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  1. BigN8

    Show us what you see!!!

    ...$950 coming to me for the 6 Month skins game which is called the Big Boy Board. It's a $50 buy in for each 6 Months. One guy has an Eagle on #3, and my Ace on #8 so we are splitting the pot right now. I put a bounty on his skin yesterday in the clubhouse and told everyone in the bar if...
  2. FSH 210 Sport

    Dead House battery cause limp mode / no start or could there be other issues?

    ...Make sense? So with that said, if the house battery was low and you turned the EPS ON, and with an engine running especially in no wake mode #3, it would help the house battery voltage recover much more quickly, and in theory clear up any issues the system was having with too low voltage and...
  3. TimW451

    What's your favorite Bourbon?

    ...this Costco Barton Kirkland bourbon, the “usual” Costco Kirkland bourbon (that is 107 proof), and the Basil Hayden 10 year. We all had them neat #3, The reg Costco was described as gasoline, not good neat, save that for mixing. #2 This Barton Kirkland, it was strong, but not too much like the...
  4. anmut

    Low voltage house battery only on float mode

    ...out there. #2, Yamaha doesn't send boats with batteries, it's up to the dealers to put in something decent, or in many cases, something junky. #3, Your motors don't have an alternator, they have stators to recharge the batteries. That means that recharging takes much longer. #4, Best...
  5. FSH 210 Sport

    Boat Fire 'N Ice Lake Powell Houseboat Timeshare Week 8 (1/8 ownership) $17,500 OBO

    Check out post #3, there is a link to the boat… looks like $1600 turn around for the first trip, and $1500 for the second trip.
  6. FSH 210 Sport

    Fishing boat etiquette question

    ...that I think is necessary, and that’s regardless of what others do. If distances are too close then I’ll drop my speed to what feels like a safe speed, that might moving along just under planing speed, or it might be at no wake speed #3, or at TDE idle ahead. I suppose it comes down to….
  7. E

    Seat Cushion and Seal

    ...so I'm not too worried about forgetting to lift the seats up. I'd likely think of it the next day if I forgot. I think the strongest point is #3, but I think it depends on what time of gasket material used. I plan to use something that compresses easily, so the seats shouldn't ride any...
  8. B

    2021 Yamaha 275SD engine died - thoughts?

    Got the diagnosis....”rod knock, spun rod bearing in cylinder #3, internals of engine damaged”
  9. vesder21

    2021 FSH 210 shipped from factory

    ...RPM with little to no power. I ever checked the clean out ports prior to posting, and did not find it. Only after limping around the water for 15 mins did I recheck to find then damn thing in there! I have no idea about #3, but am sure someone on here can assist or has had a similar experience.
  10. jetboatjay

    2021 Yamaha boats - Showing up at dealerships...

    Yes, I am forgetting the pin, good catch. BUT, the new trailer from Shorelandr has a blade on #4, #3, #5, and #2....and as you point out #7. So I guess that is the 5 pin everyone else is talking about. I will try to volt meter again this afternoon on the truck and trailer and see if I can...
  11. drewkaree

    Quick Rejex question.......

    ...week. I think we have inbred rednecks bathing in our lake, dirtying up the water :D For the OP and anyone else reading this, your steps were out of order. For your original post, you should have been doing Step #1, Step #3, and then if you REALLY felt you HAD to, Step #2 would be your last...
  12. 14SX190

    Sx230 impeller & housing recommendations

    ...if that is what you need or at least changing bearings PartsPak is the place to order them. Didn't find parts anywhere cheaper. If your replacing #3, OEM did so well why change it to plastic liner. My experiences with Sea Doo and the liners once they tear it up you'll get the cavitation. I...
  13. 14SX190

    Need Help With New Used Boat Milky Oil!! Story From Day One

    ...oil gets cleaner every outing. I just can't wait in b/w outings. I tried to do leak down test but was getting wrong readings. After failing on #3, I did other cyl's and got same failing result. Finding TDC is a little more difficult than I have been trying according to service manual. I'll...
  14. C

    Help Diagnosing engine issue

    ...I kept finding issue with that engine that could have been the culprit (dirty exhaust with the three holes plugged up, oil line pinched to #3, and lastly the #3 carb no fuel). After each finding I tested compression to find it was still OK. After each fix, I was sure that would be it, it...
  15. 2kwik4u

    Truck shopping...

    I can't comment on #2, or #3, however here's where I'm at on #1. A word up front. I think we can all agree that we don't NEED a truck. We just WANT trucks to support our hobbies and interests. I'm going to be using NEED in this response in place of WANT, because, well......we all get it...
  16. BigN8

    10,000 members

    I wasn't saying I was #3, I meant 300-400. Mine says bign8.263 so I guess I'm 263?
  17. zipper

    10,000 members

    @Julian and Bruce joined, started Feb 16, 2014. You joined March 7, I don't think you were #3, maybe txav8r has that, but you are certainly up there.
  18. Mike P

    Tips for test drive?

    Dean, These are incredible tips. Thank you so much. I had to look up WOT :D. Shows how new I am. I especially like tips #3, 5, and 8. I definitely never would have thought of those. I assume I have no wiggle room on price since it's a brand new model but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm...
  19. Dennis P

    Show us what you see!!!

    ...to her wet slip at Treadwell Bay Marina, NY for the third season. Fired up the twins, been sleeping since October, all good. Pulled the spark plugs all good no corrosion on #3, or any other. Acid washed the hull, then a full cleaner 3M wax and another pass with Star Brite wax with PTEF, all set.
  20. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    I added sealant to the Impeller housing #3, Pump #7 and the Nozzle #27 to ensure a tight seal and that no air can come through resulting in cavitation.