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Yamaha (and other Jetboat related) Facebook Groups


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So I consider myself a cesspool of $@#% knowledge. And I love joining groups on Facebook as well as other forum communities such as this for almost everything I own. If anything to gather as much knowledge as I can so that even if I don't do the work myself, I can talk intelligently about the topic at hand.

What I have found are upwards of 4 Yamaha specific boat groups on Facebook. Many with the same members that cross post to all four groups. And then there are users that will (without searching prior) post the same exact question to all groups in hopes of quick answers without doing the legwork.

I think a few of us here have taken the time to link to answers on this forum, if not just linking to the main page. I know we have gained quite a few new members from these posts as well. (welcome to you all) I hope that you find this to be a better resource than you could have possibly imagined.

What gets me is the repetitive nature of these facebook groups. Probably the best feature of forums like this are FAQ's. Everyone keeps saying that the forums are dead and everything is migrating to Facebook. But in my mind, this is the exact reason why I think these forums will never die. I know I am not the only one that may just drop some of these Facebook groups as it's just sillyness. And the seasonality of the questions is so humorous.

No the unfiltered boating groups are still an "eye opener" on a regular basis. oof.

Keep up the links to this forum everyone. The wealth of knowledge grows with membership!