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General Boating Tips


What does drowning look/sound like? READ ME PLEASE!

Drowning doesn't sound or look anything like what we are shown in the movies or on TV.


Please check out the links below so you understand how to spot this, and so you get a healthy dose of fear/reality that you, as the captain of your boat, are responsible for those on board. Do not take this lightly. No of us want to have this happen.....

How to Spot if Someone is Drowning
Drowning is SILENT

Need HELP on the Water ASAP?

Is there an overhead comparison photo of Yamaha Boats?

I keep getting stuff stuck in the pumps....any tips to help? (AKA "The Reverse Trick")

Getting stuff stuck in the pump happens with jet boats. Here is a trick that is handy for clearing loose clogs like weeds or loose debris.

1) Put it in reverse, and get the boat moving backward (faster the better)
2) Kill the engines (pulling the lanyard off is the fastest way)
3) Put the throtles into forward (this allows water to be pushed directly into the exposed jet nozzles and force stuff in the tubes back through the grate, or off the grate).
What I do is grab the lanyard with my left hand, put it in reverse with my right hand, get up some speed, yank the lanyard with my left and instantly put it onto forward with my right.....works 95% of the time. The only time it didn't work for me that I recall was when I sucked up a flexible frisbee...and it was lodged hard in the intake grill.
This works great for weeds, sticks etc.

Click here for the whole thread for more tips

Also, note that these steps are now different for those of you with E-Series Yamaha boats or boats with servo driven buckets that don't move when the engines are off (not sure if this is only an E-Series issue).....Steps for these boats is:
1) Put it in reverse, and get the boat moving backward (faster the better)
2) Put the throtles into forward (this allows water to be pushed directly into the exposed jet nozzles and force stuff in the tubes back through the grate, or off the grate).
3) Quickly Kill the engines (pulling the lanyard off is the fastest way)

Does anyone have a launching and retrieval checklist?

Just like flying planes, having a check list of things to do before getting to the ramp, while at the ramp, and when pulling out is a good idea. Here is a link to a great checklist thread:

  1. Checklist for launching and retrieving

New Boat and Launching Checklist

Check list for picking up a boat - either new or used?


How do I get a hold of Yamaha Corporate?


What boater education sources are there?


What are the differences between all the Yamaha Boat Models?

Are you shopping for a Yamaha jet boat and can't figure out all the differences between the models? Perhaps you are curious to know the original MSRP of the boat, or length, horse power etc.

Check out this thread for both images and an Excel spreadsheet listing many (not all) the differences:

  1. Differences between the 4 Cycle Models

How does the water actually flow through my Yamaha engine?


How do you install the Yamaha Mooring cover?


How does the stock depth gauge work?

Ever wonder how to adjust the setting of the stock depth gauge, here's a link to the manual:

  1. Depth Gauge Manual

How to dock my jet boat


How do I get my anchor to hold?


My tow vehicle has a 4pin adapter can I make this work?


My Yamaha has large table legs and I don't want it to sink!


Listing of General Nautical Terms


My trailer brakes won't let me back up!

Trying to back up your trailer and the brakes lock up? This shouldn't happen if you have a 5 pin connection, but perhaps there is a wiring issue, or you don't have the 5 pin connection. Your obvious option is to simply use the trailer lockout key that comes with the boat. Here is a thread on what to do if you don't have that handy:

  1. Trailer lockout key replacement options
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