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  2. Gantlin Products, the creator of the WAKE WEDGE is currently running a Group Buy for those of you that want a better, cleaner wake to surf behind your Jetboat! This Group Buy expires on Tax Day- April 15th, so get your order in ASAP to jump on this once a year discount on the Wake Wedge. The discount could go as high as $120 off!

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  3. After selling out of last years red and blue models, Eric Justason has ordered another round of Koozies. The new color options are Blue with Yellow Logo, Red with Black Logo and Yellow with Blue Logo. He is making them available for $1.25 each. You can order yours via his Order Form or you can discuss them in this Thread. All proceeds from Koozie sales go into future SWAG production and event sponsorship.

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    Jetboaters.net social media pages, Jan 17, 2016
  1. veedubtek





    With IG, if everyone just agreed on the same hashtags, that's likely good enough I'd think (not that I'm a very good insta-grammer). I always use #yamaha #jetboaters if I post something boating related on there. It's also not as easy to run 2 IG's on your mobile from what I recall. We tried a company IG at one time, but our designated IG'er couldn't have a personal account without a bunch of logging in/out.
  2. EXCITING new 2016 "E" Series news !!!!!!!!!!!!!, Oct 25, 2015
  3. Bruce

    I wonder if @MikeyL was both the first person outside Yamaha to see one and the first to own one?

    #Yamaha certainly is indebted to him for not spilling about the new model months before the release! He was excited and wanted to tell the world!