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Frequently Asked Questions

General Maintenance

Modifications and Upgrades

My Yamaha's jet pump clean out plugs/ports are stuck or sticking-how do I get them out or fix them?

Great question and one we get a lot. Please see the threads below for all sorts of info on how to repair your plugs so they don't stick, and how to get stuck plugs out!
  1. Repair kit from Yamaha
  2. Thread with photos of repair kit and plugs
  3. One members fight with his plugs and how he got them out
  4. repairing loose fitting dogs/leaking underway https://jetboaters.net/threads/clean-out-plugs-leak.19079/#post-328226

How do I change the oil in my Yamaha Jet Boat?

Here are some great resources on how do change the oil and plugs in your Yamaha Jet Boat:
  1. MR1 of oil change youtube
Attached is a copy of the file in #1 above as sometimes that link runs very slowly.

2. how to do a complete oil drain https://jetboaters.net/threads/oil-change-on-mr-1-how-to-perform-a-complete-drain.3805/

3. Bill D's write up https://jetboaters.net/threads/i-need-a-mechanical-mentor.7655/#post-132624
4. Oil Change step by step (link may be broken, we're trying to fix it)

Oil filter for 1.8L engines is K&N HP-1002

Is there an FAQ or reference post that indexes lots of great threads? TIP for finding posts!

This FAQ is pretty much a complete listing of a huge number of threads members might find helpful. The thread linked below might have a couple of other posts...but mosts are already here.

TIP--If you are looking for something - try CTRL-F to search the browser page for specific words. On a Droid in Chrome click on the 3 dots in the upper right and click on "Find in Page"

Yes there is! Since this FAQ is a new feature and is under construction you will want to look at the thread linked below. It contains tons of useful links to threads and content about jetboats. Many of these will appear here slowly but surely, but until then:

Current FAQ Thread

Reminder again---a TIP for finding a post in the FAQ rather than reading everything on the page...Hit "CTRL-F" (control Key and the letter F" together - which opens up the "Find" search for most pages and type a word in the window.

How to you remove a stuck oil filter?

The best approach is simply to use a normal strap filter remover, and if it slips, put sandpaper between it and the strap.

Here is a thread with more ideas and discussions:

How to remove stuck Oil filter

How do I change the spark plugs in my Yamaha Jet boat?

We have a number of good references that will walk you through changing your spark plugs:
  1. Plug change MR1 written - https://jetboaters.net/attachments/mr1-spark-plug-change-pdf.74415/
  2. Plug change MR1 youtube
3. Plug change step by step video
4. Bill D's 1.8L https://jetboaters.net/threads/i-need-a-mechanical-mentor.7655/#post-132624
5. Out on Reef's 190 FSH on youtube https://jetboaters.net/threads/how-to-changed-spark-plugs-in-my-yamaha-190-fsh.14913/
6. AR240 youtube

Warning Lights on my Yamaha dash are flashing-what does this mean? (Engine codes)

If your lights are flashing on your tachs this means they are telling you an error code. Below is a link to all the error codes and their meanings:

Engine Flash codes (if your engine lights are flashing after you start your boat)

What needs greasing in the drive train on my Yamaha Jet boat?

There are a few places that need grease, here are a couple of threads that cover the two main grease points (front and back)
  1. Bearing greasing-Cone Bearing breakdown, Cone bearing maintenance, Cone bearing and steering cable replacement Bruce's cone bearing replacement https://jetboaters.net/threads/changing-yamaha-jet-boat-pump-duct-housing-bearings-and-switching-to-oil-bath-lubrication.10155/page-3
  2. Intermediate bearing greasing, intermediate bearing replacement
  3. Video of the process of lubing the intermediate bearing /// edit - he advises to just pump grease until it comes out, this is contrary to most JBN opinion which is just give it 2-3 pumps as this is only a water block and not a lubrication issue (the bearings are sealed) ///

Besides those, all the linkages can use grease. The service manual shows all the possible points. I hit up the external linkages by pulling back the rubber boots, wiping on grease and sliding the boot back on.

