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AR195 Dual Battery Install Complete

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How is it all working for you so far?
Good, it is a matter of moving the knobs to charge while not in use with an electrical charger. At that point I turn off the first switch the one that is On/Off move it to OFF and the second switch, the one with the 2 batteries that has the choices of Both, Bat 1, Bat 2 and Off, switch it to Both, so the charge goes to both of the batteries.
When I am going to turn on the boat, I switch the first switch on/off to ON and the second one to Bat 1, the one that will do the start.
Then let’s say I go to a sand bar, I use the second switch and turn it to Bat 2 to use the speakers, etc. When I am leaving I can switch to Bat 1 again, or you can leave the knob to Both in order to charge both batteries while underway, but don’t forget to switch it just to one battery later when using the speakers again otherwise you will be consuming both batteries…