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Simrad GO XSE5 install 2018 ar242se


Jet Boat Addict
Orlando Fl
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So i purchased an Simrad GO XSE5 with total scan and i wanted a flush mount, meaning i wanted to look like it came installed on the boat, no extra brackets etc. Brand new on ebay for $350.
Needed for the install
painters tape​
jigsaw with a bit to cut plastic/fiberglass​
A flat file​
lots of patience​
I mock up the area and used the paimters tape to mark where to cut, make sure there is no cables or wires running behind.​
drill a hole in one of the corners to be able to insert the blade , and start cutting. the cutting part is not hard and goes pretty quick with the right blade, it is better to cut a little tight and the file as needed..​
Insert the unit into the holes with the provided gaskets and tighten the nut included.​
The unit itself has an on/off button so you can find a power source to feed it or what i did, which i plug it using the auxiliary cable in the back. the cable has a cap so i pulled the plugs from the cap and inserted the + and - connectors from the unit and made it into a plug. Pretty simple. no need to splice up the wires..​
next will be to install the transducer with i have just been lazy, but with a trip planned to the Exumas, i will have to get to it soon. 45075595_721837154845744_5256056611771777024_n.jpg 45073239_1158111401006021_7033817552102883328_n.jpg 45027254_953117684871834_5126592162732965888_n (1).jpg 45027254_953117684871834_5126592162732965888_n.jpg 45196168_333259947225268_894913314373500928_n.jpg 45140536_288614158651811_7401169648277782528_n.jpg 45146909_1994549300838313_7081310690576695296_n.jpg 45166152_1907301499306036_6618408302348861440_n.jpg 45075595_721837154845744_5256056611771777024_n.jpg