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Forum Use

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Need Help right away...use the @help forum feature!

If you are out on the water, or getting ready to go, and you run into a critical problem and want to call attention to your post, use the @help forum feature. This feature will notify those who've signed up to participate (and it is a bunch of our top notch experts) and they will get back to you pretty darn quickly! I just did a quick average of the last 6 times it was used, and the response time average was 4.3 minutes, with a high of 9 minutes, and a low of 1 minute!

Please use this sparingly and for those critical times only. Of course...if it is a TRUE emergency...dial 911! (crazy that we have to say that.....)

Here is a thread that explains it better:


Where can I find out how to use the forum's features?


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