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How to prevent your cleanout plugs from blowing out *this is important*

How to make your boat ride smoother, Trim tabs

Trim tabs are a good option to help your boat ride smoother. Here is a link to a post about their installation,

DO NOT install Lectrotab auto controller on dual engine boat

1. Bruce's Lectrotab trim tabs addition http://jetboaters.net/threads/lectrotab-trim-tabs.71/

2. mente marine tabs http://jetboaters.net/threads/an-attitude-control-system-mente-marine-acs-trim-tab-controller.2027/

3. Swatski's install https://jetboaters.net/threads/trim-tabs-options-wake-surfing-and-cruising.12031/page-7#post-267416

4. SamCF's ski trim/reverse bucket mod for boats

How to make your boat steer / track better

How to make a jet pump squirt gun/ballast pump

How to install a tube inflator hookup on the swim platform

How do you install a keel guard or Keel Shield?

If you beach your boat at all, you will want to consider a keel shield or keel guard (two vendors of essentially the same product). Here is a how to:

  1. How to install a Keelguard
  2. How to install a KeelShield

How to Add a fuel tank to a Yamaha FSH190

How to add a fresh water washdown to your FSH

@OUT ON THE REEF created this excellent video on how to add a fresh water washdown to your boat...specifically a Yamaha FSH.

How to add a Trolling motor to your FSH

For those with FSH models that want to add a trolling motor, here is a good thread on how some have done this:

  1. Adding Trolling motor to FSH

How to make a rain shield for 242X (windshield)

How to upgrade your stereo and speakers

Here you will find different threads on stereo, amp and speaker upgrades

How to calculate the correct AWG wire you need

Clean wiring solutions

Stereo / Head units
  1. Redthumper9's upgrade http://jetboaters.net/threads/my-ar240-upgrades-and-stereo-build.958/ and retraction on using CCA wire http://jetboaters.net/threads/do-not-use-cca-wire-in-your-boat-when-im-wrong-i-say-im-wrong.6804/
  2. Julian's JVC swap to Clarion http://jetboaters.net/threads/replaced-jvc-headunit-with-clarion-and-new-remotes.141/
  3. Wiring schematic http://jetboaters.net/threads/wiring-an-amp-which-wires-are-the-speakers.5317/#post-91200
  4. Amps http://jetboaters.net/threads/would-like-to-add-an-amp.2428/
  5. Trouble shooting guide for 07-09 JBL stock head units http://jetboaters.net/threads/jbl-mr140-145-145-2-troubleshooting-guide.2293/#post-36215

  1. Subwoofer Locations
  2. Subwoofers http://jetboaters.net/threads/here-it-is-another-subwoofer-question.564/

  1. JL audio AR210 upgrade on you tube
  2. Installing 7.7 speakers http://jetboaters.net/threads/has-anyone-actually-installed-7-7-speakers.931/
  3. Adding speaker with an amp, with diagram http://jetboaters.net/threads/6-speakers-and-no-amp.1004/
  4. How to build your own fiberglass speaker enclosures http://jetboaters.net/threads/diy-fiberglass-tower-speakers.4873/
  5. Julian's Polk install http://jetboaters.net/threads/replace-your-stock-seaworthy-speakers-i-put-in-polks.2373/
  6. A long thread on adding mid cabin speakers
  7. A thread on adding speakers to a 242LSE with wiring diagrams.
  8. Another thread on adding speakers to a 212X - also with links to problems found in the boat wiring while completing this project.

How to pull wires through tower:
  1. On an '07 AR http://jetboaters.net/threads/2007-ar230-how-to-run-wire-in-tower.4207/
  2. On a 240 model tower

Whole system install:
  1. https://jetboaters.net/threads/2016-ar240-budget-stereo-upgrade.7719/
  2. Whole boat JL speaker and amp upgrade
  3. Whole boat stereo upgrade
  4. Yamaha 242X Stereo Upgrade including wetsounds sound bar!

How to upgrade elect,LEDs,GPS,bus bars,perfectpass

How to determine what AWG wire you need

Clean wiring solutions

LED upgrades
  1. http://jetboaters.net/threads/who-has-mood-lighting-installed.481/
  2. under water LED's http://jetboaters.net/threads/underwater-leds.1003/#post-13685
  3. Andy07sx230's http://jetboaters.net/threads/coastal-night-lights-led-install.2525/
  4. upgrade your bow light to LED http://jetboaters.net/threads/replacing-yamaha-sx230-bow-light-with-seasense-stainless-led.2839/
  5. whole boat LED https://jetboaters.net/threads/whole-boat-led-install.1156/
  6. FSH gunnel LEDs https://jetboaters.net/threads/fsh-gunnel-led-lights-instalation.7829/
  7. Chip F's full boat LED's https://jetboaters.net/threads/led-light-install-not-strip-lights.18692/

GPS/Chart plotters
  1. What chartplotters/GPS devices are people using?
  2. Bruce's Hummingbird install http://jetboaters.net/threads/humminbird-hdr650-replacement-for-norcross-depth-gauge.2338/
  3. Navionics web app http://jetboaters.net/threads/navionics-web-app.44/
  4. Cabbie's SX192 raymarine/dragonfly https://jetboaters.net/threads/install-raymarine-dragonfly-5m-gps-chartplotter.7645/
  5. FSH lowrance and thru hull transducer https://jetboaters.net/threads/installing-a-lowarence-elite-5-on-a-fsh.7785/
  6. seadeals lowrance hdi 4 install on 2006 side wall mount https://jetboaters.net/threads/elite-4-hdi-install-advice-and-writeup.4222/#post-139121
  7. How to/where to install a GPS Chartplotter on a boat with Connext?
  8. open triangle GPS plug connector type https://jetboaters.net/threads/triangular-gps-plug-on-yamaha-boats.12930/

Speed control
Perfect Pass

  1. install with pictures https://mjtssite.shutterfly.com/20
  2. http://jetboaters.net/threads/the-perfect-pass-thread.5029/
  3. Perfect Pass install with pictures
  4. tips http://jetboaters.net/threads/perfect-pass-mod-fix.1941/
  5. fixing a seized servo motor https://jetboaters.net/threads/perfectpass-seized-motor.11150/
Ridesteady / Hydrophase
1. Swatski's install and review https://jetboaters.net/threads/new-speed-control-electronic-throttle-synch-for-twins-ridesteady-by-hydrophase.12590/
2. Kolban's 2017 AR240 install with pictures https://jetboaters.net/threads/2017-ar240-ridesteady-install.16377/

Bus Bars / switch panels / outlets
  1. Bruce's switch panel - http://jetboaters.net/threads/adding-a-switch-panel-to-yamaha-boats.2025/
  2. adding 12v outlet / usb charger http://jetboaters.net/threads/adding-12v-outlets-and-usb-chargers.1751/
  3. Tdonoughue's negative bus bar - http://jetboaters.net/threads/negative-bus-bar.2464/

How to add Push Button Starts to your boat

How to add dual bank charger to a boat with a DVSR

If you want to add an onboard dual bank charger to a boat with a Digital Voltage Sensing Relay (like a BlueSea or BEP Marine) you need to be sure it doesn't interfere with the operation of the on board charger. If not wired correctly, your dual bank charger will get confused by the DVSR and effectively only run as a single bank charger.

Here is a thread discussing what to do:


How do I add a 2nd Battery to my boat?