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    ASP (Aerial Surf Platform)-like device for Yamaha?, Dec 11, 2016
  1. swatski

    Oh I so agree. Importantly, however the real "whale tail" (AVX) hull extension is not possible with the jets coming out of the transom in a Yamaha, so any AVX-like extension would have to be run above those to just shape the wake wave from the above, just like what the ASP or Wake Wedge does currently available. #wakewedge

    The Wake Wedge guys are my heroes, I'm pretty sure I'll be adding one in the Spring, ideally a non-fold-able one w/the actuator (if those are available!), that is a huge and a very practical step. That said, these new twin boats have tremendous potential that is now just not being realized. With the right approach to pump and engine tuning, combined with a hull/deck extension - those could be the wake boats to recon with, overall. I would guesstimate with the twin pumps there is at least 30% power, probably more, currently lost that could be added for low end pulling just based on the amount of prop slippage under extreme load, such as running with one pump/engine (or with a ton of ballast etc.). With some guys already running pretty hefty amounts of ballast, adding another 30-50% would allow to make truly monstrous wakes possible. Just to put this in perspective, when I played with my single pump 190, with a few mods got it to pop on the plane and pull with 1,800lbs of ballast, no problem. Pump efficiency is the key though, and that is a different discussion.

    I think those new tab surf systems mentioned (with uniquely shaped tabs -- eliminating the need to list the boat) could easily be incorporated in a Yammie (on top of the ASP-like wave shaping swim platform extension), there is plenty of space at the transom and many have already installed traditional Lectra/Lenco/Bennett/Vovlo tabs that work great.

    Ballast is going to be a difficult item to replace, at least completely. I would think the ladder bracket under Yamaha swim deck already looks like an ideal place to mount a Power Wedge-type device, but the issue is with the deck/transom enforcement, and the built quality/ruggedness of Yamaha FRP hulls... One would have to enforce the hull/deck in a very substantial way from the inside to run one of those:


  2. I drove my brother in laws Sanger..., Sep 25, 2014
  3. jcyamaharider

    View attachment 12694

    Add the #wakewedge to the Yamaha as well and you will not be missing a thing.