Here is a thread that discusses what type of grease to use:

How to pull your jet pump / Something stuck in my pump-engines don't get to full rpm

We often pick up/suck in stuff into the pumps, and this will cause all sorts of problems. Regardless of the model of jet boat, the first thing you need to do is get a good look/feel in the pump to ensure you have everything out. If you are on the water, this isn't always easy, and you may have to take tbe boat out of the water.

If you get it out of the water, look both from underneath, and open up the reverse gate and examine from behind with a good flashlight. Even a tiny piece of hard wood between the housing and the impeller can cause a problem.

If that fails and you are sure there is still something in there, then you need to pull the pump off. This sounds like a daunting things to do, and I thought so too until I did it for the first time. It is EASY. On a Yamaha it involves the removal of 5 bolts and one clip fitting. The only challenge some have had is if the shaft is stuck.....mine wasn't and came out easily. This may be more of an issue for salt water boaters???

Here are some links to threads that discuss this problem for Yamahas
Boat test video explaining the pump system

How to dis-assemble Jet pump video, and photos
  1. I think I have something stuck in the impeller
  2. Easy trick on how to clear debris from your intake while on the water
  3. Damaged impeller linings
  4. Golf ball stuck in impeller!
  5. Photos of stuff stuck in impellers
  6. How to clear your intake grate
For Scarab/Chaparral pump disassembly

YDS-Yamaha Diagnostic System - How to setup and use

Do you know that you can buy a cable and software to connect to a PC that will read all sorts of data from your Yamaha engine(s)? This includes not just engine hours, but even the hours in specific RPM ranges! As well as overheat warnings etc.

This thread explains how to hook it up and operate it.


Here is a thread on how to get it working on a 24' model:


Although this is Yamaha proprietary software there are people selling the cable and Software on EBay all the time.


How do I winterize my Jet boat?

How to winterize a jet boat is one of the most frequently asked questions on the forum! The great thing about our boats is how simple they are to maintain! No fluids (in Yamahas) to worry about draining and replacing!

Your owners manual should tell you how to winterize but Here are some threads and info on how to winterize your Yamaha (will apply to other jet boats too):

  1. Winterization Checklist
  2. Winterization Video:
  3. Winterizing a 2 cycle Yamaha
  4. Rotax Engine Winterization
  5. Another winterization video (there are disputes about if you need to fog your engine, if putting anti freeze in your engine does anything etc,)
  6. Another winterization Thread
  7. Another recent (2016) discussion on winterization
  8. Ronnie's 1.8L winterization on you tube https://jetboaters.net/threads/fogging-yamaha-engines-how-to-video.11477/

My gas gauge doesn't read right...how to fix?

There are a few reasons this could happen, but the most common problem is with older boats that have a fuel sender that can't handle ethanol. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Open up your fuel hatch (2003-2006) models (or pull up your floor-2007-2009) and adjust the set screws. The problem with this approach is that ethanol levels may vary, this is is not a good approach.
  2. Replace the fuel sender with a new one that auto recalibrates on fill up. See the following thread for details:

How to adjust your Yamaha jet pump gates

If you feel some vibration or chatter in the throttles or steering wheel, you may need to adjust your pump gates.
  1. How to Adjust reverse gates if your throttles chatter or your boat creeps forward to hard. Another thread with info on adjusting reverse gates.

Yamaha Engine not starting/or dies....diagnostic

Trying to figure out why your engine won't start...check out this thread:

  1. Engine not starting diagnostic
Also check out this thread if you engine(s) start, but then die:

  1. Both engines dies after throttle up good troubleshooting ideas/it was an exhaust leak/pictures on page 5

How to clean out Yamaha intake screens or strainers

This is something you should check annually to ensure that there is nothing obstructing flow. You can verify this buy looking at your "pee holes", but they could be clogged themselves. Regardless, here is how you do it:

  1. How to clean intake screens or strainers

How to fog your Yamaha engines

  1. How to fog your engines (by engine type) - SX230

How does the cooling water flow in my Yamaha?

