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Beef Stew Cooked in a Red Wine

John McLaughlin

Jetboaters Commander
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Ocean Pines Md
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Tonight I decided to go ahead and make a stew. I reviewed a number of recipes and finally decided on two: one fromThe City Tavern which s early American cuisine and the other Jubilee which has two centuries of African American cooking. Although some what similar I went mostly with the recipe from Jubilee because it used 4 cups of wine. So I figured I kill two birds with one stone. I used the whole bottle in the stew and didn't have to clean any wine glasses. I cooked it down for about two to three hours. The ingredients were simple onions, carrots, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoe paste and bayleaves with cubes of meat dusted in flour mixed with garlic salt and garlic pepper and sweet and smoked paprika. These were my additions as the original recipe did not call for it. It was served over noodles.[flag]