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Is there an FAQ or reference post that indexes lots of great threads? TIP for finding posts!

This FAQ is pretty much a complete listing of a huge number of threads members might find helpful. The thread linked below might have a couple of other posts...but mosts are already here.

TIP--If you are looking for something - try CTRL-F to search the browser page for specific words. On a Droid in Chrome click on the 3 dots in the upper right and click on "Find in Page"

Yes there is! Since this FAQ is a new feature and is under construction you will want to look at the thread linked below. It contains tons of useful links to threads and content about jetboats. Many of these will appear here slowly but surely, but until then:

Current FAQ Thread

Reminder again---a TIP for finding a post in the FAQ rather than reading everything on the page...Hit "CTRL-F" (control Key and the letter F" together - which opens up the "Find" search for most pages and type a word in the window.
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