Check out this for how water flows through your Yamaha jet boat engine:
  1. Engine cooling issues--video of how cooling works

How to remove the floor to access the fuel tank 07-09 Yamaha boats

  1. 07-09 Fuel tank cover tool (to remove the flooring)

1.8L engines, Is your oil cooler missing a bolt or dripping/misting oil?

  1. Oil Cooler sheared off bolts (2010/2011 1.8L engines -need models affected)

How to fix your throttles if they are out of sync

If your throttles are in line (next to each other), but run at different RPMs, check out this thread:

  1. Throttles out of Sync....directions on how to fix
If your boat model isn't covered...ask in the thread how to do it.

Accessories, blower, radio etc have no power but boat starts

If your dash and accessories, like the radio, blower etc have no power but your engines start, then the accessory fuse near your battery is blown. Check out this thread that had a photo of the fuse:


Anchor Locker Drain Leaks

Many new owners have been complaining about finding water in their boats and have narrowed it down to leaking anchor locker drains. The anchor drain gets forced under water when you are driving in a no wake zone (especially with people in the bow), and rather than just going into the anchor locker, water is forced between the inner and outer hull. Here are a few threads to read up on this issue and how to fix it:

  1. https://jetboaters.net/threads/anchor-locker-leaks-in-models-with-current-hull.12266/
  2. https://jetboaters.net/threads/new-ar210-leaking.12003/
Many boats are missing an inner flange and the inside of the anchor locker looks like this:

Check out the ultimate leaks thread too for more leak hunting info.

How to delete a Bluetooth device from Connext Screen

There is no way to delete a bluetooth paired device from the Connect Screen.

To accomplish this, hold down the 'MENU' button on the swim deck display for 3 seconds and you'll enter the programming menu. From there you can delete Bluetooth entries and then that applies to the Connext screen as well and you will no longer see them.


********** ENGINE / JET PUMPS **********

********** ELECTRONICS **********

********** HULL // CABLES **********

How to stop or reset engine alarm

Is your engine alarm constantly going off? Seems if you start and stop the boat properly 3-5 times it will turn it off. See this thread for more details, and please post there if this does or does not work for you. Also post your experience (if it is 3 or 5).


Is there a list of frequently ordered parts--look here for it!

Here is a listing of a number of frequently ordered parts for our boats in no particular order:

  1. My favorite Yamaha parts look-up site
  2. Yamaha 4 Cycle (230 series boats) MR-1 Filter (page 7-KN-303) and Spark Plugs (CR9EB), an alternative filter alternative
  3. Yamaha 4 Cycle (210 Series boats) Spark plug and filter thread
  4. Yamaha 4 Cycle (240 series boats) Filter (K&N HP-1002) and Spark Plugs (#6668 LFR6A)
  5. Are the 210's plugs and filters the same as 230s?
  6. Replacement door trim
  7. Engine Flush connector
  8. JETBOATERS.net SWAG-Flags, Stickers, Coozies, shirts....
  9. Replacement Tires
  10. Pins for 212x Tower
  11. Ladder Strap replacement
  12. Older Model table post base
  13. Bimini "Boot" cover
  14. MANHOLE COVER REPAIR SET - FOR-67609-09-00 (clean out plug repair kit)
  15. Replacement fuel sender for older model - fixes gauge mis-reading
  16. Wire Connecting specialty connectors-really cool for adding/piggy backing wires.

