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    referencing a specific post within a thread, Mar 10, 2014
  1. jetboater4life

    Is there a way to create a reference link to a post within in a thread?

    This has already been mentioned but it would be nice have the title of the thread be sticky within the window.

    Maybe a features thread with features that get the most likes are first on the list to get implemented. Similar to the logo contest.

    I realize servicing requests like this are a lot of work. So my expectations are low for this sort of thing, I'm just happy we have an advanced like site to begin with.

  2. Thank you!, Mar 2, 2014
  3. Julian

    Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the new #features
  4. Forum Basics and my Favorite Features on JETBOATERS.net <New Members Read me!>, Feb 26, 2014
  5. Julian

    Here is a list of my favorite features on the forum and how you can use them (if an explanation is needed...some are obvious!)
    1. My favorite feature is the "@" feature.
      • What does it do? It notifies a member if they are mentioned in a post!
      • How do you use it? Simply type the @ symbol and begin typing the user's name and a box will appear once you have enough letters (3 typically) to narrow the name down. Then select the name and you are done! For example, @Bruce - do you like this feature? This will put a message in his "Alerts" menu that we was mention in this post.
      • Why would you use it? If you have a question about something the original poster or any other member said in regards to a topic, you can call their attention to it with the @ callout.
      • The HELP feature builds on this and can be used if you are on the water and need help. (just be sure you put the @ - - plus the word help in the body of the post not the title.
    2. Mobile device layout - if you look at the site on your mobile device, the site auto scales to keep menu items in view! Works GREAT!
    3. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor - I am so happy to have bullets, numbering and indents!!!!
    4. Image uploading - you can drag and drop pics into your posts (although some browsers don't support this). You can also multi-select files and upload them at once vs one at a time!!! WOOT! To upload one image, click on the "Upload a File" button next to the "Post Reply" button in the lower right of the posting screen.
    5. Embedded Video - videos play in the window without taking you to the destination site
    6. I like likes - you can "like" posts so the author gets feedback. <Updated> We have also added a broad "Post Rating" add on that allows you to more than just "Like" a post, but you can also "Agree", "Love", "Funny", "Great shot", "Informative", "Creative", "Disagree" and "Optimistic"!
    7. Trophies - this is just a fun feature. When you reach various levels of usage in the forum, you are automatically awarded a trophy. Here are the trophies we have at the time I authored this post (note the one in honor of Mel! LOL)
      • Number of Posts:
      1. First Message Points: 1 (your first post)
      2. Keeps Coming Back Points: 5 (30 posts)
      3. Can't Stop! Points: 10 (100 posts)
      4. Addicted(Mel?) Points: 20 (1000 Posts---the Mel Award!)
      • Number Of Likes:
      1. Somebody Likes You Points: 2 (your first like)
      2. Like It a Lot Points: 10 (Your posts have 25 likes from other members)
      3. Seriously Likeable! Points: 15 (Your posts have 100 likes from other members)
      4. Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff Points: 20 (Your posts have 250 likes from other members)
      5. I LOVE IT! Points: 30 (Your posts have 500 likes from other members)
      • Other Awards:
      1. Founding Member Points: 10 (You are a founding member-@Bruce or @Julian can award)
      2. Banned and Proud of it! Points: 10 (Your profile setting says Yes you are banned - click in your name, and select "Personal" in the drop down and asnwer the question.
    8. Hashtags - this is a feature that will be interesting to see if it takes off or not.
      1. What does it do? When you click on a hashtag it takes you to a quick search window that shows you all the posts that included that tag. It is like a fast search. #features or #YDS for example will show you posts about features of the board.
      2. How do you use it? If you keep an eye on the hashtags that people are using, then if you post about a feature, putting in #features ("#" with the word features with no space), will add it to the auto search function.
      3. Why would you use it? You would use it to help members quickly find references to things of use to other members. This is a work in progress....but I was thinking that perhaps the FAQ would also list the hashtags next to each FAQ - where applicable.
    9. Member Map-Put your location in your profile and you will appear on the map. Then if you want to see if a member around you can help with something...voila...they are easy to find and connect with!
    10. FAQ - We have added a new add on that allows us to create a standardized FAQ rather than just a post with lots of stuff! Since the FAQ has gotten so large, here is a tip to find stuff faster....go to the FAQ and then hit CTRL-F on your keyboard (if you have one)-type a word you seek, then voila...you'll know if there is an FAQ on that topic!
    11. Bookmarks - Want to bookmark a post and come back to it later...go for it!
    12. History - was just on a thread and want to go back to it...click on the history tab!
    13. Quoting from prior posts is easy...just select the text and click on the reply button that appears below it (or the quote button for multiple-if you use the quote button, you also have to click on the Quotes button by the reply box and it gives you an option to insert multiple quotes at once). It looks like this:

    Here are some of the basics on forum use and terminology:

    One of the best ways to get good use of this forum is to us the "Watch Thread" feature. It is a link in the upper right of every "thread". Clicking on this allows you to be notified (either by email, or just when you log onto the forum) that a thread you are interested in has new "posts". Here are some basic terms:
    • Forum=a Group of relevant threads (think of a folder of topics). This thread is posted in the "Gatherings Forum"
    • Thread = a group of posts on a particular topic. This is begun by clicking on "Post New Thread" button at the upper right of a forum's main page. (the embedded link will create a new thread in the gatherings forum).
    • Post=an individual's reply to a thread
    Alerts on the forum are helpful for you to know when:
    1. Someone has tagged you in a post (a reply to a thread)
    2. Something you are "watching" has new replies from someone.
    Keep in mind that if you keep ignoring "Alerts" about a thread you are watching, it will stop alerting you. My first stop when I open the forum is to look at alerts. Since I follow (or "watch") a lot of threads that I'm interested in, my alerts button in the upper right will have numbers over it telling me how many alerts I have when I log in. These will either be alerts because someone tagged me (described above) or due to me "watching" a thread.
  6. A Quick review of the forum Screen features, Feb 24, 2014
  7. Julian

    If you are on a computer, you can point your mouse at anything you don't know what it is, and it tells you in hover text what it is. That said, here are a few tips:
    • Pin = Thread is a sticky
    • Glasses = you are watching that thread (you will be notified if someone replies)
    • Mini Avatar on top of big avatar=you posted on that thread

    Below I have mapped out the interface and most of the thread buttons.....I'll put this in the Support forum too.

    View attachment 186

  8. Hashtagging, Feb 22, 2014
  9. Bruce

    You can include #hashtags in your prefix. These are clickable keywords. To include a #hashtag simply type a # before the word without a space.

  10. How the forum decides where it takes you in a post..., Feb 21, 2014
  11. Julian

    Q: Why doesn't the clicking on the thread title take me to the first post in a thread?

    A: If you are a guest, it does.

    If you are a registered member however, it makes use of the read-marking system that keeps track of threads you have read and will take you to the first unread post within that thread. It works identically to the 'Go to first unread' button in both vBulletin and IPB.

    View attachment 101
    If you want to access the first post in a thread, regardless of its read state, simply click on the start date.

    View attachment 100

    The thinking behind this behaviour is that for the majority of people, it makes sense to jump to your first unread post. Given that this is the most commonly-intended action, it follows that this should be the primary link in the thread list, rather than a small button that is more difficult to click.

    If the system considers that an entire thread has been read, clicking the thread title will open the thread from the beginning. Also, the forum automatically considers a thread read after 28 days....so if you don't log on for a 2 months, only the last 28 days of threads will appear unread to you.

  13. Julian

    FYI---this list HAS BEEN translated to the site's new FAQ feature we added.

    So please check out the FAQ before posting in case there is already a thread on your topic.

    Here is a list of great information for members to leverage to answer questions about jet boats. Please reply to this message if you would like me to add something to the list! This is built by members for members!

    If you are on the water and need help ASAP feel free to use the @HELP callout to draw attention to your post. Just put @HELP in your post-and those subscribed here to help will get an alert.

