom, on the port side of your pump. Just on the other side of the bulk head (engine compartment) you should see both of these hoses...
  4. Elliott

    2020 FSH 210 and Tongue Weight Question

    From your photo #2, it looks like your ball is at an angle, and that would cause the problem you are experiencing. You need to buy a new tongue (not a new receiver) that will hold the ball perpendicular to the ground. Based on the markings, your tongue is strong enough so unless you did some...
  5. brian86992

    Many questions - Need help (length, wake, accessories, etc.)

    ...way to get an answer on the internet is to post the wrong answer. You'll be corrected by 10 people before you can blink. :D To your point #2, not saying you shouldn't go with a 25' class but take a look at the 21' before writing it off for lack of space. The 21' Yamaha really feels like a...
  6. props2you

    242/275 toilets: these are just portapotties right?

    ...and no. I use the 5 gallon Dometic that I've mounted in the head. Mostly used for early and late season when it's too cold. I do empty mine locally on my compost pile (all liquid) NO #2!!! Those that MUST go #2, must also clean it! It's mostly for the ladies, guys use a jug and dump it overboard.
  7. Inthrustwetrust

    Running wire thru tower on forward swept

    ...at a angle and started turning and poking until she went through. Bent the hanger back straight as I could, reattached the speaker wires for hole #2, and pulled them through. I was pretty worried about pinching wires on the sharp edges of the hole I drilled since it was then stuffed with...
  8. 2kwik4u

    Truck shopping...

    I can't comment on #2, or #3, however here's where I'm at on #1. A word up front. I think we can all agree that we don't NEED a truck. We just WANT trucks to support our hobbies and interests. I'm going to be using NEED in this response in place of WANT, because, well......we all get it...
  9. A

    Considering adding a 2nd battery to my SX-230 HO

    ...an add-on? I can go over later today to see if it is a two position switch (on/off) or 3 position which I assume would be battery #1, battery #2, and off. I understand the current draw and amperage drop from the large wire run if I separate the batteries. After reading your thoughts I will...
  10. wahoowah

    Vacation to Destin, FL

    Ditto #2, especially near crab island.
  11. W

    Really weird issue need help. Engines overheating randomly Yamaha/Dealer says it’s not happening

    ...is any salt there. I would liken it more to fine sand. In places in the water jackets it got packed pretty hard, especially by cylinders #1 and #2, the furthest from cylinder #4 where the cooling water enters through a peep hole. My advice to fellow members is try not to suck up anything off...
  12. F.M.

    Brake upgrade 2016 Ram - suggestions?

    ...distance with less effort. I haven't actually timed a stop or measured stopping distance, I'm strictly basing this off of experience. (Side note #2, I pull this trailer an average of 400 miles a week, so I'm pretty well tuned in to how my trailer feels with different loads, up and down hills...
  13. wTheOnew

    2019 Fusion & Error mute ?

    For 2, press the center of the volume knob to cycle through zone 1, zone 2, and both. On the Connext zone 1 is front and zone 2 is back on the fade setting.
  14. seanmclean

    242X / Head/Porta Potty

    The top and bottom separate, just take the bottom into any bathroom and dump down the toilet. It's super easy, but this is strictly for #1 only. If you #2, you get to clean it.