After Market add-on Vendors (Alphabetical Order):
  1. Cobrajetsteering (fins and plug pins)
  2. Gantlin products (Wake surfing gate)
  3. Jetboatpilot (Fins, plug pins, Seadek, cushions and more)

Boat Cover Source

Here is a good source for boat covers:

  1. Sources for Boating Covers:Covers Direct

How to make your boat ride smoother, Trim tabs

Trim tabs are a good option to help your boat ride smoother. Here is a link to a post about their installation,

DO NOT install Lectrotab auto controller on dual engine boat

1. Bruce's Lectrotab trim tabs addition http://jetboaters.net/threads/lectrotab-trim-tabs.71/

2. mente marine tabs http://jetboaters.net/threads/an-attitude-control-system-mente-marine-acs-trim-tab-controller.2027/

3. Swatski's install https://jetboaters.net/threads/trim-tabs-options-wake-surfing-and-cruising.12031/page-7#post-267416

4. SamCF's ski trim/reverse bucket mod for boats

How to add a shut off valve for being towed or for fresh water flushing

This modification can be used while being towed to prevent water ingesting into your cylinders or to get better pressure while flushing with fresh water to prevent losing it out the exhaust inlet.

1. OperationROL's install

2. Geoff Cooper's install

If you are going to tow your boat above no wake speed you either need shut off valves OR you need to just clamp off the incoming water line from the pump

How to change your boat's wake for surfing (ballast installs & wake wedge etc)

How to prevent your cleanout plugs from blowing out *this is important*

Three aftermarket options are listed below or you can shove a nerf football in there to at least prevent it from blowing through your cleanout hatch cover,

1. EZ Lock

EZ lock hints - http://jetboaters.net/threads/using-ez-locks-correctly.2893/

How the plugs/lock work

2. Island racing pin kit fix


How to upgrade your stereo and speakers

Here you will find different threads on stereo, amp and speaker upgrades

How to calculate the correct AWG wire you need

Clean wiring solutions

Stereo / Head units
  1. Redthumper9's upgrade http://jetboaters.net/threads/my-ar240-upgrades-and-stereo-build.958/ and retraction on using CCA wire http://jetboaters.net/threads/do-not-use-cca-wire-in-your-boat-when-im-wrong-i-say-im-wrong.6804/
  2. Julian's JVC swap to Clarion http://jetboaters.net/threads/replaced-jvc-headunit-with-clarion-and-new-remotes.141/
  3. Wiring schematic http://jetboaters.net/threads/wiring-an-amp-which-wires-are-the-speakers.5317/#post-91200
  4. Amps http://jetboaters.net/threads/would-like-to-add-an-amp.2428/
  5. Trouble shooting guide for 07-09 JBL stock head units http://jetboaters.net/threads/jbl-mr140-145-145-2-troubleshooting-guide.2293/#post-36215

  1. Subwoofer Locations
  2. Subwoofers http://jetboaters.net/threads/here-it-is-another-subwoofer-question.564/

  1. JL audio AR210 upgrade on you tube
  2. Installing 7.7 speakers http://jetboaters.net/threads/has-anyone-actually-installed-7-7-speakers.931/
  3. Adding speaker with an amp, with diagram http://jetboaters.net/threads/6-speakers-and-no-amp.1004/
  4. How to build your own fiberglass speaker enclosures http://jetboaters.net/threads/diy-fiberglass-tower-speakers.4873/
  5. Julian's Polk install http://jetboaters.net/threads/replace-your-stock-seaworthy-speakers-i-put-in-polks.2373/
  6. A long thread on adding mid cabin speakers
  7. A thread on adding speakers to a 242LSE with wiring diagrams.
  8. Another thread on adding speakers to a 212X - also with links to problems found in the boat wiring while completing this project.

How to pull wires through tower:
  1. On an '07 AR http://jetboaters.net/threads/2007-ar230-how-to-run-wire-in-tower.4207/
  2. On a 240 model tower

Whole system install:
  1. https://jetboaters.net/threads/2016-ar240-budget-stereo-upgrade.7719/
  2. Whole boat JL speaker and amp upgrade
  3. Whole boat stereo upgrade
  4. Yamaha 242X Stereo Upgrade including wetsounds sound bar!

