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    One picture of your last outing., Nov 6, 2017
  1. 17 Mastercraft NXT VS 18 Yamaha 242x, Oct 23, 2017
  2. Mattkalin

    I will not want to pay 70k and have bags all over! That is not going to happen! @biffdotorg I think you may have sold me on the NXT ! Your video was awesome!! I dont know if its your son or who the young man was but he is pretty good! However I am still struggling...I have visions of chilling under that huge bimini with the sunroof open in the plush captains chairs of the 242x. #Firstworldproblem
  3. Winterization Checklist...., Oct 20, 2017
  4. Ismael Breton

    View attachment 65386 Welp, there she will lay until next spring. Thanks for the checklist, marked all of them off with the exception of covering, I see a little garage boating in my near future. #imisssummeralready
  5. Sea dek installed, Oct 9, 2017
  6. jetfisher

    Installed the sea dek over the weekend. #jetboatpilot buy in is a great deal.
  7. NYC Gathering 9/30/17 (Possibly 10/1???), Sep 26, 2017
  8. Glen

  9. No Yamaha Media Event for 2018 Models! :-(, Aug 29, 2017
  10. djetok

    Curious as to how many Yamaha jetboats are sold per year and how many of those people come here. 30 to 40 % come here? How many of the current forum members talk about jetboaters.net and Yamaha? 60 % maybe more. I know I tell others about the great resources here. Why would #yamaha want to cut off that flow of information? All mechanical things have issues? Forums are the best r&d they could have. You just have to be accepting of your faults.

    I know on my businesses I love to get Google reviews. Do I hate it when we have a bad review? (I only have 1 out of the 87 reviews on Google and 1 on facebook) I took those as opportunities to improve. Why can't Yamaha do the same?


    est 4000 jetboats per yer . Yamaha's probably the lion share 60-70%?
  11. DIY GPS Speed Control Project, Aug 25, 2017
  12. seabass2020

    And in case anyone is interested, here is my arduino sketch:

    #include <TinyGPS++.h>
    #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
    #include <PID_v1.h>

    static const int RXPin = 10, TXPin = 11, CruiseUp1 = 5, CruiseUp2 = 6, CruiseDown1 = 3, CruiseDown2 = 4, ButtonPin = 7;
    static const uint32_t GPSBaud = 9600;
    double TargetSpeed;
    double CurrentSpeed;
    double DeadZone = 1.1; //amount of space where no adjustment made

    TinyGPSPlus gps;
    SoftwareSerial ss(RXPin, TXPin);

    void setup()
    Serial.println("Firing it up");
    pinMode(CruiseUp1, OUTPUT); //two cruise ups and down because of the chip i'm using to trip the switch
    pinMode(CruiseUp2, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(CruiseDown1, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(CruiseDown2, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(ButtonPin, INPUT);
    //CurrentSpeed = 20;

    void loop()

    if (digitalRead(ButtonPin) == HIGH) {
    TargetSpeed = CurrentSpeed;
    Serial.println("Got Button Press");
    Serial.print("Target speed is now: ");
    while (ss.available() > 0)
    if (gps.encode(ss.read()) && gps.speed.mph() > 0){
    //CurrentSpeed = gps.speed.mph();
    //else Serial.println("GPS Not Ready");

    if (millis() > 7000 && gps.charsProcessed() < 10)
    Serial.println(F("No GPS detected: check wiring."));

    if (TargetSpeed > 0) DoCruiseCheck();
    if (CurrentSpeed < 10) {
    TargetSpeed = 0;
    Serial.println("Current Speed less than 10 MPH, setting Target Speed to 0.");

    ReadInputString(); //check if there is a serial monitor input string

    void DoCruiseCheck(){
    if ( abs((TargetSpeed * 100) - (CurrentSpeed * 100)) > DeadZone * 100){ //if delta is greater than deadzone, take action
    if (CurrentSpeed > TargetSpeed) CruiseButtonDown();
    else CruiseButtonUp();

    void CruiseButtonUp(){
    digitalWrite(CruiseUp1, HIGH);
    Serial.println("Simulating Cruise Up - One Second Delay.....");
    digitalWrite(CruiseUp1, LOW);

    void CruiseButtonDown(){
    digitalWrite(CruiseDown1, HIGH);
    Serial.println("Simulating Cruise Down - One Second Delay.....");
    digitalWrite(CruiseDown1, LOW);

    void ReadInputString(){
    String readString;
    while (Serial.available()) {
    char c = Serial.read(); //gets one byte from serial buffer
    readString += c; //makes the string readString
    delay(2); //slow looping to allow buffer to fill with next character

    if (readString.length() >0) {
    CurrentSpeed = readString.toDouble(); //convert readString into a number

    void DisplayInfo(){
    Serial.println("GPS INFO:-------");
    Serial.print("GPS Coordinates:");
    Serial.print(gps.location.lat(), 6); // Latitude in degrees (double)
    Serial.print(", ");
    Serial.println(gps.location.lng(), 6); // Longitude in degrees (double)

    Serial.print("Current MPH: ");

    Serial.print("Target MPH: ");

  13. One picture of your last outing., Aug 20, 2017
  14. Wayloncle

    Met up with a guy yesterday, he has a blue Ford Raptor so he pealed his graphics off his boat and put some slashes on to match his truck.
    #canyonlaketx View attachment 62852
  15. Chap Aluminum trailer, Aug 20, 2017
  16. Bruce

    It is unfortunate that your bunk has broken free but awesome that Chap is shipping their boats with aluminum trailers! I wish #Yamaha would offer that option.
  18. djetok

    I think that if Yamaha warranties a windshield of one unit that made the trip why not another. This would be one point I would make with my legal team.

    You also can't say don't go to bimini as Yamaha did that as well and made a commercial about it. From what was reported as the waves were on the trip. It was not that bad, if it were @Bruce and others would have delayed the crossing like they have before. #yamaha needs to step whether it be publicly or privately. If it's a denial they need to state why and not approve other warranty of similar issues. As stated above they have already approved others on the same trip.