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    Hey Jeff....Whats this all about???, Mar 10, 2014
  1. Julian

    This is probably one of the worst quality and reliability issues that Yamaha has, and refuses to address. They refuse to warranty damage due to plug blow outs because they claim a blow out is due to user error. Apparently they took the stance with @Norboo that because he had modified the plugs this voided their warranty...a convenient way to avoid the fact that it wasn't user error! That said, Norboo was forced to modify the plug because the problem has nothing to do with user error, and has all to do with a shitty design of the plugs in the first place!

    So vendors like @Cobra Jet Steering LLC and @JetBoatPilot have come up with creative ways for us to ensure these plugs don't blow out when seated properly. If I was in Norboo's position, I would take them to court, but that is mostly because I'm tired of Yamaha dodging bullets on this issue. The plugs should be recalled and they should provide an alternate solution that ensures they don't blow out! And until someone takes them to court and pushes for a recall, we will be stuck dealing with workarounds.

    That Yamaha claims that drilling a hole in a plug voids the warranty is TERRIBLE. But like many big companies they get away with things.

    It is good to know they take this stance....so Norboo....thanks for letting the community know! At the vendors, probably worthwhile you letting your clients know Yamaha's position on this.

  2. Yamaha Clean Out Plug Blow Out Poll, Feb 19, 2014
  3. Julian

    So you can't have a site without a plug blow out poll. It was probably the first poll I created over at YJB. The poll option here are a little different. Lets see if I can make it a little more effective.

    This is a test to start....

    So click only 2 responses....

    A) Have you had a blow out of a clean out plug
    B) Did you have any form of ant-blow out measure in place (nerf balls don't count)...pins or Jetboat pilot Tru-Locks


    (added hashtag)