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What needs greasing in the drive train on my Yamaha Jet boat?

There are a few places that need grease, here are a couple of threads that cover the two main grease points (front and back)
  1. Bearing greasing-Cone Bearing breakdown, Cone bearing maintenance, Cone bearing and steering cable replacement Bruce's cone bearing replacement https://jetboaters.net/threads/chan...witching-to-oil-bath-lubrication.10155/page-3
  2. Intermediate bearing greasing, intermediate bearing replacement
  3. Video of the process of lubing the intermediate bearing /// edit - he advises to just pump grease until it comes out, this is contrary to most JBN opinion which is just give it 2-3 pumps as this is only a water block and not a lubrication issue (the bearings are sealed) ///

Besides those, all the linkages can use grease. The service manual shows all the possible points. I hit up the external linkages by pulling back the rubber boots, wiping on grease and sliding the boot back on.

Here is a thread that discusses what type of grease to use:
General Maintenance
May 19, 2015
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