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jet boat

  1. T

    Chaparral Reverse Bucket Port and Stern Rod Broken

    Hello, We have a 2016 Chaparral Vortex 243. Recently, the Rod connecting the port and starboard reverse buckets broke off, with the screws shearing off in the threads. The linkage to the reverse bucket is only to the Starboard side and this rod connects the two buckets. Now since the rod broke...
  2. S

    Outboard jet drive conversion

    Hi, new here and with jet boats. I'm really wanting to convert my 2003 Yamaha 70hp outboard motor. Looking to get a jet drive lower so that I can travel the shallows in the rivers. Was just curious if there's a company anyone can recommend to go through to get the lower unit from or if there's...
  3. S

    1995 Sierra Viper Question s

    Hello everyone. So from what I can tell is I have a 1995 Sierra Viper jet boat titled as a Mirrocraft oped bow jet. I can't seem to find ANY information on it. Looking for an owners manual mainly but would like any other information to let me know common issues, experience, ECT. The boat has a...
  4. hvluve

    Glastron Jet - deal or no deal?

    I’m trying to see if this is a good deal for this boat. Does anyone know? 2015 Glastron 187/250hp with 19.8 hours on it for $20,000. Is that a good deal?
  5. S

    Anyone taken a Seadoo challenger to Bimini from Miami?

    Thinking of going on Sun and returning Mon. Experience with gas mileage? Reserves? Any buddy boats want to join? Any other advice? Forecast below:
  6. K

    Boat Ohio: Reduced 2017 Yamaha AR195 with extras

    Like new boat with trailer that I purchased in April 2018 as a new leftover. Hours are around 35 give or take with usage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this unit and I’m a meticulous person with upkeep. Boat is financed but title is clear with no accidents. Asking 30,500 OBO and located...
  7. W

    Yamaha LS 2000 (Port Engine Stall)

    Purchased my first jet boat a month ago and have been trying to figure this out since I first took it out Starboard motor starts well with little to no choke, Port engine needs choke out whole way and needs gas to start, much harder to start then port motor. Once out with both motors running...
  8. I

    2016 Yamaha 242 Limited Jet Boat Connext Touchscreen Cover

    I have a 2016 Yamaha 242 Limited Jet Boat and noticed in some pictures that the Connext Touchscreen has a Cover. Does anyone know where to purchase the cover and the item number?
  9. Get_propless

    Boat 2018 Yamaha AR210 for sale

    2018 Yamaha AR210 with 30 hours on each engine. 4 more years of YES. Just recently serviced at local Yamaha dealer. Located in East Alton, IL 62024. Amp and tower speakers. $40K... Message me for more details or pictures!
  10. P

    Impeller bolt coming off.

    So I was on the water this weekend and m boat was running louder than usual. I brushed it off thinking it was the acoustic foam coming apart. After a bit excessive vibration and an overhead caused me to shut down and get a tow. I took apart the rear portion of my pump housing to find my impeller...
  11. Ottoman711

    Just wanted to say thanks

    Thanks to everyone who helped me with my issue! Figured I'd post a short video just to show. By no means was I at top speed but she sure does cut on a dime!! Thanks again!
  12. Ottoman711


    Went out today and couldn't idle again AT ALL! Brought it home, did a compression test; 110-125-125-125. Plugs were black as hell and wet, so I cleaned them up, and boom, idle again BUT.... WTH is the high pitched chirping sound when throttling?
  13. A

    Welp.... wanted a Scarab

    Hi all, New here from GA, have been looking hard @ jet boats... really was locked on target for a scarab.... but now I’m scared to death of one... chaparral/ scarab / etc etc ??? Thanks in advanced for any and all help!
  14. Nate Fallow

    Has anyone seen this before? AR230 - 2005

    The guy selling me the boat said that it was a manufacturer's defect but I kinda doubt that.....He said that it just seemed too tight in there and it busted through but again that seems unlikely...any help would be awesome! Thanks! ( See attached pic)
  15. Matty_Ice

    Ultranautics Jetstar - Starting problems

    I just picked up a 1991 Ultranautics Jetstar that has a 60hp 800cc 2 stroke engine. The boat is very clean and it pretty good condition. After a new battery, I was able to start it up twice using new fuel in the tank and a little starting fluid (Only a little half second spray, the starting...
  16. B

    Yamaha wake wedge 2003-2006

    Has anyone bought the 800$ wake wedge and put it on their boat?
  17. C

    Bimini 2018

    Any dates or discussion for Bimini 2018? looking to make my 1st trip with 3 friends. Never boated in the open seas before, just lakes and rivers. I am going to trailer down to (??????) from NC and leave truck and trailer at (??????) and make the trip. Looking for dates and a group to go with...
  18. usmcsean7

    SOLD SOLD -2014 Yamaha 242 Limited S for sale in VA- less than 10 hours

    We are selling our 2014 Yamaha 242 Limited S. Yamaha’s top of the line 242 Limited S is a leader in the 24-foot class. The cabin looks and feels like you are in a luxury sedan. The forward-swept folding tower features integrated LED cockpit lighting and built in speakers. Driven by two 1.8...
  19. H

    2004 Yamaha AR 210 Remote control handles are locked at neutral position

    Hi I just boat Yamaha 2004 AR 210. when it's remote control box is on the neutral position two levers to accelerate the engines are locked. is it supposed to be that way or shud I be able to move the throttles even at the neutral position. I can move the throttles when the gear is in forward or...
  20. F

    Changing a wear ring in a Glastron 187 gts

    Has anyone ever changed the wear ring in a Glastron 187 gts yet. I was wondering if it was complicated. I read if you lose a bit of power it can be the wear ring. My boat is a 2014