How to upgrade your electronics, LED's, GPS, bus bars, perfect pass/speed control

How to determine what AWG wire you need

Clean wiring solutions

LED upgrades
  1. http://jetboaters.net/threads/who-has-mood-lighting-installed.481/
  2. under water LED's http://jetboaters.net/threads/underwater-leds.1003/#post-13685
  3. Andy07sx230's http://jetboaters.net/threads/coastal-night-lights-led-install.2525/
  4. upgrade your bow light to LED http://jetboaters.net/threads/replacing-yamaha-sx230-bow-light-with-seasense-stainless-led.2839/
  5. whole boat LED https://jetboaters.net/threads/whole-boat-led-install.1156/
  6. FSH gunnel LEDs https://jetboaters.net/threads/fsh-gunnel-led-lights-instalation.7829/
  7. Chip F's full boat LED's https://jetboaters.net/threads/led-light-install-not-strip-lights.18692/

GPS/Chart plotters
  1. What chartplotters/GPS devices are people using?
  2. Bruce's Hummingbird install http://jetboaters.net/threads/humminbird-hdr650-replacement-for-norcross-depth-gauge.2338/
  3. Navionics web app http://jetboaters.net/threads/navionics-web-app.44/
  4. Cabbie's SX192 raymarine/dragonfly https://jetboaters.net/threads/install-raymarine-dragonfly-5m-gps-chartplotter.7645/
  5. FSH lowrance and thru hull transducer https://jetboaters.net/threads/installing-a-lowarence-elite-5-on-a-fsh.7785/
  6. seadeals lowrance hdi 4 install on 2006 side wall mount https://jetboaters.net/threads/elite-4-hdi-install-advice-and-writeup.4222/#post-139121
  7. How to/where to install a GPS Chartplotter on a boat with Connext?
  8. open triangle GPS plug connector type https://jetboaters.net/threads/triangular-gps-plug-on-yamaha-boats.12930/

Speed control
Perfect Pass

  1. install with pictures https://mjtssite.shutterfly.com/20
  2. http://jetboaters.net/threads/the-perfect-pass-thread.5029/
  3. Perfect Pass install with pictures
  4. tips http://jetboaters.net/threads/perfect-pass-mod-fix.1941/
  5. fixing a seized servo motor https://jetboaters.net/threads/perfectpass-seized-motor.11150/
Ridesteady / Hydrophase
1. Swatski's install and review https://jetboaters.net/threads/new-speed-control-electronic-throttle-synch-for-twins-ridesteady-by-hydrophase.12590/
2. Kolban's 2017 AR240 install with pictures https://jetboaters.net/threads/2017-ar240-ridesteady-install.16377/

Bus Bars / switch panels / outlets
  1. Bruce's switch panel - http://jetboaters.net/threads/adding-a-switch-panel-to-yamaha-boats.2025/
  2. adding 12v outlet / usb charger http://jetboaters.net/threads/adding-12v-outlets-and-usb-chargers.1751/
  3. Tdonoughue's negative bus bar - http://jetboaters.net/threads/negative-bus-bar.2464/

How to upgrade your flooring, carpet, hydro turf, sea deck

How to install/make a camper cover / bimini top mods/bow cover

How to install sound insulation / acoustic block /hatch seal

How do you install a keel guard or Keel Shield?

If you beach your boat at all, you will want to consider a keel shield or keel guard (two vendors of essentially the same product). Here is a how to:

  1. How to install a Keelguard
  2. How to install a KeelShield

How to add a fresh water washdown to your FSH

@OUT ON THE REEF created this excellent video on how to add a fresh water washdown to your boat...specifically a Yamaha FSH.

How to add a dual bank charger to a boat with a DVSR

If you want to add an onboard dual bank charger to a boat with a Digital Voltage Sensing Relay (like a BlueSea or BEP Marine) you need to be sure it doesn't interfere with the operation of the on board charger. If not wired correctly, your dual bank charger will get confused by the DVSR and effectively only run as a single bank charger.

