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    Hashtagging, Feb 22, 2014
  1. Bruce

    It has to be more than three characters to work. Try clicking on #SX230 . It will lead you to more posts about SX230s.
  2. Replacing the Norcross depth gauge, Feb 18, 2014
  3. Bruce

    The factory depth gauge is a Norcross (Hawkeye) D10D.

    When I bought my SX230 the transducer mount was damaged. I ordered a D10DX to replace it and add the temperature readout. I ordered from Amazon as I was traveling and wanted it quickly. Norcross will provide a discounted replacement if you call or email to support@norcrossmarine.zendesk.com .

    I was able to quickly replace the factory unit by cutting the transducer from the factory cable and using that cable to pull the replacement cable through. The most difficult part was cleaning out enough of the silicone to allow the replacement connector to pass into the hull. You can reach this silicone through the bilge access port located between the clean out plugs. You will need to use quality silicone to make the passage through the hull where the cable passes and each of the screw holes water tight.

    The factory chrome gauge trim for the depth gauge was pitted. Norcross sent a replacement along with a new Yamaha face for $10 or $15.

    I used the D10DX for most of last year. I found that it worked intermittently. Others have reported that the Norcross units have worked well for them. It is likely that it would have worked for me if I had continued to experiment with it.

    I decided to buy a Raymarine Firefly chart plotter and graph which will replace the Norcross unit. I will post pictures after I install it.

    I installed a Hummingbird HDR650 in my LX210 and it worked well. It would be a good alternative. One advantage of the Hummingbird is that you can adjust a depth reading offset allowing it to read as low as a true 2 feet of water.

    The Norcross does not allow any offset adjustment so it displays depth below the transducer instead of depth of water. It cuts off at 2.5 feet so it does not register below 4 feet. The Norcross has an advantage that it appears factory.

    #SX230 #AR230 #Norcross
  4. The 2007 Stereo Head Unit opening is not DIN sized, it is too large, Feb 18, 2014
  5. Bruce

    The factory stereo head unit in my SX230 was corroding internally so I decided to upgrade it.

    I ordered a Fusion IP600G but when I started to install it I found that the factory opening for the stereo was much larger than a standard DIN stereo opening. I removed the panel above the stereo for easy access.

    View attachment 61

    I contacted Will at JetBoatPilot.com with dimensions of the opening and he was able to cut a piece of HDPE to the correct size with a DIN opening. I used a drill press to drill holes to match those from the factory stereo mounting and countersink them.

    View attachment 59

    Then I was able to install my new stereo.

    View attachment 60

    As well as solving the issues with the factory stereo, the Fusion provided a huge upgrade in sound quality!

    #SX230 #Fusion