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Anyone get limp home mode on a Seadoo?


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Yesterday was the first time we took our Seadoo Sparks out this year. I was in our boat and my wife and daughter were on the Sparks jump waves that I was making. All of a sudden the Spark my daughter was riding sounded a long beep along with the maintenance required message. I know that the maintenance required message will display when it an hour mark for an oil change, it never had the beep with the message and eventually the message would go away. I hopped on it to check things out and got the long beep along with the maintenance required message but this time it went into limp home mode. I brought it to the boat and checked the obvious like battery connections, oil and coolant levels and they were fine. I disconnected the battery for 15 mins to see if it would clear the limp home mode and it didn't. I towed it back to our marina and put it on the floating dock. This is the first issue that I've had with the Spark since we bought them in 2014 new.
I plan on changing the battery since it's original and the spark plugs to see if these are the issues. I'm going to bring it home and take the top off since you can't access the plugs with the body on. I'm also going to check for any wiring shorts since I read that the early year Sparks may have issues with the wiring harness chaffing and shorting out.
Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.