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1997 Regal Rush XR2 175 Oil Bleed System Question

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Hello All!

This is my first post as I have recently joined, thanks for having me. I have a 1997 regal rush xr2 175 that I am trying to get lake worthy. Thanks to Roger 'Ski" on his incredibly detailed post about his shift cable problems, and I was subsequently able to replace my shift and steering cables, side note.. mine were almost melted in half under the hull near the impeller, anyone ever seen that before? Anyways, I may be asking a stupid question, but what is the function of the oil "bleed" system that is interconnected with thin tubing and press in brass fittings into the engine? I have 4 that are rusted/ broken, all of the tubing is dry rotted and needs to replaced. I have the parts on order and intend to replace the fittings and tubing, but I'm curious what this does. Is it part of the oil injection system, or some kind of oil recycling/ recovery system? I don't want to damage the engine by assuming it is a secondary system when in fact it serves a primary function!

Thanks in advance.