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Search results for query: Oceansouth

  1. lazergeek

    210 FSH Aft Sun Shade Kit?

    I just got done tonight installing my 15 degree rodholders up front for my size 3 OceanSouth T-top extension.
  2. A

    Recent trip to Boca Grande

    Oceansouth. It was only about 150 buck i think. Cupholder/rodholder conversion similar to others on the site, to hold the outriggers.
  3. johhnyboat

    DIY sunshade canopy, bimini extension, or whatever you wanna call it

    https://www.amazon.com/Bimini-Extension-Airflow-Shades-Extends/dp/B079NWSM98/ref=sr_1_3?crid=356YDJBZJQKUK&dchild=1&keywords=oceansouth+bimini+top+extension&qid=1618590419&sprefix=oceansouth+bimini+top%2Caps%2C199&sr=8-3 I was looking at this
  4. lazergeek

    Shade extender system build

    This one from Ocean South worked well for me. Its a Size 4. T-Top Extension - Oceansouth I also got the Size 3 for the Front
  5. vesder21

    210 FSH Aft Sun Shade Kit?

    Nice, which rod holders are those and did you use 4200 or 5200?
  6. djetok

    210 FSH Aft Sun Shade Kit?

    Oceansouth https://oceansouth.us/product-category/bimini-tops/bimini-extension-kits/ https://jetboaters.net/search/334971/?q=Oceansouth&o=relevance Click the link above for oceansouth results on this forum @Chris D post is why I got one...
  7. TomP

    T top enclosure

    Oceansouth appears to get good reviews on Amazon. I looked at the console cover. The measurements looked like it wouldn't fit real well. I also noticed the enclosure and though it looked good. I'm inclined to think that their stuff just doesn't fit Yamaha boats real well.
  8. Dough

    Shade for Scarab 195 Open ID

    Check out Oceansouth. It's the route I'd go.
  9. 1WetBoat

    Recent trip to Boca Grande

    Nice, thanks.
  10. lazergeek

    210 FSH Aft Sun Shade Kit?

    Here is my Size 4 OceanSouth that came yesterday. I need to modity slightly so I can mound under the t-top instead of over but Im happy with the purchase.
  11. lazergeek

    Shade extender system build

    I considered going this route before purchasing the OceanSouth set. My issue was a wanted a decent marine canvas not the $8 tarp from home depot with duct tape to shape it how I wanted, which after getting quotes from multiple places was why I just decided to get what I got.
  12. FSH 210 Sport

    Yahama FSH 255

    ...some sort of bow shade and saw they have a T to enclosure as well. I’d still like a set up like I posted above but the Ocean South universal one looks like it could definitely improve usability in non perfect weather days, and a lot less money than a custom built one. T-Top Enclosure -...
  13. tdonoughue

    Extended hardtop on 2016 242 Limited S

    Don't rightly know. But have you considered a bimini extender, like the Oceansouth ones? I know those are on Amazon. Seems like that would be a cheaper/easier solution, no?
  14. vesder21

    210 FSH Aft Sun Shade Kit?

    Any one else get their OceanSouth shades installed? My Size 3 ended up not fitting the bow area (was too short and came mid way up the front seats) so now I ordered a Hardtop Size 7. Also what degree rob holders are you guys installed up front? I'm thinking 15 or a straight 90 degree holder.
  15. lazergeek

    Anyone have a Bow/Aft Sunshade installed on their FSH?

    My size 4 from OceanSouth came yesterday (since they are only 10 miles away from me). I mocked it up today. If Fits good over the top but blocks the light and the Rod Holders. I want to be under so will probably need to add some groments to secure better underneigh. Here are my pic
  16. J

    Shade extender system build

    Nice. Would you go larger in the front? I was trying to order a 4 for the back but they’ve been out of stock. I feel like a 4 for sure would be good in front. Almost went with the 5 but seemed like it might be too much.
  17. R

    Anyone else fleeing their state?

    Hey Okie! How does that Oceansouth Bimini extension work for ya? Send pics if you got em. The AR Top is so small compared to what I had on the Tahoe. TKS and ya...….Shhhh…….
  18. Foobar

    $150 Shade

    Bimini: Oceansouth 79-84 bimini 3 Bow
  19. GoodCubanito

    Extended hardtop on 2016 242 Limited S

    Thank you for the info.... heck, that is pretty cheap compared to a new top...