Here is a thread discussing what to do:


How to add a Trolling motor to your FSH

For those with FSH models that want to add a trolling motor, here is a good thread on how some have done this:

  1. Adding Trolling motor to FSH

How to stop your FSH from taking on water inside the boat

********** Engine / Jet pumps **********

********** Electronics **********

********** Hull Interior **********

********** Hull Exterior **********

Need Help right away...use the @help forum feature!

If you are out on the water, or getting ready to go, and you run into a critical problem and want to call attention to your post, use the @help forum feature. This feature will notify those who've signed up to participate (and it is a bunch of our top notch experts) and they will get back to you pretty darn quickly! I just did a quick average of the last 6 times it was used, and the response time average was 4.3 minutes, with a high of 9 minutes, and a low of 1 minute!

Please use this sparingly and for those critical times only. Of course...if it is a TRUE emergency...dial 911! (crazy that we have to say that.....)

Here is a thread that explains it better:


My bow stop is loose-how do I fix it?

If the bow stop on your trailer is loose, there are a couple of approaches that have been taken to shore it up. This is more of an issue on the older MFI trailers (not the new Shorelander ones). Here are a couple of options on how to fix this:

  1. Bow stop loose? Weld or bolt it.

Tips on How to change a tire on your trailer

Here is a thread that talks about ways to change the tires on your trailer. Your normal car jack probably won't help you.
  1. Trailer Tire Changing Tips

How to replace your bow roller (some scratch the boat)

Many folks with Yamahas have had issues with the bow roller leaving marks and scratching their boats, so they've replaced it with a softer one (stoltz usually).

Here are some threads on the topic:

How to do it

Discussion about it

Another discussion

Another Discussion on bow roller replacement

What does drowning look/sound like? READ ME PLEASE!

Drowning doesn't sound or look anything like what we are shown in the movies or on TV.


Please check out the links below so you understand how to spot this, and so you get a healthy dose of fear/reality that you, as the captain of your boat, are responsible for those on board. Do not take this lightly. No of us want to have this happen.....

How to Spot if Someone is Drowning
Drowning is SILENT

I keep getting stuff stuck in the pumps....any tips to help? (AKA "The Reverse Trick")

Getting stuff stuck in the pump happens with jet boats. Here is a trick that is handy for clearing loose clogs like weeds or loose debris.

1) Put it in reverse, and get the boat moving backward (faster the better)
2) Kill the engines (pulling the lanyard off is the fastest way)
3) Put the throtles into forward (this allows water to be pushed directly into the exposed jet nozzles and force stuff in the tubes back through the grate, or off the grate).
What I do is grab the lanyard with my left hand, put it in reverse with my right hand, get up some speed, yank the lanyard with my left and instantly put it onto forward with my right.....works 95% of the time. The only time it didn't work for me that I recall was when I sucked up a flexible frisbee...and it was lodged hard in the intake grill.
This works great for weeds, sticks etc.

Click here for the whole thread for more tips

Also, note that these steps are now different for those of you with E-Series Yamaha boats or boats with servo driven buckets that don't move when the engines are off (not sure if this is only an E-Series issue).....Steps for these boats is:
1) Put it in reverse, and get the boat moving backward (faster the better)
2) Put the throtles into forward (this allows water to be pushed directly into the exposed jet nozzles and force stuff in the tubes back through the grate, or off the grate).
3) Quickly Kill the engines (pulling the lanyard off is the fastest way)

Does anyone have a launching and retrieval checklist?

Just like flying planes, having a check list of things to do before getting to the ramp, while at the ramp, and when pulling out is a good idea. Here is a link to a great checklist thread:

  1. Checklist for launching and retrieving

What are the differences between all the Yamaha Boat Models?

Are you shopping for a Yamaha jet boat and can't figure out all the differences between the models? Perhaps you are curious to know the original MSRP of the boat, or length, horse power etc.

