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  1. 14SX190

    160 hp mr-1 engine swap (with jet ski engine)

    #WREKS I like the set up. Do you have hoist system in work shop. Always wanted one in my garage when I had skis. Won't do me any good with boat as it has less lift clearance. This is what I had to do to get engine in. Once I had engine broken down I was able to lift it out and on to deck...
  2. 14SX190

    Water In Oil with pictures, looking for opinions

    ...bolts holding engine to mount. You'll wish you did as it makes seeing every detail that needs attention easier. Once you get head off and as #WREKS said there are round aluminium pucks with spacer underneath that will fall out if turned upside down. Procedure should be the same as TDC#1 and...
  3. 14SX190

    Low compression on two cylinders in port engine

    Well, I was trying to be optimistic for him and have learned how valuable leak down testing is thanks to #WREKS But yes, those readings are too low and engine has 500hrs. There have been some with more. Depends on care.