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  2. Some of you many have already seen the thread, others may not have, but in short, one of our members (Speedling) recently had a stroke at age 34. Medical bills not withstanding, Lee is self employed in the construction business. So needless to say, there is going to be a period here where Lee won't be able to provide for his family and needs to focus on rehab. Of course, like all of us, he'll be stressing big time about this-at a time when stress is the last thing he needs. So lets all pull together like his extended family and help him out! Donate what ever you can today....he's not one to ask (most of us aren't)....so put yourself in his shoes and LET'S DO SOME GOOD!


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  3. After selling out of last years red and blue models, Eric Justason has ordered another round of Koozies. The new color options are Blue with Yellow Logo, Red with Black Logo and Yellow with Blue Logo. He is making them available for $1.25 each. You can order yours via his Order Form or you can discuss them in this Thread. All proceeds from Koozie sales go into future SWAG production and event sponsorship.

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    The Brand New 2017 Yamaha AR195 and SX195, Apr 18, 2017
  1. DavisAR195

    Okay thank you, it just sounds like I need to let it warm up more if your not experiencing a similar issue. #warmweatherboaterproblem.
  2. filter - (Looking for filter options for 2004 SR230 - Part # 60E-14451-00-00 for 2002-4 non HO MR1), Apr 12, 2017
  3. Robert Albert

    They are the flat ones on top. item #60E-1444b-00
  4. 2017 AR240 questions, Apr 9, 2017
  5. veedubtek

    Anything for you, sugar tits. #walthourvillenahuntagangrepresent!
  6. Yds help, Mar 25, 2017
  7. Julian

    Great to know...never tried that....but it makes sense....wouldnt be much use trying to diagnose an engine that wasnt running! I need to update the #YDS instructions now!
  8. New mod., Jan 27, 2017
  9. jetfisher

    @Brian Filas always happens that way. Glad you found it.

    heres the yamaha #F1CU81471000
  10. Amazon Echo users?, Jan 3, 2017
  11. Bill D

    With IFTT you can set a routine like "Alexa, turn everything off". The only caveat is that you have to say the word "trigger" to let Alexa know you want an IFTT routine to run. It's super annoying to me to say "Alexa, trigger goodnight" to make her turn off all the lights so I'll be looking for a way around that. I know, very #firstworldproblems.
  12. Trim tabs for Scarab jet boat, Dec 26, 2016
  13. John Carnevale


    I have a 2015 scarab HOI with twin 250HP engines and want to add trim tabs or possibly wake tabs (if they can also function as a trim tab). The design f the hull doesn't seem to make this possible and absolutely HATE the boat because it is ROUGH even in mildly choppy waters. YES I know this is a small and light boat but WOW what a TERRIBLE Hull design. Looking at selling in the spring (and loosing a boatload of money) but can't even stand looking at the boat right now! Any suggestions short of selling the boat? I can't beleive they would design a hull that would prevent use of any trim tabs......how stupid. Should have done more research before making a 60k mistake but lesson learned! #scarab boats are junk.
  14. 04 sx230 rpm's at idle, Dec 23, 2016
  15. Julian

    Communications error from YDS is usually one of two things:

    1. The driver for the cable is not installed
    2. The cable is not assigned to Com port 1
    Double check the above. And Yes, the engines must be running for YDS to work #YDS (this link should show you the other posts on YDS operation)

  16. ASP (Aerial Surf Platform)-like device for Yamaha?, Dec 11, 2016
  17. swatski

    Oh I so agree. Importantly, however the real "whale tail" (AVX) hull extension is not possible with the jets coming out of the transom in a Yamaha, so any AVX-like extension would have to be run above those to just shape the wake wave from the above, just like what the ASP or Wake Wedge does currently available. #wakewedge

    The Wake Wedge guys are my heroes, I'm pretty sure I'll be adding one in the Spring, ideally a non-fold-able one w/the actuator (if those are available!), that is a huge and a very practical step. That said, these new twin boats have tremendous potential that is now just not being realized. With the right approach to pump and engine tuning, combined with a hull/deck extension - those could be the wake boats to recon with, overall. I would guesstimate with the twin pumps there is at least 30% power, probably more, currently lost that could be added for low end pulling just based on the amount of prop slippage under extreme load, such as running with one pump/engine (or with a ton of ballast etc.). With some guys already running pretty hefty amounts of ballast, adding another 30-50% would allow to make truly monstrous wakes possible. Just to put this in perspective, when I played with my single pump 190, with a few mods got it to pop on the plane and pull with 1,800lbs of ballast, no problem. Pump efficiency is the key though, and that is a different discussion.

    I think those new tab surf systems mentioned (with uniquely shaped tabs -- eliminating the need to list the boat) could easily be incorporated in a Yammie (on top of the ASP-like wave shaping swim platform extension), there is plenty of space at the transom and many have already installed traditional Lectra/Lenco/Bennett/Vovlo tabs that work great.

    Ballast is going to be a difficult item to replace, at least completely. I would think the ladder bracket under Yamaha swim deck already looks like an ideal place to mount a Power Wedge-type device, but the issue is with the deck/transom enforcement, and the built quality/ruggedness of Yamaha FRP hulls... One would have to enforce the hull/deck in a very substantial way from the inside to run one of those:


  18. Should I buy an InReach Explorer now wait for April/May, Dec 9, 2016
  19. 2nazt

    Yes I spend a lot of money on #boatporn