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Castoldi Jet 04 Information

Southampton, England
Boat Make
Boat Model
Boat Length
Hi all I'm new here,

I have a Castoldi Jet 04 which I have finally realised after months of being convinced it was simply an altered Jet 05 for which I have now done lots of research on.
After an extensive look around on the web I can find only a couple of pictures to support the Jet 04's existence, otherwise absolutely no information seems to exist on the model.

Does anyone on this forum have any details on the Jet 04?
The information I've found for the 05 and will subsequently now need for the 04 is stuff like maximum power input value charts (rpm, hp, etc), exploded diagrams, and such like.
Based on any information I can find I am now looking for an engine to couple to it, hence my need to know about power inputs, ready for an awesome summer!
For reference, this jet drive is currently in my Marshan 162 Jet.

Many thanks