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  1. RM1313!

    2013 Port Tachometer Screen

    Looking for some help with my port tachometer. 2013 242 LS and the port tachometer digital screen will briefly work when the engine starts and then it fades to nothing. I thought Faria made the gauge for this year but found out they do not. A replacement is a crazy price at the thousand dollar...
  2. C

    SOLD Factory New Mercury Marine Sport Jet 120 XR2 Complete Engine.

    Factory New 1999 Mercury Marine Sport Jet 120 XR2 Complete Engine, does not include the pump, this is just the power head. Engine is complete as delivered to the assembly line and has never been run. We purchased this with our boat as a spare, its been stored since 1999 turns freely and is being...
  3. jjmparsons

    Lowering the Engine Noise Level

    Recently the wife and I took a trip with the family to Ono Island Al, and while there had the pleasure of riding on the home owners center console with a Yamaha outboard on it. I was blown away by how quiet the motor was. I honestly thought there was a smaller trolling motor that was powering...
  4. P

    No wake mode not working

    2007 Yamaha AR230. Neither switch will activate the no wake mode for either engine. I've been told that the activation of the no wake is tied to engine idle / rpm speeds. Is there some way I can check this , or what I may neeed to do to facilitate repairs? Thanks
  5. P

    Impeller bolt coming off.

    So I was on the water this weekend and m boat was running louder than usual. I brushed it off thinking it was the acoustic foam coming apart. After a bit excessive vibration and an overhead caused me to shut down and get a tow. I took apart the rear portion of my pump housing to find my impeller...
  6. Copsandrobbersrus

    2019 210 FSH SPORT

    Hello, I just purchase a 2019 yamaha 210 FSH sport. I love it and have only taken it out like 4 times. this last time I anchored in a spot for like 2 hours. When I started the boat up both engine lights came on and a message that said see dealer. The boat still had power but less. I cleaned out...
  7. cdjeeps25

    Opinion on Replaced Engine

    Hello all, New to jet boats. I was wonder what your take would be on a Yamaha with a replaced engine. I went and looked at the boat and it is in great condition and previous owner seems to have done a great job taking care of it. The story on why the engine was replaced goes something like...
  8. Gator6

    Engine not starting, knocking

    cou2006 Yamaha SX210 (the previous owner thought it was an AR). I bought it back in June from a guy I worked with and completely trust. I spent 5 years operating/working on combat jet boats for the Navy. We live in Key West, so this boat hasn't seen cold weather in years. About the middle of...
  9. EdAR230

    Engine Smoking During Flushing

    Hey everyone. I have a 2008 AR230. Took the boat out yesterday. Ran great. No issues. Upon return, after getting it on the trailer, on the drive home the skies opened up for one hell of a thunderstorm. Ran through some deep puddles. After it stopped raining, I flushed the engines. Starboard...
  10. Hunter

    Starboard Engine Issue - 10 second beep.

    Need help - Starboard engine / changed plugs, attempted to turn over several times, makes short chugging sounds as though it is trying to turn over, but won’t. Then when turning key again after 4th attempt, engine now emits a low volume / high pitch tone / beep for approximately 10 seconds and...
  11. Hunter

    Scarab 215 starboard engine won’t crank

    Hi I took my scarab 215 HO for a run and on the way back from the beach the Engines weren’t in sink then a squealing Sound from the starboard engine when I turnd of the Engines and tried to start the starboard engine it would make one click attempting to crank then wouldn’t crank. When I...
  12. T

    93 Jazz SportJet 90 intermittent power loss

    Hey Everyone! I have a 93 Bayliner Jazz that I ran all summer of 17 and it finally fried its electrical in the fall. I replaced the following to keep it going another summer: • New CDI Stator (174-8778K1) • New CDI Switch Box (114-4953) • New CDI Trigger (134-7029-3) • New CDI Rectifier...
  13. Akwoolf

    FSH 190 Won't Start - (Engine turns over)

    Edit: Issue Resolved. Read through the thread if you are running into a similar issue. Hey guys- 2016 FSH that turns over, but won't start... * Behavior seems to be the same as when the lanyard/cut-off is pulled. (It is in!) * Checked connections behind the console and everything looks...
  14. Nate Fallow

    AR230 Engine Oil Question

    Ok, you guys have been very helpful thus far in answering my questions so I thought I'd throw another one at you. I'm still looking at buying this AR230. I knew the boat had been sitting for about 3 years so I wanted the marina to change the oil in the motors before they water tested it...
  15. SkiffinBass

    15 limited S problem

    Not new here, just cant remember my old email and password. I was @Jade63 now Im skiffinBass. So here is my problem. Was running fine while towing a tube around, nothing to fast maybe around 15mph. After a bit it felt a little different but chalked it up weight on the tube. When done tubing we...
  16. Thib2c

    HELP: Engine won't start

    Hello everybody, I own a Yamaha 242 Limited S since a couple months; the boat is relatively new. Technicians came for a révisions a week ago and now the boat won't start. It is memorial weekend and no one can come to assist me... so quick recap of the situation: - the battery seems fine as...
  17. jcurrier

    Rattle when First Started

    I have a 2014 242 Limited and when I first start the boat after putting it in the water I hear a weird rattle from what appears to be the starboard side. After about a minute of running or if I give it a good amount of gas it all goes away and wont reappear until I take the boat out of the...
  18. MOA_Chaser

    Low RPMs in starboard engine

    I had my SX230 out all three days this weekend. I had done an oil/spark plug change before running her this year and everything went well. Except, my starboard side engine is running low RPMs. It sounds fine... it only gets up to about 8.9k while the port engine gets to around 10.5k at WOT. I...
  19. Robert Sands

    Full Throttle: Long Trips

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start a new thread on this particular topic as an attachment from a Scarab jet boat towing thread made me ask a question and I couldn't find the answer in existing threads. In the attached document it states that during the break-in period (first 10hrs) we should...