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  1. 4x15mph

    Taking a leak in public...

    ...rear deck, and/or lot's of wet people on board. I have had many outings with zero water but recently had an outing in rough water (no water sports), and we had a bit of water in the bilge that only came out when removing the drain plug. #Yamaha - put a bilge pump in the bilge in upcoming models
  2. jcyamahariders wife

    Show Us Your Wake! (surfing mods comparo)

    Jerry has tons of ideas . . . I think Yamaha needs to hire @jcyamaharider as a surfing consultant hint hint ! @Yamaha #Yamaha
  3. Bruce

    Owners Manuals - Yamaha AR230, SX230 and 232 Limited / S

    Yamaha has removed all of the PDF owners manuals and now only makes them available for viewing online. As of April 25th 2019 the link to view owners manuals online is YAMAHA BOATS OWNER'S MANUALS All #ownersmanual are viewed directly from #Yamaha.