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    A few amp choices for my build..., Mar 23, 2014
  1. tdonoughue

    I think I would do the MB #amplifier of the ones you listed. It is the cheapest and all of the powers are comparable. I would be suspicious of anyone who would claim to be able to hear a 20 watt difference in amps. So, if it is all the same, why pay more?
  2. Amp and sub install on AR240, Mar 8, 2014
  3. tdonoughue

    Well, while we were all offline for a few days....

    I picked up a JL MX650 (edit: it is actually a MX10IB3--my bad) #subwoofer for cheap. Well, then, what else could I do but find a used JL M6600 #amplifier for cheap, right? And, with both of these sitting in the bedroom, no one was happy. So, I started my #audio install today.

    Tried to start with the sub installed on the kick wall below the bench behind the captain chair, facing inward. However, I forgot my tape measure, and by my reckoning, if I install there it will interfere with the cooler when I put it in there. Thou shalt not mess with the beer. I may now move it to facing forward on the curved surface. Not sure on that, and not drilling anything until I get it all measured. Anyone install in either place and can share any insight? Anyway, that phase put on hold.

    I mounted the amp on the forward side of the stowage forward the conn, near the ceiling so I can get to the adjustments. I mounted it on dual rubber bushings so that it sits away from the wall about 1/2 inch.

    Then I went to work on the power run. Fortunately it looks like the 20ft will be enough, but still not certain. I am routing through the hole with the fuel line to the engine compartment and then over the fuel tank. I was worried that the pull up to the conn would be difficult, but I got a fish stick through with absolutely no issue.

    Tried to take some pics, but it was too dark. I was working by headlight. Hopefully will get up there tomorrow and be able to get some.

    End of report.