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Usage for hash tag: YDS

  1. Julian

    Does anyone know if Yamaha makes something like this? Really cool concept!

    Our jet boat engines can be read with a special cable and YDIS software. #YDS https://jetboaters.net/faq/#faq-27
  2. Julian

    Anybody in Tampa willing to take a look at a used SX230HO with me?

    If you can find someone with the #YDS software and cable you could read the actual hours off the engine vs the aftermarket meter that could have been installed at any time. Is that standing water in the engine compartment? Not a big deal, and is perhaps there as he doesn't pull the plug often...
  3. Julian

    Gas in the exhaust??

    ...solve this problem - it increases the risk of major failure (I suppose you could keep changing the oil but that would get tiresome/expensive). #YDS can be found on EBAY pretty easily, and there are posts here to help tell you how to use it! @bronze_10 is an expert now...
  4. Julian

    Yamaha Diagnostic System (YDS)...how to read your hours and errors

    #YDS Ever wonder what your engine hours are, how to read them, if your engine threw errors? Well first of all you will need some software (YDS 1.3) and a Cable (Ebay is a good source). Once you have that, here is the process from start to finish of what you need to do: Install the software...