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  1. 14SX190

    Interested in AR190, need info

    ...spark arrestor. Gets a couple rpms. Stock Air Box works best imo. The SC do better with better air and tunes but consume gas. Search at #swatski. He did a lot on speed data and what did what. There is a tune and he has video on it. Throttle is more responsive and turns more rpms. Go with a...
  2. 14SX190

    Need Help With New Used Boat Milky Oil!! Story From Day One

    ...Dry as bone. No warnings, drop in rpms, It may need dealer visit to investigate head but I would take it off and take it. I hate paying shop fees that I am capable of doing my self. #swatski I have seen either on SDF or GH. He has a plethora of threads from his 190 that will take days to go...
  3. 14SX190

    Need Help With New Used Boat Milky Oil!! Story From Day One

    ...of brown. Is there something the dealer does under vacuum that will recirculate oil until new oil is pumped through? Its getting expensive. #swatski has thread if you remove some bolts on the front of the motor you can get suction tube lower into oil pan VS dipstick. Anyone else try it that...