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2 stroke

  1. W

    Yamaha LS 2000 (Port Engine Stall)

    Purchased my first jet boat a month ago and have been trying to figure this out since I first took it out Starboard motor starts well with little to no choke, Port engine needs choke out whole way and needs gas to start, much harder to start then port motor. Once out with both motors running...
  2. Matty_Ice

    Ultranautics Jetstar - Starting problems

    I just picked up a 1991 Ultranautics Jetstar that has a 60hp 800cc 2 stroke engine. The boat is very clean and it pretty good condition. After a new battery, I was able to start it up twice using new fuel in the tank and a little starting fluid (Only a little half second spray, the starting...
  3. Accipiter

    1996 sugar sand heat 2 stroke oil?

    So I just bought a 1996 sugar sand heat jet boat and I know it’s a two stroke engine but I’m not sure wht type of oil I need to get for it. Is there anything specific it needs?
  4. K

    1996 Dynasty Storm Jet Boat - Broken Engine

    I have a 1996 Dynasty Storm jet boat that has a 120hp Mercury 2-stroke engine that needs to be replaced or repaired. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement engine or if it is even possible to get it repaired? My boat guy said it is irreparable, but I'm really hoping that he's wrong!