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    Interesting looking Kickstarter: Rescue Me Balloon, Nov 30, 2014
  1. Bruce

    Thanks for posting!

    I just preordered two for the kids and may preorder two more. For the cost of $40 a piece now or $75 once it comes out I feel that this is a must for anyone going to #Bimini2015 and a much better deal now!

    I can see this type of device replacing flares. With the exception of very high wind situations I believe it would be much more effective.

    I am hopeful that they will sell refill balloons and gas canisters so that we can test at a reasonable cost. The diagrams show the components as being replaceable.
  2. Margaritaville - Cordless drink maker on our boat, Sep 21, 2014
  3. Bruce

    We added a Margaritaville Explorer to our list of boat accessories. It has not yet been used to make an actual margarita. We prefer ours on the rocks. But it has been used to make lots of Pina Coladas and Blue Hawaiians as well as "virgin" drinks for the kids. It works great at home or on the boat. The battery is good for around 10 pitchers of drinks. It worked great for our all day outing with six adults and two kids yesterday.

    View attachment 12522

    We will be bringing it along to #Bimini2015!
  4. forum name delivery device -Footballs!, Sep 3, 2014
  5. Bruce

    I predict a football game at Honeymoon Harbor next year! #Bimini2015
  6. BIMINI 2014 video composition collection thread, Sep 3, 2014
  7. Bruce

    Not videos, but I thought you guys would like these additions that @Rana made to our home.

    View attachment 11779

    View attachment 11780

    View attachment 11778

    #Bimini2014 #Bimini2015
  8. Bimini 2014-June 22, Jul 12, 2014
  9. Bimini 2015 - July 6th to 11th, Jul 12, 2014
  10. upperdeck

    Our dates have been selected!

    This thread has been updated for the Bimini 2015 trip. It is important to notify me of your commitment to participate so that I can keep an accurate headcount. Please provide a contact cellular phone number, number of people on your boat, boat model/make. This personal information will only be shared by the few organizers of the event.

    The dates have been changed to July to allow for a 15% discount/group rate that @Bruce arranged for our group at Bimini Sands. We need 15 rooms/condos for the group rate.

    Captain's Meeting - 5PM July 5th at the BahiaMar pool. See this post https://jetboaters.net/posts/109946/
    Departure for Bimini - 6am July 6th from the BahiaMar.
    Departure for Ft. Lauderdale - 6am July 11th.

    Make your reservation for the BahiaMar hotel at 1-954-764-2233. Sorry, group rate policy was too strict make a group reservation at this hotel.

    Make your reservation for your slip at the BahiaMar by calling or filling out the below form. There IS a group rate for the slips at $1.25/ft, no minimum. Their phone number is 954.627.6309. They are located at the BahiaMar hotel, but are a separate business. The group name is "Jet Boaters."

    The group name here is also "Jet Boaters." Make your reservation at the Bimini Sands by filling out the attached form and/or contacting them at 242.347.3500 (international call). If you are requesting a specific room, please call 242.347.3500. For general reservations you can call their toll free number at 800.737.1007. If you are emailing your reservation, please email the form to jonisha@southbiminisands.com or lavon@southbiminisands.com. Below you will find their discounted rates and their reservation form. The discount applies to your slip as well.

    Please remember to fill out the customs form (also attached). We also hope to have the immigration forms available at the captain's meeting. The custom's form needs to be completed by the master of the vessel. This form should be downloaded and filled out prior to departure. Each person/family needs to fill out the immigration form but cannot be downloaded. More info on customs/immigration can be found at Bahamas.com/boating or http://www.bahamas.com/boating-enter-exit

    Last year we had a fabulous potluck/pigroast at honeymoon harbor. Everyone backed their boat up to the beach and put their spread on the swim decks. It was an awesome time and even included a couple of engagements!

    @Bruce has already volunteered to supply the razorback ham!

    Throw in with your menu, I'm already getting hungry!


    Last year @andy07sx230ho put together some awesome t-shirts!

    More info here

    Lots of helpful info about preparation and the destination is posted in the thread Preparing For Bimini https://jetboaters.net/threads/preparing-for-bimini.3800/

    Thanks to @Bruce, @andy07sx230ho , and @justason for their help organizing all of this for our group!

    @upperdeck Unit 12A, from Milwaukee WI, 212X, 4 adults, 4 kids
    @andy07sx230ho, 7Q, from Chapin, SC, SX230, 4 adults
    @Bruce, 21M, from Royal AR, SX230, 2 adults, 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son
    @tim h 4Q, big ass boat, FL, 2 adults, 2 kids
    @veedubtek and @DieselCamel, 1A, Winston Salem, NC, 4 adults
    @chris24, 15B, from Tampa FL, 212SS, two people, maybe more.
    @kthrash 8E and 8F, from Madison MS, 212X, 4 adults, 4 kids
    @robert843, 7B, From Myrtle Beach, SC info to follow
    @Justin G., 3D, From Hinckley, IL, 4 adults, 1 child
    @waterboy 15J, from Holly Springs, NC, 2 adults
    @zedxmike, 12B, from Orlando, FL, 2 adults
    @1948Isaac from Cape Coral, FL
    @BigJay17 from Orlano, Fl, 2 adults, 3 kids
    @Tony Sweasy, Enterprise, AL, 3 adults
    @Kristen, info to come
    @DiverB, Harrison TWP, Michigan, 1 adult
    @ArmyChief, 21R, AR192, North Port, FL, 1 couples, 1 teens
    @David Hoff, 16B & 16C, AR210, Atlanta, GA, 2 adults, 2 kids
    @Ramblin Wreck, 4K, Ski, Atlanta, GA, 2 adults, 1 child.
    @MrMoose, 10F, AR240, Spring, TX, 3 persons
    @JROD , 12C, two adults, one ski
    @Jerry Ferrera, 242, two couples, Tampa, FL.

    @waterboy's pictures are in the gallery at https://jetboaters.net/media/albums/bimini-2014.134/
    @Bruce and @Tylers pictures are in the gallery at https://jetboaters.net/media/albums/bimini-2014.120/


    We have a Preparing For Bimini thread with useful information at https://jetboaters.net/threads/preparing-for-bimini.3800/ (Added by Bruce)
  11. Bimini 2014-June 22, Jul 12, 2014
  12. DieselCamel

    Heard from the the dealer today. I sucked up some sea weeds that clogged the exhaust cooling system. They replaced water box and exhaust temp sensor. #bimini2015
  13. Bimini 2014-June 22, Jun 25, 2014
  14. Ryan Sheely

    @Bruce that looks like an awesome time!! Really can't wait for #Bimini2015
  15. Bimini 2014-June 22, Jun 24, 2014
  16. DieselCamel

    I’m out. Dealer is dragging his feet. Headed to Key West. Will definitely try this again next year #Bimini2015