Check out this thread for both images and an Excel spreadsheet listing many (not all) the differences:

  1. Differences between the 4 Cycle Models

How does the water actually flow through my Yamaha engine?

Check out this youtube video to see just how the water flows through your Yamaha Jet Boat's engine:

  1. How engine cooling system works (video)

How does the stock depth gauge work?

Ever wonder how to adjust the setting of the stock depth gauge, here's a link to the manual:

  1. Depth Gauge Manual

My Yamaha has large table legs and I don't want it to sink!

Older Yamahas have large hollow table legs....and if they roll off the swim deck....they sink! Here's a thread on what to do..... (fill it with an old noodle!)

  1. How Not to have your table leg sink to the bottom!

Listing of General Nautical Terms

Want to review a list of nautical terms....here's a good one!

  1. List of Nautical Terms

My trailer brakes won't let me back up!

Trying to back up your trailer and the brakes lock up? This shouldn't happen if you have a 5 pin connection, but perhaps there is a wiring issue, or you don't have the 5 pin connection. Your obvious option is to simply use the trailer lockout key that comes with the boat. Here is a thread on what to do if you don't have that handy:

  1. Trailer lockout key replacement options

How can I look up the NADA price of my Yamaha?

The prices are listed on the NADA site, but it is buried under the PWC - jetski section:

  1. NADA Pricing for Yamaha Boats (for some reason listed under PWC)
Also, NADA offers a more comprehensive pricing package that you have to pay for.

How to find a leak in your boat

At some time or another we will all discover water in our hulls as our boats have numerous ways (like every boat) for water to get into them. Here are a few threads to check out on finding those leaks:

Ultimate leak finding thread (if you find a leak not listed in this thread, post on the thread and I'll update it)

Intermediate Bearing Leaks


How to replace Reverse Gate/Shift cables

Here are a number of threads on how to replace your reverse gate cables:

How do I replace a broken steering cable?

Check out these links to a threads that explains how to tackle this:



This also includes a step by step and link to a YJB thread for RailMonkey's instructions https://jetboaters.net/threads/replacing-steering-cables-on-a-2008-yamaha-sx-230-jet-boat.10437/#post-178950

This one also covers cone bearing replacement:

Can also be helpful to look at the reverse gate cable thread for tips too.

And if your steering cable doesn't come out easily...check out this thread for @4x15mph 's challenge getting his out:


And here is a thread that discusses the part numbers for cables:


How to replace your Yamaha sacrificial anodes

  1. Replacing Anodes - both engine and external

how to replace your impeller / impeller bearings /liners

How to replace a broken plastic scupper

Many of our boats have plastic scuppers (this is the part that the drain hose from your cockpit is connected to on the outside of the boat) that crack and can leak large amounts of water into the boat. Here are some threads on how to replace the plastic scupper with a Stainless one:

  1. Scuppers--How to install new SS Scupper
  2. A Thread with more photos and part #'s
  3. A thread on borrowing pre-made scupper wrenches to fit in the small gap in the bilge.
  4. Another thread on how to do it.
  5. A discussion on if this needs to be done on models where the scupper is higher (240 series, new 210s 190s etc)
  6. Julian's video overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUlvQYR7VDM

How to repair fiberglass / fix wood rot underneath

CrankyGypsy's engine bay and hull repair

CrankyGypsy's floor rot fix // definitely a need to see, caused by poorly sealed table pedestal

Scott's cleanout hatch rot fix // caused by poorly sealed cleanout hatch latch

Good Video on repairing Gelcoat

How to inspect 2015 and older - 1.8 L engine timing chain issues

all 2015 and older 1.8L engines have had multiple timing belt issues, here's a few thread to help you understand and inspect your timing belt

Just to clarify, the timing chain part has changed for 2016 MY.
It is shared between N/A, SHO and SVHO models.
The old part is 94591-66152-00, new 94591-74152-00. Here is the visual:

14-15 Chain 3Link/4Link

16 Chain 4Link/5Link