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  1. F

    2021 FSH 252 Sport Thread

    Thank you! You answered my questions well. To respond to your question on #4, yes I was to add capacity but, more importantly, I want to isolate my electronics from the house/starter batteries. I want to be able to run audio, fish finder, and a radar without worrying about depleting the starter...
  2. P

    2015 Yamaha SX240 taking on water - SOLVED

    ...attached. At 6,000 rpm I was getting 4 gals/min into the boat based on timing how much the bilge pump ran. Removal required removing all #5s, #1 #4, #3 and both #9s first and also the large hose around the cleanout plug (not shown in this schematic but hose #3 wraps around it). It’s difficult...
  3. jetboatsupply

    Coil Pack Connecter Replacement

    After discovering a intermittent misfire on cylinder #4, I was able to find that the coil pack connecter on my 1.8 is faulty. Any ideas what replacement connecter I can use and where to get it? Haven’t had much luck in my search thus far. The connecter in question is attached below.
  4. jetboatjay

    2021 Yamaha boats - Showing up at dealerships...

    Yes, I am forgetting the pin, good catch. BUT, the new trailer from Shorelandr has a blade on #4, #3, #5, and #2....and as you point out #7. So I guess that is the 5 pin everyone else is talking about. I will try to volt meter again this afternoon on the truck and trailer and see if I can...
  5. 2kwik4u

    Water washing over the rear platform - I finally found my test videos from 2018

    ...Water DOES NOT wash over the upper platform in a lightly loaded application. There is a "little" bit of a washover in video No. 4, but it's relatively minor, and I think would have "splashed back" had the lid been closed. Hard to say really. Water DOES NOT leak past the cleanout port seals...
  6. M

    2020 Vortex VR 223 questions

    ...the height it should be at, the arm won't reach the bracket (short by a few inches). It's not a matter of tightening because as you can sort of see in pic #4, the joint between the forward and rear arms is already extended to its max without breaking/bending it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. ctyke

    Lets talk all things camping........I've got questions

    ...our house along with this camper and buy a house on a lake and live there full time (our school district doesn't have any lakes). So I vote for #4, but think about if you are going to really pull the camper that much. The thought of ever towing a camper around is lost on us now. All the...
  8. Scottintexas

    First Time Pulling the Pump

    ...is the same as the shaft. Previous years haven't had any adapter/hard plastic seal that fits against the white shaft mounting hole in picture #4, of course if it was supposed to go around the shaft it would still be there since the hole is not torn open, very strange but I'd say it was...
  9. Scottintexas

    Yamaha yds software connector

    ...an 05 and it was near the ECU like in the picture posted earlier, it should be a greyish plug, definitely not that the plug in pictured in post #4, If you can't find it I would look in the starboard rear seats or aft bin for two thicker black wires running bow to stern and try to track it...