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  2. After selling out of last years red and blue models, Eric Justason has ordered another round of Koozies. The new color options are Blue with Yellow Logo, Red with Black Logo and Yellow with Blue Logo. He is making them available for $1.25 each. You can order yours via his Order Form or you can discuss them in this Thread. All proceeds from Koozie sales go into future SWAG production and event sponsorship.

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    filter - (Looking for filter options for 2004 SR230 - Part # 60E-14451-00-00 for 2002-4 non HO MR1), Apr 12, 2017
  1. Robert Albert

    They are the flat ones on top. item #60E-1444b-00
  2. AR210 won't start and rough idle ***UPDATE SOLUTION***, Jan 25, 2016
  3. fairpilot

    If you spend some time taking stuff off engine, i.e. oil box, exhaust, head etc you should be able to lift it out, I used a lot of towels to rest it on areas as i got it out, i was able to carry it to the back deck set it on towels and then off the boat, note where your shims are, also I use a straight edge on the coupling for alignment. FYI I have a head gasket brand new i believe it will fit PM me we can discuss if you can use it part #60E-11181-01-00