    Maintenance: (ALL of these are copied to the new FAQ)
    1. Oil Change step by step (also attached below) and video (link to Youtube video)
    2. How to remove stuck Oil filter
    3. Plug change step by step document and step by step and video
    4. Plug change and plug sheared off--How to remove
    5. Engine Flash codes (if your engine lights are flashing after you start your boat)
    6. Bearing greasing-Cone Bearing breakdown, Cone bearing maintenance, Intermediate bearing greasing, intermediate bearing replacement
    7. Winterization Checklist and video
    8. YDS Operation and overview
    9. How to Adjust reverse gates if your throttles chatter or your boat creeps forward to hard. Another thread with info on adjusting reverse gates.
    10. Thottles slipping back? How to adjust
    11. How to replace reverse gate cable, and a How to for 2007-2009 boats (see #31 for steering cables)
    12. How to dis-assemble Jet pump video, and photos
    13. Trailer Maintenance, how to replace winch strap, Shorelander grease point, Trailer Brakes replacement parts list
    14. Clean out Plug fixes and maintenance, 1) Repair kit from Yamaha 2) Thread with photos 3) One members fight with his plugs
    15. Engine not starting diagnostic
    16. How to clean intake screens or strainers
    17. How to fog your engines (by engine type) - SX230
    18. Engine cooling issues--video of how cooling works
    19. No Wake Mode not working?-adjust throttle stop
    20. Replacing Anodes - both engine and external
    21. How to replace Hydroturf decking material, JetboatPilot How to Video
    22. How to replace gas filler hose clamps
    23. Scuppers--How to install new SS Scupper, and a Thread with more photos and part #'s and a thread on borrowing pre-made scupper wrenches to fit in the small gap in the bilge.
    24. Yamaha Tech Bulletin on Plug Maintenance
    25. Polishing and Waxing your Boat
    26. How to replace your solenoid and remove ECU box
    27. How to remove an engine
    28. How to replace a starter
    29. 07-09 Fuel tank cover tool (to remove the flooring)
    30. Oil Cooler sheared off bolts (2010/2011 1.8L engines -need models affected)
    31. How to replace Steering cables
    32. What is in your oil filter? Anatomy of a Yamaha Filter
    33. Gas Gauge not reading right on older model (pre 2009) boat--replace the fuel sender
    34. Throttles out of Sync....directions on how to fix
    35. Aligning the powertrain on 2005 SX230
    Frequently Ordered Parts:
    1. My favorite Yamaha parts look-up site
    2. Yamaha 4 Cycle (230 series boats) MR-1 Filter (page 7-KN-303) and Spark Plugs (CR9EB), an alternative filter alternative
    3. Yamaha 4 Cycle (210 Series boats) Spark plug and filter thread
    4. Yamaha 4 Cycle (240 series boats) Filter (K&N HP-1002) and Spark Plugs (#6668 LFR6A)
    5. Are the 210's plugs and filters the same as 230s?
    6. Replacement door trim
    7. Engine Flush connector
    8. JETBOATERS.net SWAG-Flags, Stickers, Coozies, shirts....
    9. Replacement Tires
    10. Pins for 212x Tower
    11. Ladder Strap replacement
    12. Older Model table post base
    13. Bimini "Boot" cover
    14. MANHOLE COVER REPAIR SET - FOR-67609-09-00 (clean out plug repair kit)
    15. Replacement fuel sender for older model - fixes gauge mis-reading
    16. Wire Connecting specialty connectors-really cool for adding/piggy backing wires.
    Miscellaneous Tips/Information:
    1. How to Spot if Someone is Drowning, Drowning is SILENT <<<<<<READ or WATCH ONE of these - PLEASE>>>>>>
    2. Checklist for launching and retrieving
    3. Checklist when picking up a new boat (or used)
    4. How to contact Yamaha and YES departments
    5. Free Boater Education Classes
    6. How to fix gelcoat scratches/gouges
    7. Differences between the 4 Cycle Models
    8. How to replace sticky/gooey storage cabinet door trim
    9. How to clear a pump clog easily AKA The reverse cleanout trick
    10. How engine cooling system works (video)
    11. Bow stop loose? Weld or bolt it.
    12. How to install Keelguard or KeelShield
    13. How to put on/install mooring cover
    14. Depth Gauge Manual
    15. How to Set an Anchor
    16. Boattest.com docking instructional video
    17. Sources for Boating Covers:Covers Direct
    18. Trailer 5 pin to vehicle 4 pin wiring solutions
    19. How Not to have your table leg sink to the bottom!
    20. Comparing the Wesbar light fixtures with the Blazer LED modules
    21. F150 mirror upgrade
    22. List of Nautical Terms
    23. Trailer lockout key replacement options
    24. List of things (like tools) to keep on board
    25. Want a spare set of keys made cheap--here's how
    26. Battery/Charging -All about batteries and charging!
    27. NADA Pricing for Yamaha Boats (for some reason listed under PWC)
    28. Trailer Tire Changing Tips
    29. Great analysis of Engine Noise and Gas Mileage comparison to other boats
    Popular Modifications: (All Copied to the new FAQ)
    1. How to Install Boat Buckle retractable transom tie downs
    2. How to Install Cobra Fins
    3. How to Install Thrust Vectors
    4. How to Install Tru Locks
    5. How to install EZ Locks
    6. How to install Trim Tabs
    7. How to install (and info on) an Airdock (floating lift)
    8. How to install larger speakers
    9. How to replace stock ladder with a better one (and part#s)
    10. How to install a fume detector MY BEST SAFETY MOD!
    11. How to install sound installation, Another thread on accoustiblock with video, and another thread on replacing engine soundproofing, and another sound install thread
    12. How to Install Shut off valves
    13. How to add cup holders and cup holder trash bag mod
    14. How to Install LED lighting
    15. How to improve storage in your storage closet
    16. How to install/add extra 12V or USB power ports
    17. How to add more ballast
    18. How to add a Barbecue grill
    19. Who to order Custom Vinyl Name Decals from
    20. How to replace 5 pin trailer plug with 7 round connection
    21. How to install a full Camper or rain cover to your bimini
    22. How to install a Switch Panel (to add more electronics)
    23. How to install LED lights on your trailer (and rewire it)
    24. How to relocate Cruise Assist to the Throttle lever (AKA Binnacle)
    25. How to install a storage hatch door on our 190/192 series boat
    26. How to install a refrigerator on your boat
    27. The "Wake Wedge" revealed
    28. How to install Wakemakers Ballast
    29. How to install a computer controlled ballast system
    30. How to install Seadek, and how to remove the old material
    31. How to install a fresh water shower
    32. How to add a spare tire mount and new jack stand
    Stereo and Electronics Section
    1. How to Install a GPS Chartplotter
    2. Underwater LEDs
    3. Stereo upgrade thread
    4. Replacing JVC Headunit with Clarion and new remotes
    5. Installing 7.7 inch speakers to replace 6.5s
    6. Adding speakers without adding an amp
    7. How to install Perfect Pass - photos of the install
    8. How to calculate the right wire gauge for your wiring project
    9. How to pull wires through your tower
    10. How to build your own fiberglass speaker enclosures
    11. Stereo wiring harness schematic
    Boat Cleaning: (All Copied to new FAQ)
    1. Clean your hull for 50 cents
    2. Buffing/Waxing your hull
    3. Boat Bling Products
    4. Magic Erasers and Part 2 - great for the floor and all sorts!

