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Jet Boaters Community Forum

    modifications section, Nov 28, 2017
  1. Julian

    For example..... hashtag #coolmod

    has been used a few times....if we tagged them as a moderation team more religously it might help....

  2. The throttle/shifter Yamaha SHOULD have put on our boats..., Nov 28, 2017
  3. gmtech16450yz

    Ok I said I was gonna do it, it's done! The greatest, most over-engineered throttle/shifter assembly put on a Yamaha. And probably the most time consuming mod to my boat so far!

    I haven't actually taken the boat out yet to try it, but it looks like it should work like I wanted it to. Here's some pictures of the stock throttle to clearly show why they suck. lol.

    This is in the neutral position, throttle at idle, bucket at neutral.
    View attachment 66332
    This is to the first detent, the bucket is opening towards forward, but the throttle is still at idle.

    View attachment 66333

    This is at the point the throttle starts to open. There is no detent here, you really have no idea where this spot is when moving the levers. If you tighten up the drag, you can feel the throttle when it starts to move, but it's still often a surprise when you first open the throttle. Unsafe and actually dangerous if you ask me. It was literally the first issue I had with my boat. The first time I went to pull away from the dock, I ended up giving it way too much throttle and darn near launched the boat into the dock.

    View attachment 66335

    And lastly, here's full throttle. These last two pictures show the total range of movement to control throttle from idle to wide open. Pretty narrow huh? Horribly narrow. Stupidly narrow. haha.

    View attachment 66334

    I'm going to break this up into a few different posts because there's gonna be a bunch of pictures...

  4. Hashtagging, May 21, 2016
  5. Julian

    I fixed a few hashtags today where people used a # instead of an @, so some of you might get an old notice from an old post where you are @'ed...I put a note in the post "<edited by admin to fix tag from # to @>" so you'd know.

    For those not familiar with this feature, we haven't touted it much, but it is pretty cool. See the gropro example about...just click on the hashtagged word and it will show you EVERY post where that hashtag was used. I use it for YDS posts as they are always hard to find. Probably would be a good idea to set some base words up....like:

    #Coolmod - for cool modifications
    #Cleaning - for...good cleaning tips! LOL
    #gopro - for great videos
    #YDS - for anything to do with YDS (Yamaha diagnostic System)
    #HOT - use your imagination! (although this might get swamped with @Geoff Cooper threads! LOL....there are other hotties out there!)
    #Bimini2016 - Posts about that trip
    #Shelbyville2016 - Posts about that gathering

    You get the idea!
  6. Push Button Start Mod - It works! With video and full instructions, May 20, 2016
  7. Mainah

    Don’t be intimidated if you want to try this. The attached video, instructions, parts list, and wiring diagram should answer most questions and are written in a way that most everyone can follow. That said I will attempt to answer any questions in a timely manner but don’t blame me if your engine won’t start or stop after attempting this mod. The parts only cost me about $50 so it is inexpensive. Ok now on to the video of this mod in action and attachments, after that read the next post for more in depth information.


    Photo of buttons View attachment 37388

    Instructions, Part List, and Wiring Diagram are attached.

    #coolmod <added by admin>