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I have a 1997 seadoo challenger Rotax engine problem


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I just bouth a 1997 seadoo challenger single engine, previous owner said it was only starter problem, i installe a new one to see if it would start, took out spark plugs and cranck it, mixed gas with oil would shoot out, seem that they had left gas valve open.
i crancked it till no more liquid was coming out, but when i put spark plugs back on, it seem to have a slower start like if the pressure on cylinders dont let engine turn.
i dont know if exhaust can be a problem because pressure from cylinder dont come out


Jetboaters Captain
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Engine will crank faster with no plugs on it. Are you sure starter is good and strong with good connection and full battery?

An issue with the RAVE valve is common and causes them to run poorly, but they still start. Does the engine spin easily by hand with no plugs in? You can still spin the engine by hand putting you hands on the PTO (large gray wheel towards the back of the engine where the drive shaft goes into) even with the plugs on. It's tight, but doable. If you can't maybe something is locked up. If you can, maybe starter is weak? (weak battery/bad connection/bad ground?)

Confirm you have compression and spark. In my humble opinion the weak point is always the carbs on these. The fuel filters from the factory were not great. Add a spin on if you end up keeping it and getting it working. Make sure you have a strong battery and that the engine shows good compression. Lean carbs kill these engines. Previous owner..is he known personally to you? never take advice from your adversaries.

How long did the boat sit without running? a Carburetor rebuild(replace is my preference) might be in order.

No exhaust restrictions beyond the tuned pipe.

I used to frequent this forum here for help on these boats. It's a great large community with plenty of help(Nothing like the folks here of course :) )

Best of Luck!