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  1. tabbibus

    2019 242x Solar Panel Charging

    ...to look at the wiring in my dvsr. I too have seem the start battery deplete itself a bit when floating. Something is definitely wired wrong. I've just been to busy to check. https://jetboaters.net/threads/battery-voltage-charge-is-this-normal.21887/#post-375069 That's my recent post about it
  2. MidnightRider

    Honest review of the Wake Booster

    Wake Booster is a Yamaha product for Yamahas boats. Scarab has their own similar product called SurfStream I think they introduced in 2017. Check out the discussion of it in this thread. https://jetboaters.net/threads/2017-surf-stream-wake-enhancement.12314/#post-269699
  3. Scottintexas

    sr230 yamaha throttle shifter

    glad to have you on board, update your profile with your location so we know where you're boating, How long have you owned your boat? does it have the mr1 engines or 2 stroke? throttles slipping back is a common problem, we have it documented along with many other issues in our FAQ tab at...
  4. ripler

    Why would rectifier be smoking

    @Jmpicking If your batteries are bad and won't charge the rectifier/regulator will get real hot while trying to charge a bad battery, I've experienced this. The hot rectifier/regulator may have melted your connector. See if your connector looks like mine in this thread...
  5. Scottintexas

    Right engine will not fire

    The round cap, not numbered that covers #7, I think there is just one, a 20a mini fuse li for a car, hopefully there is a spare next to it, https://jetboaters.net/threads/forrest-gump-is-smart-i-am-not.5602/#post-96417 .
  6. swatski

    2nd bilge pump

    https://jetboaters.net/threads/2nd-bilge-pump-versus-bilge-alarm.22130/#post-376234 --
  7. swatski

    The official "What did you do to your jet boat today" thread.

    Now you just need the Handtyte! https://jetboaters.net/threads/hangtyte-support-system-install-2016-ar240-getting-rid-of-the-poles.16622/#post-286465 --
  8. swatski

    The official "What did you do to your jet boat today" thread.

    It's a kit developed by @Mainah, here is some reading on it: https://jetboaters.net/threads/push-button-start-installation.18086/#post-309728 https://jetboaters.net/threads/plug-and-play-push-button-start-stop-kits.16788/page-3#post-299288 --
  9. MidnightRider

    Interior and exterior LED install (Image Heavy!)

    Someone else asked the same on one of my other posts, might find the info you want there - if not feel free to shoot me a DM with any questions. https://jetboaters.net/threads/new-trailer-guides-and-pads.17813
  10. Danielmailin

    In hull transducer location

    This is how I did mine more the 3 years ago and has work without any problems, the only times I loose depth reading is when I come to stop and go in reverse. https://jetboaters.net/threads/installing-a-lowarence-elite-5-on-a-fsh.7785/#post-134827
  11. zipper

    Need advice on buying a 2005 SX230

    ...of these. Here is info I could find here and on the web. Any idea what the engine stickers indicate for displacement and output? https://jetboaters.net/threads/mr1-question.21250/...
  12. Scottintexas

    Really weird issue need help. Engines overheating randomly Yamaha/Dealer says it’s not happening

    If the thermostat had salt then it's definitely possible Look at this thread https://jetboaters.net/threads/bad-thermosensor-intermittent-overheat.8032/#post-138920
  13. Zizzou 192

    Jet Pump Corrosion

    Had a zebra mussels attack the rear of my sx192 last fall. https://jetboaters.net/threads/where-my-drain-plugs-used-to-be.19908/#post-341480 Some parts of my pump looked like that when the boat was pulled out of the slip that was in a channel, less then 2 weeks before, my pump looked like...
  14. Seadeals

    Want To Buy WTB jet boat in N.C.

    https://jetboaters.net/threads/2007-ar210-for-sale-20k-greenville-n-c.19881/#post-368924 This just posted.
  15. Cobra Jet Steering LLC

    Jet Unit Anode

  16. Cobra Jet Steering LLC

    Basic information about the various options from COBRA JET STEERING LLC

    ...so all compatible systems will include the -19 connotation indicating they are designed for the 2019 and newer models. Here are a few links to posts on this web page that may assist you...