    Forum Operations & Insights and Member fun topics:
    1. Our Code of Conduct
    2. Our Operation Expenses and Contributions
    3. Business Card template
    4. JETBOATERS.net SWAG-Stickers, Coozies, shirts....
    5. Our Committee and Moderators
    6. How to use our forum - #features
    7. A list of all the available Trophies you can be awarded
    8. Vendor Forum
    9. Member Map put your City/State (and opt. Zipcode) in your profile personal details section
    10. Link to our Member tips section
    11. Where did your screen name come from?
    12. What do you do for a living?
    13. Show us your boat- Post up pics of your boat/family etc
    14. What do you tow your boat with?
    15. Show us your boat names!
    16. Interested in meeting up with other Jetboaters...Check out the gathering forum!
    17. How to easily add hyperlinks to your posts
    18. How to post or link to pictures in your posts
  14. Member Map - Add your Location to your profile!, Feb 20, 2014
  15. Bruce

    We have a member map available at https://jetboaters.net/index.php?usermap/ .

    It is a great way to find other members near you.

    The map is automatically updated as you enter your location in your profile. https://jetboaters.net/account/

    Also, if you are worried about giving an exact location, just put in your city or state. You will be surprised the people you will meet on this forum and the things you will learn!

    Also, if you want something a little more precise...add you zipcode - like "Raleigh NC, 27614", this will typically give you your own "Anchor" symbol on the map vs being grouped in with lots of other people.

  16. Tagging users in posts, Feb 17, 2014
  17. Bruce

    You can tag a user in a post by typing @username.

    When you start to type @username a drop down box will appear, clicking on the username will complete the tag.

    View attachment 27
    The user will be notified of your tag.

  18. Embedding videos in posts, Feb 17, 2014
  19. Bruce

    To embed a video click the media icon View attachment 26 in the bar above the edit window. Then paste the video's URL into the dialog box that pops up. Streaming video from Dailymotion, Facebook, Liveleak, Metacafe, Vimeo and YouTube is supported.