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General Maintenance

General Maintenance

For questions about how to maintain your boat

Is there an FAQ or reference post that indexes lots of great threads? TIP for finding posts!

This FAQ is pretty much a complete listing of a huge number of threads members might find helpful. The thread linked below might have a couple of other posts...but mosts are already here.

TIP--If you are looking for something - try CTRL-F to search the browser page for specific words.

Yes there is! Since this FAQ is a new feature and is under construction you will want to look at the thread linked below. It contains tons of useful links to threads and content about jetboats. Many of these will appear here slowly but surely, but until then:

Current FAQ Thread

Reminder again---a TIP for finding a post in the FAQ rather than reading everything on the page...Hit "CTRL-F" (control Key and the letter F" together - which opens up the "Find" search for most pages and type a word in the window.

Yamaha Engine not starting/or dies....diagnostic


How to pull your jet pump / Something stuck in my pump-engines don't get to full rpm

We often pick up/suck in stuff into the pumps, and this will cause all sorts of problems. Regardless of the model of jet boat, the first thing you need to do is get a good look/feel in the pump to ensure you have everything out. If you are on the water, this isn't always easy, and you may have to take tbe boat out of the water.

If you get it out of the water, look both from underneath, and open up the reverse gate and examine from behind with a good flashlight. Even a tiny piece of hard wood between the housing and the impeller can cause a problem.

If that fails and you are sure there is still something in there, then you need to pull the pump off. This sounds like a daunting things to do, and I thought so too until I did it for the first time. It is EASY. On a Yamaha it involves the removal of 5 bolts and one clip fitting. The only challenge some have had is if the shaft is stuck.....mine wasn't and came out easily. This may be more of an issue for salt water boaters???

Here are some links to threads that discuss this problem for Yamahas
Boat test video explaining the pump system

How to dis-assemble Jet pump video, and photos
  1. I think I have something stuck in the impeller
  2. Easy trick on how to clear debris from your intake while on the water
  3. Damaged impeller linings
  4. Golf ball stuck in impeller!
  5. Photos of stuff stuck in impellers
  6. How to clear your intake grate
For Scarab/Chaparral pump disassembly

Warning Lights on my Yamaha dash are flashing-what does this mean?

If your lights are flashing on your tachs this means they are telling you an error code. Below is a link to all the error codes and their meanings:

Engine Flash codes (if your engine lights are flashing after you start your boat)

Accessories, blower, radio etc have no power but boat starts

How do I winterize my Jet boat?

How to winterize a jet boat is one of the most frequently asked questions on the forum! The great thing about our boats is how simple they are to maintain! No fluids (in Yamahas) to worry about draining and replacing!

Your owners manual should tell you how to winterize but Here are some threads and info on how to winterize your Yamaha (will apply to other jet boats too):

  1. Winterization Checklist
  2. Winterization Video:
  3. Winterizing a 2 cycle Yamaha
  4. Rotax Engine Winterization
  5. Another winterization video (there are disputes about if you need to fog your engine, if putting anti freeze in your engine does anything etc,)
  6. Another winterization Thread
  7. Another recent (2016) discussion on winterization
  8. Ronnie's 1.8L winterization on you tube https://jetboaters.net/threads/fogging-yamaha-engines-how-to-video.11477/

My Yamaha's jet pump clean out plugs/ports are stuck or sticking-how do I get them out or fix them?


My Jet drive pump wear ring shows wear-what are my options?

How do I change the spark plugs in my Yamaha Jet boat?


How do I change the oil in my Yamaha Jet Boat?

Here are some great resources on how do change the oil and plugs in your Yamaha Jet Boat:

  1. Oil Change step by step
  2. Video of oil change (link to Youtube video)
Attached is a copy of the file in #1 above as sometimes that link runs very slowly.

3. how to do a complete oil drain https://jetboaters.net/threads/oil-change-on-mr-1-how-to-perform-a-complete-drain.3805/

4. Bill D's write up https://jetboaters.net/threads/i-need-a-mechanical-mentor.7655/#post-132624

Oil filter for 1.8L engines is K&N HP-1002

How to you remove a stuck oil filter?

The best approach is simply to use a normal strap filter remover, and if it slips, put sandpaper between it and the strap.

Here is a thread with more ideas and discussions:

How to remove stuck Oil filter

What needs greasing in the drive train on my Yamaha Jet boat?

There are a few places that need grease, here are a couple of threads that cover the two main grease points (front and back)
  1. Bearing greasing-Cone Bearing breakdown, Cone bearing maintenance, Cone bearing and steering cable replacement Bruce's cone bearing replacement https://jetboaters.net/threads/chan...witching-to-oil-bath-lubrication.10155/page-3
  2. Intermediate bearing greasing, intermediate bearing replacement
  3. Video of the process of lubing the intermediate bearing /// edit - he advises to just pump grease until it comes out, this is contrary to most JBN opinion which is just give it 2-3 pumps as this is only a water block and not a lubrication issue (the bearings are sealed) ///

Besides those, all the linkages can use grease. The service manual shows all the possible points. I hit up the external linkages by pulling back the rubber boots, wiping on grease and sliding the boot back on.

Here is a thread that discusses what type of grease to use:

How to Fix Gel coat scratches or gouges


YDS-Yamaha Diagnostic System - How to setup and use

Do you know that you can buy a cable and software to connect to a PC that will read all sorts of data from your Yamaha engine(s)? This includes not just engine hours, but even the hours in specific RPM ranges! As well as overheat warnings etc.

This thread explains how to hook it up and operate it.


Here is a thread on how to get it working on a 24' model:


Although this is Yamaha proprietary software there are people selling the cable and Software on EBay all the time.


I sheared off a spark plug when changing them, what do I do?


How to fix your throttles if they are out of sync

If your throttles are in line (next to each other), but run at different RPMs, check out this thread:

  1. Throttles out of Sync....directions on how to fix
If your boat model isn't covered...ask in the thread how to do it.

Yamaha's Bulletin on how to maintain your clean out plugs

My gas guage doesn't read right...how to fix?

There are a few reasons this could happen, but the most common problem is with older boats that have a fuel sender that can't handle ethanol. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Open up your fuel hatch (2003-2006) models (or pull up your floor-2007-2009) and adjust the set screws. The problem with this approach is that ethanol levels may vary, this is is not a good approach.
  2. Replace the fuel sender with a new one that auto recalibrates on fill up. See the following thread for details:

My bow stop is loose-how do I fix it?

If the bow stop on your trailer is loose, there are a couple of approaches that have been taken to shore it up. This is more of an issue on the older MFI trailers (not the new Shorelander ones). Here are a couple of options on how to fix this:

  1. Bow stop loose? Weld or bolt it.
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