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    Thought I screwed up my Seadek install, Mar 11, 2016
  1. Wayloncle

    View attachment 34048 Managed to finish the rest of the boat today, went over each piece to make sure I didn't forget any backing again:)
    I didn't split the backing in half like I did with the swim deck pieces though so I couldn't have forgotten a half on these.
    I messed up the alignment on the skinny piece beside the fuel hatch, no one would notice probably but it'll bother me so I'll probably order a new piece to redo it.
  2. Blacktip Mats, Mar 4, 2016
  3. Wayloncle

    View attachment 33769 I removed my swim deck mats this morning on my 2009 AR230, it was about 50-53 degrees and they came up really easy. It left a few little nipples but I scrubbed those with an old ice scraper and cleaned it all up with Acetone, it was pretty easy. I did have one of the little corner mats glued down with silicone, I used an eraser thing for my drill to get that up.