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Discussion in 'Chaparral' started by DaBears, Nov 14, 2017 at 7:29 AM.

  1. DaBears

    DaBears New Member

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    I attempted this yesterday with my H2O 4.3 Merc. I had watched a bunch of videos and gave it a try. I bought one of the winterizing kits that has the 5 gallon jug and hose hook up. I ran the motor first with water to warm the engine up then switched the valve to begin the antifreeze. I didn't have a lot of antifreeze coming out before running out of antifreeze and then fogging the engine. I used all 5 gallons of antifreeze when doing this. Question I have is if I didn't see a lot of it come out should it be ok or should I run it again or take it to be winterized? Just want to cover my butt.

    Sorry for the long post.


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