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    Not sure if you noticed, but Jetboatpilot just posted that he has gotten his hands on some mooring covers.

    These things are in short supply lately, so if you seek one, you might want to check out this post!

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  1. 14SX190

    255 FSH For the Spring

    Wow, two boats. Would you like a 19' to add to your fleet. Sometimes it works out that way. Luckily you have an out if you feel AR is more than capable in the waters you boat which I've read get bad when weather turns I remember on Seadoo forum guy was stuck out there at night. Was not fun...
  2. 14SX190

    Boat 2015 Yamaha SX192 <VA>

  3. 14SX190

    Bringing home a 2014 AR192 today!

    #luxehomes I have good sx190 FS in Miami. Sorry for shameless plug. Definitely keep an eye out for another 192 if you want a SC. That one would be a pass. Good eye now and not later after sale is 'as is"