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  1. Julian

    The Vaccine

    This is a fascinating article (REALLY LONG) that gets into all sorts of analysis on the pandemic. I urge you all to read as much as you can (its 21 chapters). Some of my takeaways: Really interesting to read how they developed the vaccine so quickly-basically its been in the works for over 10...
  2. InmyElement

    Transducer replacement

    I have to replace mine 2016 212x just getting a steady incorrect depth reading. I had to remove the swim platform cleanout hatch and exhaust. During the summer I removed it (to get the model #) and reinstalled, but made no difference. I installed an extra bilge pump while I was there..
  3. Markk

    Out of state boat purchase

    I’d recommend you download the TPWD forms before going to their office. Pretty sure you must have HIN(hull ID #) and VIN for both motors on that form.
  4. props2you

    Left engine only going to 2000 rpm. Any ideas?

    ...have been identical: At launch, both engines start & run fine, no issues. idle, stop, start etc. After running (stopping & starting without issue), will go to the beach, anchored in 3-4 feet of water and sit for 4-5 hours on house power running stereo etc. Upon departure, (voltage is fine...
  5. the MfM

    1993 Searayder sportjet 90- FLYWHEEL

    ...There are three different ignition versions (based on serial #) some of which have 2 different options. There is also a link diagram for the CDM kit which changes quite a few components. Based on quick look of the last pic you posted it looks like you do NOT have the CDM kit based on the...
  6. biglar155


    ...this. All the work-remotely stuff makes an even MORE target-rich environment (it "creates a larger attack surface" as we cool guys like to say). (I actually had a credit-card get put on hold a couple weeks ago and forgot about it. I called the company yesterday - Synchrony Bank of all...
  7. Julian

    Safety stop switch lanyard....

    I always use Yamahasportsplaza to look up questions like this! 2006 Yamaha SX210 (Blue) (FRT1100AE) Electrical 4 | Yamaha Sports Plaza Lanyard,Stop Switch F1C-6834C-00-00 (discontinued) F2A-6834C-01-00 (New part #)