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  1. C

    Help Diagnosing engine issue

    ...I kept finding issue with that engine that could have been the culprit (dirty exhaust with the three holes plugged up, oil line pinched to #3, and lastly the #3 carb no fuel). After each finding I tested compression to find it was still OK. After each fix, I was sure that would be it, it...
  2. 2kwik4u

    Truck shopping...

    I can't comment on #2, or #3, however here's where I'm at on #1. A word up front. I think we can all agree that we don't NEED a truck. We just WANT trucks to support our hobbies and interests. I'm going to be using NEED in this response in place of WANT, because, well......we all get it...
  3. BigN8

    10,000 members

    I wasn't saying I was #3, I meant 300-400. Mine says bign8.263 so I guess I'm 263?
  4. zipper

    10,000 members

    @Julian and Bruce joined, started Feb 16, 2014. You joined March 7, I don't think you were #3, maybe txav8r has that, but you are certainly up there.
  5. Mike P

    Tips for test drive?

    Dean, These are incredible tips. Thank you so much. I had to look up WOT :D. Shows how new I am. I especially like tips #3, 5, and 8. I definitely never would have thought of those. I assume I have no wiggle room on price since it's a brand new model but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm...
  6. Dennis P

    Show us what you see!!!

    ...to her wet slip at Treadwell Bay Marina, NY for the third season. Fired up the twins, been sleeping since October, all good. Pulled the spark plugs all good no corrosion on #3, or any other. Acid washed the hull, then a full cleaner 3M wax and another pass with Star Brite wax with PTEF, all set.
  7. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    I added sealant to the Impeller housing #3, Pump #7 and the Nozzle #27 to ensure a tight seal and that no air can come through resulting in cavitation.
  8. captras

    2018 AR240 VS 2018 Scarab 255 G

    ...be non-partisan, but here I will say that I did alot of research prior to buying my 2016. I looked at Chaps and Scarabs and Yamaha. Scarab was #3, far behind Chap and Yamaha, IMHO. If it were me, I would go Yamaha....but whatever you choose, I am sure you will love it. Hopefully there are...